Mixed Feelings: Vinland Saga (Review)

A while ago I finished Vinland Saga, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about it. That is, until now, because I’m not sure what else to write about at the moment so I figured I’d just write that Vinland Saga review.

The thing is, I have mixed feelings towards Vinland Saga, and I can’t properly convey them in a spoiler-free manner.

Meaning that this review will contain spoilers, just a heads up!

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The Futility of Gatekeeping in Anime and Criticism of it.

All right, I admit, I’ve read one too many posts complaining about gatekeeping in anime. And so instead of leaving a comment that could be construed as disrespectful or whatever, I decided to publish my thoughts on the topic here on my own blog.

If any of you have written about gatekeeping before, either via blog post or Twitter, please understand that this isn’t a personal response to any of you individually. This is more of a situation where I’ve been reading the same complaints for several years now and have formed my own opinion on the ordeal.

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The Misfit of Demon King Academy Review (Spoiler-free)

With the recent anime season having wrapped up, I decided to take a quick look at anything that interested me. And this was one anime that did.

A demon lord, reincarnated, having to attend a demon lord academy checked enough boxes. Fantasy, school, and potentially an unapologetic protagonist. It all sounded good to me.

So how was it?

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Nekomonogatari: Shiro – Tsubasa Tiger, Part One

From one Nekomonogatari to the next!

Here we are with Tsubasa Tiger, which for me personally is one of the most memorable arcs in the Monogatari Series, as it’s the only one is told from Tsubasa Hanekawa’s perspective. And it’s one of the few that is not told from Koyomi Araragi’s perspective.

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Anime Studio Challenge: A-Craft’s Ousama Game The Animation (Spoiler-free Review)

Continuing on with the A studios / producers, we’ve got A-Craft, and their only listed work – Ousama Game The Animation. At first glance, you may notice the 5.01 rating and think “oh no”, but… well…

I’ve gotten through all 12 episodes of the anime in one piece, meaning it can’t be that bad right? Right.

Once again, this will be a primarily spoiler-free review, as I won’t name names or delve into the plot itself. However, I HAVE to talk about the tone, pace, and things like this if I’m to sort this anime out properly. In addition, if it’s mentioned in the anime’s synopsis, I’m considering it fair game here.

So no plot details spoiled, but some aspects will be spoiled…

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You are the main character of your own life.

I’m sure we’ve all thought this before.
You are the main character of your own life.

We all only know what we know, and anything beyond that we can only imagine. That’s life.

And it’s not life that I want to talk about here, but instead how it’s often told in anime (and manga by extension, but I’m just going to say anime from here on out) via storytelling, and then how that storytelling can affect us.

Relevant post theme:

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