Otorimonogatari – Nadeko Medusa, Part Two

Sengoku Nadeko has gotten herself involved with a snake, and we already know that this partnership won’t end well. Before we can move past that though, we still have to learn more about the journey itself.

When did it all go wrong?

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Otorimonogatari – Nadeko Medusa, Part One

Just like with Tsubasa Tiger, we’re jumping into an arc that is not from Koyomi Araragi’s perspective. The narrator and protagonist this time around, as can be gleaned from the arc’s name, is Sengoku Nadeko.

We’re in for an interesting arc here!

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Kabukimonogatari – Mayoi Jiangshi, Part One

All right, let’s continue on with the next arc: Mayoi Jiangshi.

I wasn’t sure what Jiangshi meant, or where it came from, so I looked it up, using the katakana we get in the episode. Not that I don’t trust the translation, but may as well search the source. And I was curious why it’s titled “Mayoi Kyonshi” (まよいキョンシー) but the translation is Mayoi Jiangshi.

Long story short, キョンシー is the Japanese word for the Chinese word, jiangshi, which is a “Chinese hopping vampire; reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore”. Needless to say, this arc may or may not have something to do with Mayoi, her death, and hopping. Although probably not the same kind of hopping as in the original legends…

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