Ikkitousen Season 1 Review

The first time I ever watched Ikkitousen was a very long time ago.
Probably around 5 years or so.

So I was excited to revisit this anime now that I’ve been moving back into the ecchi space which I had left for a while. Plus I’ve been on such a spree with anime rewatches lately that this felt like a great anime to go back and watch!

And with that… how was Ikkitousen Season 1?

ikkitousen hakufu
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Ikkitousen Episode 13 – Three Kingdoms

Here we are, the final episode of Ikkitousen S1.
I’ll still write a review for the season as well, but after this I’ll be moving my Ikkitousen posts to EcchiHunter because it’d fit better over there.

And with that let’s get the final synopsis for S1 going!

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Ikkitousen Episode 12 – Totaku’s Fall

Last episode, Hakufu and Ryomou had gone to visit Totaku as he had infected Hakufu’s body with some sort of energy / poison that only he can remove. He asked Hakufu to take down Ryofu for him.

Also, Saji knocked Koukin out when he was looking for Gakushu. With both Koukin and Gakushu captive, we found out that Saji has been the one issuing orders as Enjytsu, who we know is dead.

What could possibly happen next?

Ryofu Entrance.jpg

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Ikkitousen Episode 7 – Kanu Unchou

I’ve decided to look into the Chinese names for the various characters to better make sense of who these anime characters are supposed to represent.

Also this is because I caved recently and purchased Total War: Three Kingdoms, so now I actually know who is who and how the whole situation in China looked at the time, at least as well as the game depicts it. My first playthrough was as Sun Jian, naturally, because I wanted to play for the “good guys” from the anime. Nanyo Academy is a depiction of the Wu Empire, led by Sun Ce, the Little Conqueror (Hakufu).

Anyways, this has created a sort of link between the TW:TK game and Ikkitousen for me, which has ended up being pretty neat.

You can find my previous Ikkitousen posts here.

Kanu Unchou.jpg

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