Date A Live S2: Episode 9 – Foiled Plans

Last episode Kurumi helped Shido bust into the DEM Industries headquarters in an attempt to save Tohka. Enemy robots were dispatched, and Kurumi left to take care of them. Mana showed up and was quickly challenged by someone, leaving Shido to find Tohka on his own.

Date A Live S2 – Official Blog Edition
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Date A Live S2 E8 – Kurumi Corpse Party

Last episode everything went to hell as Miku brainwashed everyone (spirits included) to become her slave, Tohka was kidnapped by Ellen (DEM Industries), Mana returned to fight alongside Origami, and Shido teamed up with Kurumi.

What could possibly happen next?

Date A Live S2 – Best Hair vs. Best Girl Edition
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Date A Live S2 E7 – Kurumi Returns!

Last episode, “Shiori” and friends put on a show in order to try and compete with Miku’s performance, as the winning school from the Ten Schools Festival will determine whether Miku allows her powers to be sealed or not. Meanwhile, Origami is fighting the DEM Industries AST unit in the sky above the festival grounds.

So the question now is, how will the results of the festival play out?

Date A Live S2 – Shocking Announcement Edition
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Date A Live S2 E6 – Festival Commencement

Last episode, Shido was appointed to the big festival planning committee, where 10 schools in the region get together to put on a giant festival and compete for the title of best school. He was also “transformed” into a girl, in order to try and seal the powers of the spirit we met – Miku, the idol, who hates men.

Miku had challenged Shido, who she thinks is someone named Shiori, to a competition – she will let her powers be sealed if Shido’s school wins the festival, but she will take Shido (& sealed spirits) for herself if her school wins.

And just like that, apparently the festival has begun!

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Date A Live S2 E3 – Beach Time!

Last episode Shido and friends had gone to a remote island for a school trip. While there, he ran into a pair of twin spirits – Kaguya and Yuzuru, who promptly decided to compete to see which of them can win Shido’s heart.

The two are competing as they used to be a single spirit, and should they re-combine, only one of their personalities will remain. No pressure Shido!

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