Shuffle! (Episode 1) – A Peaceful Life Disturbed

It’s time for me to start watching a new anime for the blog – Shuffle!

An anime that I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen, but it’s marked complete on my anime list. I think what happened though was that I watched the first episode or two, moved onto something else, and then months or years later saw it on MyAnimeList and assumed I had finished it.

I’m 99% sure I have never finished Shuffle!
So this will be as fresh as it gets for what I believe is an anime classic?

Here we go!

Kaede Fuyou

Brief Synopsis

Rin Tsuchimi is a highschool student with some special circumstances. His parents died when he was young, so he lives with childhood friend Kaede Fuyou. Kaede’s mother also passed away, and her father is often away on business. So the two of them live together, and as a result, many of the students at school consider them a couple. In addition, there is one female upperclassman, Asa Shigure, who also hints at liking Rin as well!

However, things change pretty quickly when two new families move into the houses on either side of Rin & Kaede. You see, this is a world where people from the world of gods, and people from the world of devils, can travel freely to the human world and often live there as well. And who happens to move in next door but the king of gods, and the king of devils?

Not only that, but both are insisting that Rin marry their daughter!
Depending on his choice, he could become the new king of gods OR devils.

King of Devils (Left) & Gods (Right)

Episode Thoughts

Only one episode in and it looks like Rin already has 4 potential love interests. What an awful situation to be in! Poor Rin has it tough, doesn’t he?

To be fair, he probably will, considering the king of gods and the king of devils both seem very bothersome, considering how much they’ve intruded on his life already. But their daughters both seem very cute and well-mannered, so I’m thinking we’ll see them smack their fathers around here and there out of embarrassment.

I can envision the comedy potential of this anime already…!
That, and the girls are all very cute.

Nerine (Daughter of Devil King)
Sia (Daughter of God King)

Ok, I have two thoughts so far for Shuffle!.

First is that this is a harem anime, and thanks to my harem protagonist hero Sugisaki Ken (from Seitokai no Ichizon), I’m going to place my hopes in the harem ending. That’s right, I’m not settling for just one girl here, although I do have my preferences… I’m going to believe in the potential of the happiest of endings that is the harem ending. I don’t know how Rin is going to manage it, but he’s got 23 more episodes to make it happen. Let’s see it! Harem ending or bust.

My other thought is that our protagonist, Rin Tsuchimi, is voiced by the same VA that does Kyon from Haruhi! And not only this, but the childhood friend, Kaede Fuyou, is voiced by the same VA that does Asahina from Haruhi! That’s right, these two are together for another anime, which is awesome because I love both of these VAs. Definitely looking forward to hearing more of their work!

Asa Shigure (Rin’s Senpai)

In Conclusion…

Our story has only just begun, and the harem setting has already been created. All I can really say at this point is that this anime is already looking like a real winner, based off the first episode alone.

We’ll see what direction this anime takes next episode!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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