Writing Prompt: What’s an anime that you enjoyed but wouldn’t recommend to someone?

This definitely seems like the easier variation to tackle, when compared to its counterpart.

I can think of a few answers already, so let’s get to them.

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First up is Ousama Game. And my reason for this one is that while I actually genuinely enjoyed it, it was one of those “so bad it’s good” experiences. Meaning that for many of you, it might just be a “bad” experience, because you may not end up treating it like a comedy as I did. And objectively I don’t think it’s a very good anime, because I found it enjoyable for unintended reasons, or at least I’m assuming they’re unintended and it’s not a 4D chess comedy anime disguised as a slasher anime.

Next is Redo of a Healer, which if you know of this anime, you’ll likely know why I wouldn’t recommend it without me having to explain anything. But for the innocent among you, the reason this time is because while I enjoyed the anime and thought the premise and so on were interesting, this anime is borderline hentai. And I’m not a fan of that in my anime, especially when I’m actually enjoying the story but it’s constantly interrupted by sexual content. I don’t mind a little to set the story or whatever, but yeah it’s a bit too much in Redo, even if I enjoyed many other aspects of it.

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For a bit of a trip down memory lane I’m going to toss Fukumenkei Noise, one of my earlier reviews on the blog, in here as well. Because it’s a very mediocre anime in all aspects, except that I really enjoyed the soundtrack because the band featured in the anime is pretty good. Unfortunately, unlike Angel Beats!, there’s no good story behind the soundtrack. So I probably wouldn’t recommend this series to anyone, unless they were looking for a specific type of music that just happens to have a cringeworthy story attached to it.

Finally, I’ll finish this with Persona 4: The Animation. Reason for this one is simple – while the anime is good, the game is better and offers a more in-depth experience to the story. So while I enjoyed the anime, I wouldn’t recommend it, because I would recommend that you play the game instead! I’d say the same for Persona 3 and the Persona 3 movies, which are great, but content is cut between movies in order to fit everything and once again you just get more if you play the game (personally I’ve played P3P on emulator twice, this was before the Steam release which I’ve heard isn’t the greatest of PC ports).

And that’ll do it for this one.

Much easier than the opposite question, and I probably could have scraped together several more answers. I wanted to try and come up with a wider variety of reasons behind my answers this time around, which I think worked out nicely.

As always, this just leaves your answer!

What’s an anime you enjoyed but wouldn’t recommend to someone?

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: What’s an anime that you enjoyed but wouldn’t recommend to someone?

  1. OMG, there are sooooo many anime that I loved but I probably wouldn’t recommend them! A lot of them I wouldn’t recommend because I already know that they weren’t very popular in the anime community or the animation quality was really low or it’s a comedy that you have to be very familiar with Japanese culture to understand the jokes. I tend to only recommend anime that the person is probably going to like.

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