Skeleton Knight in Another World Review (Spoiler Free)

If you were to guess what this next anime is about, based on the title, you’d probably be correct.

We truly are in the Renaissance of isekai anime.
I, for one, am glad to live in such enlightened times.

So how did this one turn out?


A man falls asleep and wakes up in the body of the character he was playing in a video game. This character is naturally very powerful, with powerful gear and abilities – but the catch is that the character is also a skeleton. Watch and find out what he does from there!

What to expect

I don’t mean to bash the anime, but when I found out about this truly novel concept of someone becoming their character from a game, I had a pretty good idea of what I was in for.

Allow me to try and walk you through what you too can expect from Skeleton Knight in Another World:

Go ahead and try to visualize your typical isekai anime protagonist. No, not one of the outliers, but the typical one. The one that you’re almost guaranteed to find in one of those very average and mass produced isekai anime out there. The guy who doesn’t seem to have anything going for him – until he ends up in another world, that is!

Now, take that character, and visualize him as a skeleton wearing armour.

Finally, picture our skeleton going around and doing stuff like helping people and getting involved with something important, as one would expect from the protagonist of the story.

That’s it! Now you too have an excellent picture of what to expect from Skeleton Knight in Another World.

What do you think? Sound like something you’d be interested in?

Standard story but decent execution

Jokes aside, Skeleton Knight really wasn’t all that bad. As the heading says, I’d sum this anime up by saying that the story itself was nothing new or creative (maybe it would have been over a decade ago, but not these days), but even so, the overall quality was good. Things like the animation, action, characters, and so on were pretty good.

And even if the concept was nothing too special, it IS still another fantasy world to check out. Which is great for fantasy junkies like myself. Half the fun is just experiencing a new fantasy world, as they often have, at the very least, minor differences.

If I had to criticize anything, it’d be my usual criticism, which is that the tone of the anime was just too lighthearted. You’d think that we could have had some interesting dark themes here, with our protagonist being a skeleton and all, but really the story plays out as if he were basically human anyways thanks to his armour hiding his true identity.

But that might just be me, as I believe that fantasy stories in general tend to be too happy-go-lucky. In reality, you just know that a medieval setting would be much more perilous and unforgiving than what’s often depicted in anime.


I’ll give Skeleton Knight in Another World a 7 / 10.

There’s nothing there that really sets this one apart from most of the other isekai anime coming out every season. The quality is good, but the actual story and events of the anime just don’t really elicit much excitement. The concept of the protagonist being stuck in a skeletal body in a fantasy world could have lead to so many interesting ideas, but unfortunately there was nothing like that here.

The missed potential is unfortunate, but in the end, it’s still a fantasy anime and so I enjoyed it enough to grant it an average rating.

And that’s another fantasy / isekai review on the books.

Coming up next: likely another fantasy related anime review!

Until then,
Thanks for reading.


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