Why draw anime girls when AI can do it for you?

Personally, I’ve never been much of an artsy person. Or so I thought, until I tried doing some acrylic nature painting when I was in Japan. So I’m sure with practice, I could learn how to draw in the anime style well enough.

But why bother when we can just use technology to do it for us… right?

AI Image Generators

I understand that recently, there’s some AI program, DALL-E, that will attempt to create artistic images based on a prompt. I haven’t looked much into it yet.

But before that, there were several other more specific AI image generators.

Most famous (to me anyways) of which being ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com which never ceases to amaze me with how well it create images of people who don’t actually exist. If you weren’t aware of that website, check it out, and just refresh the page a few times to see what kind of images it comes up with.

Like you could easily use an image from this website to create a fake online identity, or create a fake identity for an article. And you know, I guarantee artificial images like the ones on that site have been used before, and will be more widely used in the future, with no one the wiser.

They’ve also got a cat, horse, and a few other image generators.

That’s right. This cat does not exist.

I’ve known about all that for some time now.
But what I never really thought about until recently was…

Is there an anime version of ThisPersonDoesNotExist?

And the answer is… of course there is!
This is the Internet!

In short time, I came across several, of which I’ll share a few with you all.

First up we have ThisWaifuDoesNotExist.net.

This one generates some pretty nice anime girl portraits, accompanied by an AI generated “plot”, but it’s pretty funny because the text the AI pulls from is clearly anime reviews, as the “plot” often has scores and ratings tossed in. It’s basically nonsense.

And so, there’s the better alternative, which is the partner site, TheseWaifusDoNotExist.

This one generates portraits just like before, only it gives them to you in a grid format which you can scroll through, or let it auto-scroll through. You end up getting exposed to way more images, so it’s more efficient overall.

Next up there’s the newer project, ThisAnimeDoesNotExist.ai.

Unlike the previous sites, this one produces a collage of images. It also has the auto-scroll option. And, you can control how “creative” the AI is. Honestly, the default, 1, already produces some pretty janky images at times, but you can crank it up for even more if you’d like. And honestly, I think it’s best to set creativity to 1 or above, as the images are much more vibrant and interesting.

It seems that this AI struggles the most with arms and hands from what I’ve seen. But unlike the previous generator, this one gets much more creative with outfits, backgrounds, and often tries to draw the full anime girl instead of just a portrait.

This is creativity set to the minimum, 0.3.
And here is creativity set to the maximum, 2. What a difference!

But that’s not all.

On this site, if you click on an image, you can get all of the creativity levels for that specific image! From this, you can see that the AI tends to do things like use softer edges and less clutter on lower creativity, and goes wild as it gets more “creative”. This is actually my favourite feature of the website.

The transformation is pretty amazing to see for some images, like this one:

The image for Creativity = 1.9 doesn’t load for some reason.

Notice how drastic the transformation is, from hair, to expression, to her outfit, to… whatever that is she’s carrying… It’s really cool to see each step laid out side-by-side like that.

And it means that if you like an image, you can check and see if there’s a better option to choose from among the various creativity levels.

That’s about all I wanted to share with you all in this post. I thought about writing a short bit about AI and creativity, but in the end what I really wanted to do was just share these two AI anime image generators.

Considering they cannibalize art created by actual people in order to produce the images, I’m not sure about the legality of using these kinds of images for anything commercial. And I wonder how “creative” some of the images actually are, especially with ThisWaifuDoesNotExist which has some pretty consistent portraits.

But for the casual person who just wants to find something unique, they’re a fun source of images to pull from; be it for character inspiration, an avatar, or something else.

So go check them out and enjoy!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Why draw anime girls when AI can do it for you?

  1. Wow, I was actually researching 2D anime avatar creators yesterday, and I had no idea these websites exited! They sound like a lot of fun to play with, but I can see how it might be a bad idea to used them for legitimate website avatars and stuff like that.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, I think the more creative images are probably all right, but to some level you just never know. At least, I don’t know enough about the legality to say for sure. But it’s really cool anyways.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is fascinating. I find AI image generators like Dall-E interesting too, but the images it produces honestly creep me the hell out way too much for me to use it myself: “nightmare fuel” is the perfect term for that stuff that looks like it’s trying to be realistic and failing miserably. But anime girls are already so stylized that that hardly matters, even when the AI produces something bizarre-looking. I’ll check these sites out, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting, I haven’t looked at DALL-E yet and was curious if it could do anime style images or not. I’ll still check it out at some point.

      But yeah, it’s a fun little exercise to see what these anime girl AI generators come up with. Lot of janky images, but some are actually really cool, and others are actually really good,

      Liked by 1 person

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