Tsukuyomi ♫♫

There’s another Japanese group alongside Minami ♫ that I’ve been listening to lately, once again thanks to YouTube’s algorithms (which I have to commend, they really do a good job at suggesting similar content that I’d enjoy).

And that’s Tsukuyomi!

Quiz Magic Academy anime chibi catgirls

Before I get into some of my favourite songs, I will mention that the YouTube channel contains songs other than Tsukuyomi, hence the channel name “Tsukuyomi / YurryCanon”.

YurryCanon is one of the members of Tsukuyomi, but also does other projects and it seems started out on YouTube making songs that use vocaloids. You can also find these dramatic story readings with background music on the channel, which is pretty interesting.

But this post is just about Tsukuyomi, which has the excellent vocals of Yue, and not a vocaloid. Most of the Tsukuyomi songs on their channel also are accompanied by some nice animated music videos, if you’re into watching something alongside the music.

Anyways, let’s get to my three favourite Tsukuyomi songs, in no particular order!

My introduction to Tsukuyomi was Mayday:

Mayday is a really cool song. It has a very fast pace, fitting considering the title, and that pace really gives the song this sort of “rushing” feeling. As in, the song is really rushing along, not that it was actually rushed, as the quality is excellent from start to finish. The pace fits that “mayday” idea perfectly.

Yue has a voice that’s unlike the other Japanese vocalists I listen to, it’s a bit deeper and she’s got some power behind it. Mayday is one of the songs where she seems to really flex her muscles in that area too, as she puts a lot into the chorus. You can hear her really give it her all to maintain the pace of the song, as she has to quickly draw in breaths to keep it going.

Overall, it’s a great song that manages to really capture that “mayday” feeling.

Next up we have Yodaka, or Nightjar (if YouTube’s translation is to be trusted):

Unlike Mayday, Yodaka fluctuates between relaxed verses and a very emotional and powerful chorus. It’s a real buildup, as it starts slow and calm with the acoustic guitar taking the focus in the background, before picking up just before the chorus. Then we’re hit with the climax, the chorus, before starting over with even more energy the second time around.

Once again, what can I say, Yue’s vocals are amazing. Great emotion, power, and transitions from the verses into the more demanding chorus. The music is great, but Yue’s vocals really take center stage. I especially love the latter half of the second verse around 1:50 when she picks up the speed, right before the bridge to the final chorus.

Just awesome.

Finally, I’ll feature Necropolis:

Once again, it’s got a different feel, showing that Tsukuyomi can pretty much go anywhere with that.

Necropolis feels more structured and consistent from start to finish, if that makes any sense (despite covering quite a bit of music on the blog it’s still a struggle to describe it). Not just in terms of verse / chorus, but in terms of the instrumental background, vocals, everything. In that sense it feels more straightforward, like what you hear in the first minute is what you get.

But even so, it’s a good song with some solid melodies and a catchy chorus. Not every song has to be a creative journey, after all. And while Yue’s vocals aren’t as impactful during the verses, they’re killer in the chorus, which is the reason why I love the song so much. I love the rhymes, flow, and energy we get from the chorus.

It’s a great listen, I think.

And that’ll do it for Tsukuyomi. I look forward to hearing more of their work in the future, and based on the teaser video on their channel, it seems they’ll be releasing something in mid-August. No guarantee it’ll end up on the YouTube channel right away though – we’ll have to wait and see.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed, and if you wanted to check out more Tsukuyomi including the songs without music videos, you can find all of their songs under the “Albums and Singles” section of their playlists page.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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