A Trip to Kyoto

Here’s something that I never got around to posting about, which is a trip I took to Kyoto with a few friends over a weekend last fall.

I have 162 pictures from the trip, which only lasted a few days.

Basically, we left on the Friday evening right after work and arrived in Kyoto at around 1am. Spent all of Saturday and Sunday morning sightseeing before undertaking the ~7 hour drive back to Nagano.

The entire weekend was gone, but the memories will remain forever.

I’ll be using tiled galleries once again for this one, due to having a mix of portrait and landscape images. These galleries don’t work on the WordPress Reader, so if you are viewing this post there, you may want to just click through to the actual post on my website where they work properly.

And of course, you can click on any image to see the larger version of it.

Bamboo Forest

Most of my bamboo forest pictures are of my friends, but here are four that capture how tall they are and whatnot anyways. It’s pretty neat.


Possibly the most beautiful temple I ever visited in Japan, provided you visit while the leaves are changing colour. Really beautiful, and at the top you get an amazing view of Kyoto. Had to pay to get in, but it’s worth it.


Had to visit the classic Kiyomizu-dera, even if it’s one of the really famous spots in Kyoto. And while it was very crowded, it was certainly worth it as all of the red leaves on the trees looked amazing from the “stage of Kyomizu-dera” as it’s called.

And those are the highlights. Kyoto is a pretty big city, all things considered, but I didn’t really take many pictures of that side of things. We did walk around the city a bit and do a few other things but I was pretty desensitized to Japanese cities by then so it just didn’t really interest me to take pictures.

But I will say that it was a much bigger city than I had expected.

Definitely worth a visit, and I will say that like with many other trips I took in Japan, I was lucky to be able to travel and visit places like this during a time when there weren’t many tourists from outside the country coming in due to border restrictions.

I have one more trip to share some highlights from, if my memory serves me right, and it was another quick weekend trip like this one. And a really cool experience, so I’ll share that at some point.

Until then,
Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading.


16 thoughts on “A Trip to Kyoto

  1. So nice the Kiyomizu-dera! When I went to Japan it was basically almost closed up as they were making some works onto it… I wanted to get back to it after they ended this kind of works but… well… 2020 arrived.

    How was visiting this place without all the foreigner tourists? Still full due to the Japanese people or it was more easy to room around?

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    1. Popular spots were still fairly busy, but from what I’ve heard it’s basically shoulder-to-shoulder with all the foreign (mainly Chinese) tourists normally. Wouldn’t know from my own experience though.

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      1. I remember going to Fushimi Inari and it was pretty packed up there! You only had to go pretty high in the path to finally be able to take a photo of only the Torii… and luckily because some other tourist were kind enough to hide between them as I was making the photo and I did the same for them lol

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      2. Yeah I can imagine.

        Like one of my friends waited 3 hours in line to take a photo at a famous spot where you get both a tower, cherry blossoms, and Mt. Fuji in one photo. Just looked it up, it’s the Chureito Pagoda I believe.

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  2. Amazing, and lots of great photo variety here πŸ‘

    I noticed you have a thing for “overlooking” views from the top, which I think is great and expansive. Also that bamboo forest is the stuff of movies, wondering if there a story behind how you guys got there.

    Did you ever get to visit Osaka too? A friend of mine who went there as an exchange student went there and enjoyed it. Tbh it’s one of the cities I strangely wanna check out too…

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    1. Never visited Osaka but I’m sure it’s a nice city, I don’t really know any popular places to visit there though. All I know is that it’s famous for things like kabuki.

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      1. No worries, thanks for sharing your experience πŸ™‚

        Takoyaki is delicious, and even more if it’s authentic. I hope you enjoyed that! I’ve always wanted to try some of their ramen or karage chicken after being exposed to North American based ones for my whole life…

        Which idol group did you see?

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      2. I went to see NMB48 πŸ™‚ and then I had a break at a cafΓ© that was doing a Love Live Event πŸ˜€

        Honestly I didn’t visit much Osaka because, apart from that, I only had a dinner for the anniversary with my girlfriend there, visited Korea town and then left the day right after for Kobe.

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    1. For a quick weekend trip it definitely ended up being worth it, I’m also glad I was able to see Kyoto at least once while living in Japan.

      And that’s a great idea, as painful as it is to get up super early I’m sure it’s well worth it.

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