The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Review (Spoiler Free)

Getting back to the fantasy / isekai reviews, we’ve got The Fruit of Evolution.

At a glance, unlike other long anime titles, this one doesn’t really function properly as a ‘mini synopsis’ like most others. Instead, it’s kind of vague. What sort of anime is this?

Let’s find out.


Some random god decides to send an entire school to another world with special skills and such in order to use them against the demon lord of the land. One boy, however, who didn’t really have any friends, ended up being sent to a different location after he failed to team up with any of his classmates before everyone was sent.

Alone and in a strange land, the boy stumbles through survival and comes across a special fruit in the high-level jungle that he’d found himself in.

What’s the hook this time?

Given that this is another isekai which focuses on a boy who happens to be not very social or ‘successful’ (by school society metrics) becoming stronger in a different world, there has to be some sort of hook. There always is.

If I had to pick something, I suppose the hook for this anime is it’s ridiculous / comedic nature.

While our protagonist does become stronger and end up meeting various women who join him, also known as the classic social outcast to harem hero fantasy, the protagonist is pretty dull and boring from start to finish. He basically just reacts to his surroundings, which happen to be many strange characters and features of the world.

Similarities to Konosuba

There are many parallels to Konosuba with The Fruit of Evolution.

Both are parodies of fantasy isekai stories.
Both feature a protagonist with a social outcast type of background.
Both are quite vibrant, both in terms of the world design and characters.
Both use ridiculous situations and characters to create comedy.

But there’s one key difference between the two: the quality of the characters.

The Fruit of Evolution’s characters feel like cardboard cutouts, with pictures depicting the comedic thing they’re supposed to be. The protagonist is purely reactionary, and basically never creates comedy himself. The characters we meet in his journey are never really fleshed out, instead they’re just embodiments of a single comedic quirk or two.

I feel like there’s hardly any comparison at all between the cast of The Fruit of Evolution, and Konosuba. Konosuba’s characters are simply much more dynamic, entertaining, rich in personality, built up with actual backstories, and so on.

And so while The Fruit of Evolution does have a sort of Konosuba vibe, and that’s great if you enjoyed Konosuba, it does feel lacking when looked at side-by-side.

Story Quality

Characters aside, how does the story play out?

It’s not bad. Like most anime, there are some moments that feel fairly uninteresting. And at times, the story progression feels slow. But honestly I felt that the story was quite good. It has many entertaining moments, as well as twists and turns. While the characters feel bland, the initial impressions are usually comedic enough, even if many of the characters end up being one trick ponies.

And the story ends on an interesting note, with something enticing for a potential second season.


I’ll give The Fruit of Evolution a 6.5 / 10.

It’s something all right to watch through to kill time. If you enjoy the fantasy / isekai space like myself, you may find this one good enough. If not, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found it fairly boring and/or stupid. The characters in particular are just not that great. If they had more personality to them, perhaps this could have been a much more entertaining watch.

Anyways, it’s certainly not amazing, but there’s enough there to keep me somewhat interested in seeing how things go in a potential future season.

That does it for this one.

I’ve got a bit of a backlog in reviews again due to the work I’ve had to put into moving as I’m about to leave Japan. This review is being written from a hotel in Tokyo, where I’ll be staying for another week.

I’ve got plenty of pictures to share, both from my time here now, and also from some trips I’ve taken in the past that I forgot to write about at the time.

We’ll see what I decide to post about next.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.

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