Minami ♫

Been a while since I’ve posted anything music related recently.

And seeing as I haven’t posted as frequently lately, I figured we could get two birds with one stone here.

The artist I’d like to put out there this time is Minami.

Crying for Rain is the first Minami song I came across, thanks to YouTube, which as usual, was my source for new Japanese artists.

According to the comments on this one, it was actually the OP for Domestic Girlfriend, which I never saw. The energy of the song always struck me as something that’d be suited to something more action-oriented (unless my ideas of Domestic Girlfriend are wrong here). But then I’m sure the lyrics are more geared towards relationships.

A song that Crying for Rain really reminds me of is the first opening for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – Again by Yui Yoshioka. I feel like both of these songs have a similar energy, although Again has a more relaxed feel in the verses. But that’s what made me feel like Crying for Rain, at least it’s energy, would fit in a shounen / action type anime.

Anyways, Minami has several other great songs, although there are only 10 (on YouTube at least, maybe there are more somewhere else).

Naturally, after Crying for Rain, YouTube moved me onto the next Minami song: Waiting for Rain.

Despite the title also involving rain, we’ve got a completely different feel here. But of course, just like Stack’s vocals make Akatsuki Records what it is, Minami’s vocals is what makes her songs what they are.

I’m not very good at describing how I feel about a song, but I’d say that the chorus for Waiting for Rain has this very “forward moving” feel to it… this probably makes no sense to any of you reading this. But that’s the feeling I get.

Like her other songs, I love her vocal range, and how her vocals feel like they are packed with emotions. She’s not just belting out words to a melody, she’s putting feeling into them. Or, at least, she’s making it seem that way. And like Crying for Rain, there’s a LOT of emotion in the vocals, arguably even more in Waiting for Rain.

I love it.

I’ll pick and share one more of her songs to feature here.

Hollowness is another song packed with emotions and powerful vocals. It’s a real ‘eye-catcher’ of a song, I think. When Minami songs started appearing in my YouTube auto-generated playlists (which are both a blessing and a curse), this was one that would catch my attention and make me go back up the list and see what song it was.

But aside from those three, some of her other songs have other feels to them, like more relaxed or sad. While they don’t appear on the “videos” tab of her YouTube page, there are three more songs which you can find in a playlist here. These songs aren’t bad, but have a more standard feel to them, although her vocals still spike at times and sound really good. Of those three, I really like Prologue.

Actually, of all her songs, the newest one on her YouTube, konomachi ni hare wa konai (I believe it means “clear weather won’t come to this town”) is my least favourite. But really, that won’t stop me from listening to it. The least favourite is still pretty good in this case!

So that’s about that.

If you like Japanese music, why not give Minami a try? She may not have a very deep collection of songs to listen to like some other artists (at least that I’m aware of), but the ones that she does have are really top notch!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Minami ♫

      1. That’s a good one! I’ve never actually thought about singing any of her songs seriously. If I had to choose now… ‘Next Memory’ perhaps.

        Usually I just sing along to bits and pieces of the choruses, like the chorus for KARMANATIONS or whatever haha.

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