The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat Review (Spoiler Free)

Another anime, another title that’s essentially a synopsis for the anime.

We’ll call it ‘World’s Finest Assassin’ here.

And it’s another fantasy anime, of course!


The world’s finest assassin gets reincarnated in another world as an aristocrat.

Fairly Straightforward

While the premise is technically different from other isekai types, where the protagonist is a powerful hero or what have you, in the end I’d say that World’s Finest Assassin feels very similar and plays out in a similar manner.

Our protagonist, like several of the other recent isekai I’ve reviewed, is reborn with all of his memories as an adult. Meaning, he’s another “child genius” who becomes incredibly skilled with magic, dealing with people, and so on.

Just like a hero defeats evil people, in this anime, our assassin / aristocrat protagonist also has similar goals. Although there is one catch, which is his mission and condition for being reincarnated in the first place…

Not knocking it, but I’m just letting you know in case you think that the title is indicating that this’ll be something very unique.

Cute Girls

Not too much to elaborate on here, but I figured I’d mention that there are a lot of cute girls in this one. It’s a selling point for some, such as myself. Not enough to make or break an anime, but hey, it’s nice to see cute anime girls.

It technically isn’t a harem anime, judging by the MyAnimeList tags, but it does have a harem element to it, as the girls associated with our protagonist do end up endeared to him. It’s pretty par for the course stuff with an anime like this.

Decent Story

I wouldn’t say the story ends up being THAT amazing or interesting, but it’s pretty cool. It’s got a good flow to it, from start to finish, and builds up well enough. It’s a fun little isekai journey to watch, one that’s not fully wrapped up in this season. If anything, it feels like things have just gotten started at the end of this season.

It’s a decent story that kept me happily watching from start to finish, so I’m not trying to be negative here. It maybe could have been a little bit darker, given the occupation (assassin), but other than that it was good.

The one thing I will knock the anime for is how it opens up, which is with a clip of the future, after our protagonist has already been reincarnated, grown up, and established himself and his crew. And then after that, they go all the way back to before he died and was reincarnated. The anime opens up this way, so you have no idea that it’s a spoiler of the future at the time.

As someone who doesn’t like spoilers, even things like seeing characters in an OP before they’re introduced proper, I really disliked seeing the end state of our protagonist and his crew all spoiled to us in the very beginning. It gives a cinematic start, but I’d have preferred to see that part later on in the anime, AFTER we’d been introduced to everyone and so on.


I’m giving World’s Finest Assassin an 8 / 10.

It’s a fun watch with a slightly different premise but similar feel to many other isekai anime. If you enjoy these isekai types where the protagonist is quite strong in relation to everyone around him, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

As someone who loves these types, I enjoyed this one.

I wouldn’t say there’s anything really deep or particularly unique to it aside from the premise being slightly different, but yeah it’s kind of a “more of the same” anime, where the “same” to me is pretty good.

World’s Finest Assassin is a cut above many of the mediocre fantasy isekai out there in terms of quality, so while it’s yet another fantasy isekai, it’s a good watch.

So there you have it.

Another fantasy isekai with a slight twist that ends up being pretty solid and fun.

We’ll see what’s next on the review block.

More fantasy, perhaps?

Until then,
Thanks for reading.

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