Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town? Review (Spoiler Free)

I’ve really fallen behind on the reviews, but here’s the next one on the list.

Another one of those “the title is the synopsis” anime, which I suppose saves me time in writing any sort of synopsis for this one. I will say that I had a general idea of how this was going to go before watching it, based off some things I read about it beforehand, and it was exactly as expected.

As Advertised

Here are some of the aspects of this anime that are exactly as you may expect based on the title.

Our protagonist is a kid named Lloyd. I don’t know exactly how old, but I guess based on how he’s treated he’s somewhere in the low teens.

Seeing as he’s from the “last town”, the final one past heroes travelled through before facing the demon lord, and then settled in afterwards, he’s crazy strong. But because he grew up around other crazy strong people, he doesn’t have a proper understanding of strength in the normal world.

Given his strength compared to those around him, there’s not really much tension or anything like that. Everyone gawks at Lloyd’s strength, and as a result, we’re going to get many comical situations as a result.

That’s the anime. At least, it’s what you can expect from the synopsis and title.

Added Features

In addition to the central premise, there’s a little more that the anime does that keeps things interesting. I’ll try not to spoil anything major, and anything I do mention here, you’ll basically experience it in the first episode.

So Lloyd is very strong, and dreams of being a soldier. This is why he travels to a starter town. But the anime makes sure he doesn’t just become some national hero that defeats everyone and everything – because there are rules that people from his town are not allowed to get involved in nation’s affairs. They’re only allowed to act when there’s a demon lord threat.

There are a few characters that keep a close eye on Lloyd, one of which being his village elder. So he isn’t entirely on his own, even if he often does his own thing.

Anyways, in addition to that aspect, the final aspect is that Lloyd, being innocent as he is, basically attracts every single girl around him. I didn’t expect it, and technically this isn’t a harem anime, but there are a lot of female characters falling head over heels for Lloyd in this one.

And with that, you’ve basically got the entire gist of Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town?.


I’ll give this one a 7 / 10.

It’s fun, nothing very special or interesting, but it’s fun. And it’s fantasy, which is generally going to be at worst an average watch for me. If you like the genre of fantasy, or in this case, the idea of the classic “Dragon Quest” world with demon lords and all that, then this anime is a fun play on all of that.

I’d watch a sequel, but I wouldn’t be bothered if they never made one.

Basically, it’s just a nice time killer, an anime to scratch that itch when you want to watch something and don’t really care what.

And that’s it.

Not much else to say here, but I’ll go ahead and start writing the next review now so I can get through this backlog of mine!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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