Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy Review (Spoiler Free)

This time around we’ve got an anime with a real novel concept.

A boy from Japan is unexpectedly transported to a fantasy world!!

So how did this one turn out?


A boy from Japan, Makoto Misumi, is unexpectedly transported to a fantasy world. However, this time around, the catch is that the goddess who summoned him finds him repulsive. So, instead of enlisting his help, she takes away his ability to communicate in the human language, ‘common’, and tosses him somewhere in the far reaches of the world.

Thankfully, a deity from Japan who was looking after him (and the one who facilitated him coming to this world) bestows some power upon him so that he isn’t completely powerless as he navigates this new world with a goddess that despises him.

Isekai Features

Well, I’ve been going through a lot of isekai lately, and if there’s one thing that’s become standard, it’s “unique” features tacked onto the isekai in order to try and make it different from the others.

This time around, it’s the fact that our protagonist is forced to befriend and work with demihumans, and wear a disguise when entering human settlements because of the goddess. Other than that, it’s a pretty standard isekai, with our protagonist being at a high power level as one can expect from these kinds of anime.

If I had to choose another isekai that had a similar feel in regards to all of this, I’d pick the slime anime, because of how all of the demihumans are happy-go-lucky and friendly and whatnot. It really is 50/50 whether orcs will be friendly or evil, and this time around they are friendly, as are pretty much all of the other demihumans we meet.


Building off of that, as mentioned, the tone for this one is quite light-hearted. Tsukimichi is very much your typical “character stumbles through new experiences” type of anime that doesn’t try and broach on realism or anything of that nature. Which is fine, of course. But considering that fantasy anime in general tend to go either one way or the other, it’s probably something worth mentioning here.

Main Cast

I will mention here that I didn’t really like Misumi. He’s not a terrible character, but he just seemed sort of dumb at times. I tried to think of a better way of describing what I think of him, but I’m having trouble doing it. Overall, he’s really nothing special or interesting. I appreciate that he generally seems to have an idea of what he wants to do next, but in the end I just didn’t really like him. Not because he’s unlikable, but because he’s just a bit boring and uninteresting.

Aside from Misumi, he ends up with some companions who I thought were more entertaining. I won’t really spoil anything about them aside from whatever images I’ve included in this post, but I think that they really carried this anime when it comes to the cast. I wouldn’t say they’re amazing, but considering they’re the best that we get here, I guess they’re not so bad.


And finally, there’s the story. It’s not really anything unique or different from countless other isekai out there. While there is that whole “goddess doesn’t like the hero” dynamic, I would say that it isn’t front and center in the story this season. Instead, the story is more of us just following whatever it is Misumi would like to do next.

That said, there is one moment which shows us that this anime’s overarching story does have potential. You’ve got Misumi, who is sort of building up his own band of followers, but then there’s also the humans (and goddess), as well as the demons. There could be some neat dynamics there in the future.

Basically, while the story wasn’t too exciting this time, it really does have potential to get interesting.


I’m giving Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy a 7 / 10.

It’s a very middle-of-the-road fantasy / isekai that tries to bring it’s own spin to the genre. And I wouldn’t say that this particular spin did all that much to make Tsukimichi stand out. It doesn’t do anything particularly wrong, but it doesn’t exactly impress anywhere, except for a few of the characters that ended up being fairly entertaining. Despite all of my criticisms, I did enjoy Tsukimichi after all is said and done. It’s just nothing extraordinary is all, hence the average rating.

While I think the story has the potential to get really interesting, that’s not something I include in this rating. It’s something that would instead affect the rating of future seasons. And like Realist Hero, which I wasn’t too inpressed with, I will very likely watch a sequel to this one because the story has potential, even if the initial season didn’t quite deliver.

So in the end, I guess if you’re looking for a new isekai series to check out and aren’t too picky, you’ll probably end up enjoying this one like I did. And considering there is a second season on the way, according to MAL at least, this one might end up becoming a good series down the road.

It’s nice to see that anime like Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy and even Realist Hero are getting follow-up seasons, because even if the initial season isn’t the greatest, I feel like a lot of these stories can benefit from having more time to work with. Of course, we’ll see how they choose to use their time when the sequels come out.

I feel like there are a lot of fantasy / isekai anime that have potential, but just end up as an average and forgotten single-season anime. The whole premise behind isekai, while arguably overused, isn’t really an idea that can be easily wrapped up in a quick 12 episodes. To go from entering a completely new world with new species, magic, et cetera, to a nice conclusion isn’t exactly an easy feat in such a short time.

Maybe I’ll write more about that sometime.

Anyways, I’m glad to see a couple of these titles getting sequels, even if the initial seasons weren’t amazing. It’s just good to see stories like this getting more time to set up and get going. Even if they fail, I think they deserve the chance over pumping out countless more single-season anime with open-endings that will never conclude. To me, that’s the real travesty: all those stories that will never have a proper conclusion.

As usual, this isn’t the last isekai anime to come on this blog!

So until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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