Meikyuu Black Company Review (Spoiler Free)

Next up on the review block is Meikyuu Black Company.

Like the last few, it’s a fantasy / isekai title. Basically all I’ve been watching lately. It’s been fun to binge all of these, and there are still more to come.

When I’m done, at a casual glance, this place will look like an isekai anime blog!


Our protagonist, Kinji, is a man who has finally managed to secure a perfect future for himself. With some hard work and the right investments, he’s become that which every NEET dreams of becoming: someone who can live a very comfortable life on passive income until the day they die.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long as Kinji is soon transported to an unknown fantasy world, where he ends up being forced to work for a sinister mega mining corporation for slave wages. However, he refuses to accept this reality, and after an interesting discovery, begins his journey towards financial self-sustainability once again!


The setting for this particular fantasy / isekai is a fantasy world where humanoids of all sorts seem to co-exist. There’s no real distinction between them all, be it a human, or a lizardman. And it’s also a world that, while lacking in technology, is basically modelled after our real world, with big businesses having the lions’ share of the power, to the point that even “heroes” in this world work for the corporations in some capacity.

It’s an interesting setting that makes use of fantasy, but also has a lot of parallels to our world.

And there’s a good reason for all of this, as one would expect.

Comedy + Satire

Meikyuu Black Company is, at it’s core, a satirical story that builds it’s humour on the ridiculous side of corporate work culture. As someone who hates corporate work culture and all of the garbage that companies pull to try and get their employees to do more for less, many of the jokes really had me laughing! In the first few episodes especially there are some hilarious jokes based on how bad this mining corporation treats it’s workers. I won’t spoil any, but if you have experience with this sort of corporate work culture, you may find the comedy here amusing at the very least.

And in addition, we’ve got Kinji. While his overall goal was to be a secure NEET, his character doesn’t quite reflect that in my opinion. Instead, you could argue is the satirical depiction of a cutthroat, ladder-climbing individual who will do whatever it takes to make it to the top. The type of person who, as an individual, manages to somehow match the selfishness of the company with a selfishness of his own. I can’t say I have much experience with this sort of person, but I have to imagine that many of our world’s “leaders” share a lot of qualities with Kinji.

I would say that this anime is worth watching for the comedy alone, if this sort of thing seems appealing to you. It certainly was for me. Even if this wasn’t an isekai, and took place in Tokyo or wherever, I think it still would have been a great comedy.

But of course, there’s more to the anime than just it’s satirical nature.


Aside from the comedy, there is an overarching story in Meikyuu Black Company.

I can’t spoil anything though, so I can’t give details. Basically, some stuff happens, which leads to other things happening, and the ball rolls from there, until next thing you know we reach that stage where one can reflect on the story and realize that “a lot has happened”.

What I will say about the story is that it does flip-flop a bit partway through. While the beginning and end are crystal clear and work well, the middle of the story is a bit muddled, and for a while it really feels like things have gotten off-track. Personally, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this aspect of the anime, but considering the story manages to land the ending well enough, it ends up not being that much of an issue.

While I was watching through, I was worried that the anime would go a little too far away from it’s original premise. But I guess all I wanted to say here is that everything does sort of tie-in together, despite how things may seem at times.


I really enjoyed Meikyuu Black Company. While it’s an isekai, and made use of various fantasy elements, these were all just tools for the purpose of giving us a really funny comedy that makes fun of modern corporate culture and the various types of individuals you can find in said culture.

I’m going to give this one a 9 / 10.

For me, above all else, the comedy just really hit home, but really everything in the anime worked well from start to finish. My only real criticism is what I tried to explain above, which was just that the story does feel like it drifts away a little from where you’d expect it to go for a while. But things do straighten out in the end.

All in all, this was a fun watch for sure.

If you have any experience with corporate culture, be it retail, in an office, or whatever, you may find this one amusing, if not hilarious at times. If that isn’t something that interests you, and you would prefer to just watch a more fantastical isekai anime, you may still enjoy this one, but just be aware that it’s not your typical isekai. It does still have action, magic, and all that, but it’s clear that they are not the focus.

I have to admit, I’ve been quite happy with all of these recent fantasy / isekai titles. I know that the industry is really pumping them out, and that makes it difficult for any of them to really stand out, but there still are real gems popping up like this one.

And even if not a gem, as I really enjoy the genre, they typically still end up satisfying to watch for me.

Anyways, there’ll be more where that came from soon enough.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.

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