This is the first REOL song I heard on YouTube, that eventually led me to 宵々古今.
Other than these two, I haven’t really looked much into REOL’s other songs.

But I probably will at some point, because these two songs are pretty fun.

Song name I’m guessing is “Love + Oratory”, unless I’m totally out of it and missing something here. Basically, I get the image of someone speaking about their love in public, which basically fits the lyrics as I believe the lyrics are a confession of sorts.

And speaking of, the lyrics have a pretty funny side to them.

You can read them in the video description, or just turn on the closed captioning. You’ll see some fun lyrics such as the chorus:

Love Me Baby Baby
Give Me Very Very
Please do it so that I can’t even breathe

Beasty Gimmick Gimmick
Knock Out Gimmi Gimmi
I want to be broken, knock down

Love Me Baby Baby
Give Me Very Very
Shove something in my mouth so I can’t breathe

Beasty Gimmick Gimmick
Knock Out Gimmi Gimmi
I want to be broken just like this

And at first glance these lyrics seem pretty hardcore! Haha. I didn’t even know the meaning, because while I understand a little Japanese, listening to Japanese in music is very difficult for me, and especially this song. So it wasn’t until I saw the comments section joking about the lyrics that I took a look at them.

Apparently these phrases in Japanese don’t have the same pointed meaning as they do in English, according to some in the comments. I personally have no clue, so maybe they’re right, but maybe they’re not.

Regardless, it’s funny to see, if such a “lost in translation” really is what happened when moving from Japanese to English.

As for the song, it’s just a really upbeat and fun song. Lot of energy, heavy electronic sound and feel, moreso than the other song I’ve looked at so far, 宵々古今. Some good buildup towards the chorus, and the chorus has some good energy. It’s a catchy song.

I will say though that I do feel like the heavy electronic side to this song, from the vocals to the background music, can feel like a bit much at times, if I listen to it multiple times in a row. Not that a song should really be designed around being played on repeat, but it is something I noticed anyways. After a play or two I find myself fatigued by the electronic part of this song and wanting to listen to something else.

Regardless, it’s a fun song and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I have!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading / listening.


3 thoughts on “REOL – LUVORATORRRRRY!

  1. Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve heard Luvoratorrrrry!
    You should definitely check out more more REOL and Reol songs! Her overall vibe is a very fast, almost rap-like singing style usually over electronic instrumentals, which gives a lot of her songs very rhythmic melodies.
    I could probably recommend to you their entire discography, but for fear of being overbearing, I’ll just recommend two of my favorites:
    no title (REOL) and Saisaki (Reol)


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