Blood Lad Review (Spoiler Free)

I’ve been watching quite a few anime lately.

Well, re-watching quite a few.

I know that there are probably quite a few great newer anime that I’ve yet to see, as well as quite a few older anime that I’ve not yet watched and would enjoy quite a bit. But then, there are also quite a few anime that I’ve already seen, quite enjoyed, and wanted to see again. Because I knew I’d enjoy them quite a bit going in.

And this time it’s Blood Lad, which I first saw quite a few years ago, and didn’t quite remember much from it.
Perfect re-watch material!


A human girl, Fuyumi, somehow ends up in the demon realm, in the territory of a powerful vampire called Staz. Luckily, Staz happens to be a huge fan of the human world, specifically Japan and otaku culture. Unfortunately, Fuyumi dies shortly after meeting Staz and becomes a ghost. Staz then vows to bring Fuyumi back to life, beginning their journey!

The Demon World

I loved Blood Lad’s take on the demon world, being this sort of funny gang-run world that’s both urban and behind the human world in technology. We don’t really get to see the daily lives of many regular demons, aside from a few at some shops, but I guess the demon world is like the human world, only lawlessness is much more prevalent and violence is totally acceptable. At least when the territory bosses are involved, but likely more than that.

Many of the demons are funny in some way or another, colourful or have strange qualities.

I guess to sum up it’s a goofy take on a demon world, and it’s fun to see.

The Journey

Well, it’s not really a journey in the sense of a hero adventuring to a distant land or anything, but it is a journey in the sense that Staz has a promise to keep and he goes to fairly extreme lengths working towards accomplishing it.

Staz’ character has a lot to do with it I think, but this is is a very casual feeling journey. I guess everything feels casual where Staz is involved. As this is a comedy, it makes sense that things aren’t super tense. While there are some pretty exciting moments, overall I’d say that Blood Lad is a relaxed anime. You probably won’t be leaning forward in your chair or anything while watching, it’s not that kind of anime I think.

And while they don’t really journey out that far, it does have that “quite a bit has happened” feel when you get to the end of the anime and think back on the first couple episodes. Despite not feeling like they really go anywhere much of the time, and not feeling like much is being accomplished at times, it still feels like things are happening and moving forward in some way or another. Like there’s always a trail of bread crumbs for Staz to follow leading into the next episode.

The Blood Family

Alright, this is a spoiler-free review, but I will spoil that Staz has family. Their last name is Blood, making them the Blood family.

Anyways, I won’t get into too many details, just that I really loved this family and their dynamic. Staz’ brother in particular is both hilarious and awesome in his own way. The voice acting for him is also excellent. It’s hard to describe but he has this sort of “distant” way of speaking that’s entertaining.

I also love how nonchalant this family is, especially Staz and his brother. They have this very “not caring” way of going about everything, never really showing any emotion, motivation, or life in general, despite having goals and reasons for doing things. I guess it’s really fitting for vampires.

Staz’ little sister is also super cute, may as well mention that.

It’s just a really interesting family to see, and I enjoyed the dynamic between them, as well as their individual characters.


I’ll give Blood Lad an 8 / 10.

I think it’s an enjoyable fantastical comedy that’s quite unorthodox in it’s setting and characters. Staz, with his unmotivated character, is a bit of an anti-hero that’s entertaining to follow. And everything about the setting and characters feels fun and interesting.

I wouldn’t say that the comedy is on the level of Konosuba, but I do think that Blood Lad has a similar feel in that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is just a fun story of sorts to follow along with.

Was a fun little anime to watch, and I should have a couple others I can write about.

While I haven’t watched too much anime since coming to Japan, during the recent summer break (which is now over) I ended up watching a few different series, Blood Lad being one of them. So we’ll get to them at some point, probably.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Blood Lad Review (Spoiler Free)

  1. I agree, Blood Lad is awesome. I read the manga before I watched the anime and the manga is really good too. Though, I think the anime does a better job at demonstrating the fight scenes. I would highly recommend both!

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