Anime Question Association Round 1

Haven’t been watching too much anime recently, and haven’t thought of anything I really wanted to write about lately. But, I wanted to write something, so I figured I’d do something a little different from the old anime word association that I’ve done before.

Instead of associating anime to random words, I’ve got a random question generator to use and try to associate the questions to an anime. And hopefully answer them as well.

We’ll see how it goes anyways, I’m not sure what sort of questions we’ll get from this, but let’s find out.

Question 1: When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

Anime – Monogatari Series

Of course it was going to be Monogatari Series, given that it’s basically the only anime I’ve been watching recently aside from a few others. And the question fits perfectly, seeing as characters generally go to Koyomi Araragi for help in regards to oddities.

As for me personally, I can’t say too many people come to me for help outside of my job. If anything it’d just be general favours like driving someone somewhere or giving advice on something. Which I’d imagine is the same for most people.

Question 2: Pizza or tacos?

Anime – Code Geass

Alright well this was basically just word association. There’s only one anime I know of that really shills for pizza, and that’s Code Geass. A lot of Pizza Hut is consumed in that one, and in that context, pizza wins over tacos. If I remember correctly they even feature the hot dog stuffed crust in Code Geass, which was (is?) inferior to the classic cheese stuffed crust.

For me, it’s the same. I make my own pizza maybe every two weeks. I’d do it every weekend, but there’s usually something going on that interrupts it, as when I do make pizza, I like to eat half on Saturday, half on Sunday. And that’s my meals for the entire weekend. But if I’m going out somewhere, I get too lazy to make a pizza. I haven’t had tacos in a while now, although I do like buying tortilla chips and eating them with ground beef / pork / chicken.

Question 3: What’s something you learned in the last week?

Anime – Gintama

Took a little while to get an anime in my head, but when I did it fit perfectly. The reason for Gintama is simply because of the “Oshiete Ginpachi-sensei!” bits that sometimes are at the end of an episode. I can’t say one really learns anything from them though. And to be honest, I don’t think the crew in Gintama ever really learns their lesson. I still have to finish off the last few seasons, now that I think about it.

For me, it’s gonna be Japanese related, as I just had a class last night. I learned a few bits and pieces, including some intonation stuff, but the highlight was probably just from a mistake I made on a practice JLPT N4 test (that I passed, although I’m not planning on taking the N4).

Basically the string されても threw me off because I’m not very accustomed to the passive form of verbs, so I didn’t realize at the time that されて is just the -te form of される, which is the passive form of する. Maybe I could have noticed but the も got me, because sometimes it’s difficult to figure out if something is a particle or a part of a word given there are no spaces in Japanese. But now I know, and that’s something I’ve learned in the last week.

Question 4: What have you created that you are most proud of?

Anime – My Hero Academia

I forget her name, but basically that inventor girl is what came to mind. I don’t feel like looking her name up, and I’d just forget it shortly after anyways. I can picture her in my mind, and even her voice, so that’s good enough. As for what she’d be most proud of… well, I couldn’t say for sure. She did try to get Midoriya to wear that big suit of power armour or whatever, and didn’t she also make a cool robot? Anyways, she’s probably proud of all of her inventions.

I guess I’d say that this blog is my favourite creation. But, I have done some other things in my past that I am proud of. Like I built a very complicated pricing spreadsheet in Excel for a certain American company that to my knowledge their sales staff use to this day, as it allows them to quickly calculate ballpark pricing based on their rates and compare it to their two largest competitors (whose rates are public). It’s a great spreadsheet, so I have to say I’m proud of that too, even if I don’t use it personally.

Question 5: What’s something you wish you’d figured out sooner?

Anime – ReLIFE

ReLIFE is basically this question in anime form, isn’t it? Although the one thing that always bothered me about ReLIFE was that the protagonist never really made a mistake, like he had the choice of continuing to work for a black company or to quit. And in that case, I’d say that staying would have been the mistake. Your own life is much more important than making money for someone else, especially when they don’t care about you. So I’m not really sure what he could have figured out sooner, other than that he was going to be working for a black company.

It’s much easier for me to answer this, as there are many things that it would have been nice to figure out sooner. But, considering I know what I know now, it doesn’t really matter, because I ended up figuring it all out at some point. So I guess there really isn’t anything, aside from something obvious like “I wish I’d figured out the value potential of bitcoin back in 2013”.

Question 6: What is one of your favorite smells?

Anime – HenSuki

There’s a girl in HenSuki who has a fetish for smells (all the girls have some sort of fetish in HenSuki). That was an easy one. And the answer for that would be that the girl’s favourite smells involve men.

This is a pretty hard question to answer realistically. There are countless foods that smell amazing, like fresh cookies, or barbeque, or fresh bread… I also like the smell of gasoline and bleach, but those wouldn’t make the list for my favourite smells. I think my favourite smell is that smell that enters the air when it rains on a hot day. It’s kind of like a wet concrete smell or something, I don’t know. Or maybe it’s from the plants when they get wet. Whatever it is, I like that smell.

Question 7: What fictional place would you most like to go to?

Anime – Knight’s & Magic

Of all the isekai to choose from, I actually settled on Knight’s & Magic. While it wasn’t anything special, I remember that the main character really, really wanted to design robots. And then he ended up in a world where he could do just that. I guess his happiness at his new situation is what made me think of it. In many other isekai anime the main character(s) don’t really get as excited about their newfound situation, even if they are overpowered. But that kid in Knight’s & Magic really enjoyed being able to do what he loved.

This question has popped a lot in tag posts, so I’ll just stick to my usual answer, which is the world from Dog Days. It’s a cutesy fantasy world where you can’t die while you’re within this magical area that encompasses the major kingdoms. And the wars are just sports competitions. And there are a lot of cute cat girls, dog girls, and so on. Basically it’s the cool fantasy world, but with the kiddie gloves on, which is preferable because in reality fantasy worlds would be extremely dangerous.

Question 8: What’s an unpopular opinion you have?

Anime – Monogatari Series

Basically this question reminds me of a quote by Hitagi Senjougahara that is basically an unpopular opinion. I’m just paraphrasing here, but it goes something like:

“Araragi, I know you won’t like to hear this. But it’s their fault they got tricked.”

She is referring to the middle schoolers who were conned by another character into buying fake charms and curses, which then caused strife among them. And Hitagi’s unpopular opinion is that the kids deserved to be tricked. Because they went and bought the charms and curses of their own volition, and deserved to learn the consequences of their actions. It make sense, but to someone like Koyomi, who has a hero complex, it’s an unpopular opinion, I think.

And I have many unpopular opinions myself, of all shapes and sizes. The question is which one to share here…

I think that Your Name is overrated. It was an okay movie, and it was fun to follow the main characters, but in the end the twist and everything didn’t really have much of an impact. That, and the idea that neither of the characters realized it seemed a bit unbelievable to me. I remember I only watched it because of how hyped it was, and it definitely didn’t live up to that. It’s still surprising how much attention this movie got, to me it almost seems like it was just trendy to like Your Name.

That’ll do it for this post, it’s off to bed for me.

Once again, here is the random question generator in case you’re interested in using it for yourself. It’s pretty neat to be able to get random questions at the click of a button. Seems very useful for coming up with questions for tag posts…!

Other than that, hoping to get another Monogatari post out this week, it’s drafted but I still have to fill in the blanks.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Anime Question Association Round 1

  1. Q1: Hyouka
    Q2: Saki – one of the main characters in that series is fanatical about tacos (though like you I’m much more of a pizza guy myself)
    Q3: Can’t think of one. Your writeup made me think of those “And knowing is half the battle” PSAs that popped up at the end of so many cartoons in the 80s, but those weren’t anime of course.
    Q4: Saekano
    Q5: Re:Zero
    Q6: Saiyuki (whenever the always-hungry Goku uses his exceptional nose to find food – or ocasionally lost friends. As for my own favorite smell it’s one that now exists only in my memories – the smell of the local pizza parlor where we used to go when I was like 4-8 years old. It was in a very old, windowless building with heavy oak tables and benches and wood-and-adobe walls that had soaked up the scent of countless pizzas for decades. Just thinking about the unique oak-and-pizza fragrance of that place brings back tons of happy memories.)
    Q7: Funnily enough, Dog Days is the only series I can think of with a fantastical setting that the main character would be especially eager to revisit. And yeah, it’d definitely be a fun place to go myself.
    Q8: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. Hachiman is a font of unpopular opinions, but here I’m specifically thinking of S1E11 when he manages to piss off most of the school festival organizing committee by indirectly calling them out for slacking off and piling most of the work on Yukino. Easily my favorite scene in season 1. As for my own unpopular opinion, no, anime was not better in the 90s than it is today. Sturgeon’s Law was just as much in effect back then as it is today, you’ve just either forgotten about all the crap anime from that decade or never watched them because they haven’t stood the test of time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great answers. Re:Zero also crossed my mind, for some reason Dog Days didn’t for Q7 but that’s even better than mine was I think. Hachiman is a good pick too, many times the truth itself is an unpopular opinion, and increasingly so these days I think.

      I’m not big into older anime, although I don’t mind the occasional one. But yeah, naturally only the best will be remembered.


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