Writing Prompt: If you could make a prequel season of a show, which would you choose and why?

Pretty straightforward question, I think.

Although many shows actually do a pretty good job at showing us backstory when it’s necessary, or one isn’t necessary at all (like many isekai anime).

Anyways, I managed to think of a few titles that could have interesting prequels.

Fairy Tail

First title I thought of was Fairy Tail.

Yeah, we already get a lot of backstory in Fairy Tail, especially in the later episodes. But I still think there’s plenty of material that could make for a good prequel. Not necessarily focusing on Fairy Tail’s origin, but maybe more the previous generation, like when Makarov was younger or something like that.

I believe there is an episode or two that take place around then, or maybe it’s just a few flashbacks. Either way, could make for a decent prequel. Not much else to say about it though, was just a thought that came to mind when thinking of ideas. We get so many flashbacks in Fairy Tail and the guild’s past ends up being an important aspect of the anime, so I don’t see why a prequel couldn’t work!

Problem children are coming from another world, aren’t they?

This one may be a little more difficult to pull off, because this anime never even finished. So throwing a prequel out there is really jumping the gun, as it would definitely be better to just finish off the anime…

BUT, just for the sake of it, theoretically, there’s a decent backstory to work with. While the anime opens up and is all about restoring the No Names to their former glory by going after the demon lords, there’s the opportunity to give us a nice story from before the No Names were nearly completely destroyed.

Aside from a few characters that remained with the No Names, there would be a fairly clean slate to work with, all within the confines of the Little Garden world, which is pretty interesting. Lot of potential to make some fun conflicts and games and such between the No Names of the past (back when they had a name) and how they managed to grow until one day they were basically taken out.


Finally, I figured Gintama would make for a good prequel. Once again, we basically get the equivalent of one in Gintama itself through the many, many flashbacks we get of Gintoki and the other samurai prior to the occupation of Japan. Hell, this may already exist in the form of a special or OVA or something that I didn’t realize.

Anyways, the tone would probably be different in a prequel, but it would be cool to have a season that just gives us the nitty gritty of how things went down when the world was invaded by aliens and all that, and how a certain group of samurai fought back.

I still have to finish the last few seasons of this, so it’s possible that some episodes dedicated to this already exist too. I really need to finish Gintama now that it’s all done!

That’s the top three that I could think of in the moment. There are so many post-apocalyptic types that could be interesting, but then maybe they wouldn’t be because they may just be regular life “prior to the disaster”. There are also many slice of life that I guess would just be one or all of the main characters, only younger? Or perhaps a slice of life prequel centered more around older side characters, or a location as opposed to characters.

There’s definitely a lot of potential for cool prequels out there. I know a lot of people disliked Handa-kun because it had such a different tone from Barakamon but I loved it. It can be difficult but I think sometimes a prequel (or sequel) doesn’t have to mimic the genre / tone of preceding seasons.

Anyways, that’s all I have on the topic.

Anyone else have some good ideas for prequels of existing anime series?

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: If you could make a prequel season of a show, which would you choose and why?

  1. Dez Polycarpe

    I would have to say Vinland Saga from the view points of Askeladd and Thors in the past. Seeing everything that lead up to the first chapter would be amazing.

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  2. Interesting idea! The one I keep coming back to is Noir. We were shown very little backstory in that series other than a handful of Mireille’s childhood memories, so there are all kinds of different directions a prequel could go.

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    1. As usual, had to look up the anime, but seems like the backstory for an assassin could be interesting.

      Makes me think of Darker than Black, which I thought about for this but then realized that there are an awful lot of flashbacks in the anime itself, enough that a prequel probably isn’t necessary.


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