Writing Prompt: What are some of your favourite school clubs in anime?

This one seemed fun to think about. As we all know, clubs are a pretty glorified part of any school anime. And to be fair, I’d say they are even more prominent in real life.

At both of my schools students often don’t go home until 6:30pm – 7pm. School ends at around 4pm, so they have a good ~2.5 hours of club activities, four days a week (no clubs on Wednesdays at my schools). And the sports clubs often meet in the morning in addition to that, going for runs and whatnot outside before classes start.

Basically, the students that are in clubs, spend a lot of time in them.

So it only makes sense we’d see that aspect of the average Japanese student’s life highlighted in anime!

Let’s get to the prompt itself now.
What are some of your favourite school clubs in anime?

1. High School DxD’s Occult Research Club

This one is a no-brainer. Aside from the beauties that are in this club, their actual club activities essentially boil down to going on adventures and living very adrenaline filled lives. Seems like it could be pretty fun. One downside is having to go out at night and get contracts signed, but even that seems like it could spice up life a little. The biggest downside of course is death. But anyways, it’d be fun until that point.

2. Seitokai no Ichizon’s Student Council

Once again, filled with beauties. Even if I took one of their spots, Sugisaki Ken is a cool dude and I’d easily get along with him. The best thing aside from the people is that no one really ever does anything in this club. Even though they are the student council, they all just mess around most of the time. Ken handles most of the paperwork after hours so he can spend that time with the girls though, so I guess there is still work to be done.

President Kurimu is cute when she has to do work anyways.

president kurimu whiteboard

3. Mob Psycho 100’s Body Improvement Club

I’ve never been much into body improvement, although I should be. I’ve always been around “average” in terms of fitness, can do my pushups and such but not much more than that. The best thing about the Body Improvement Club is the people. These guys don’t care how strong or weak you are, they will support you and push you to become stronger, and through that process, better, I think. The club seems like a really great and welcoming place to be in addition to any gains you make!

4. Clannad’s Theatre Club

Uh, yeah, once again there are some cuties in this club. But in addition to that, I really like Nagisa’s positive energy and feel like it would be fun to help her accomplish her goal of acting in a play based on a story from her memories. I took drama class back in high school, so what can I say, I was pretty good at acting. For an amateur high school student, anyways. I’ve acted in a few things myself, you know!

5. Charlotte’s Student Council

Once again getting into the supernatural, I think it’d be fun to be a part of the student council under Tomori Nao. Seeking out kids with powers and bringing them under the school’s protection and all that this entails. Which would be a lot of adventures. I guess that means that I would also have powers, in which case I’d like to –

6.Konobi’s Art Club

With this one, it’s not even about the people. They’re all right I guess, with Collette being the best, but I just like the idea of hanging out in the club room and painting on a regular basis. I’m a huge fan of Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting, so I’d absolutely love a place to go and just practice painting that sort of thing. Honestly, when I move back to Canada, I plan on buying up supplies and doing just that. But it would have been cool to do that sort of thing in high school, too.

And that’s enough for me I think. Overall, anime makes pretty much every club look like a lot of fun, and I think that overall, they are fun for the students in real life too.

Really all this post did was make me wish I could have taken part in more clubs in high school! But to be fair, I had a part time job and at my school most clubs ran like twice a week, for only an hour or so, under the supervision of a teacher.

Was fun to think about anyways.

How about you?
What are your favourite school clubs in anime?

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: What are some of your favourite school clubs in anime?

  1. I was on our school’s Quiz Bowl team in HS, and yeah, we typically only met once a week. Definitely a far cry from the time demands of Japanese school clubs. It was a lot of fun, though.

    I can’t tell if you\’re just asking about anime clubs we like, or about clubs we would actually join, since all of the clubs you brought up you talked about actually joining them. Assuming it’s the latter, these are the ones I’d give some thought to joining…

    The Quiz Study Club (Fastest Finger First). Basically the Japanese counterpart of my old HS club.

    The Literature Club (When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace). I’ve seen lots of anime with lit clubs, but I chose this one because their activities involve both reading and writing, which appeals to me a lot more than just reading – I don’t need to join a club to read, but having friends on hand to critique my writing, that would be fabulous. There’s also the whole “being given cool superpowers” thing, but that’s just a bonus.

    The Kiyosumi HS Mahjong Club (Saki). I taught myself how to play Japanese Mahjong a few years ago, but actually finding people to play with has been…difficult. So all I need to do is join a mahjong club…problem solved! And frankly, I’m probably already a better player than the club’s lone male member.

    The Outclub (Laid Back Camp). It’s been a long time since I did any camping, but I spent several years in Boy Scouts once upon a time and I always enjoyed our camping trips, so I think I would’ve been happy to join a club like this.

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    1. I guess the question doesn’t actually state you have to join the club, that’s just where I went with it. I was in a club too in high school, called DECA where we did business case studies and went to a few competitions, and aside from a few fun trips it was only once a week also.

      Of your four clubs I only know of the literature club, and I don’t remember enough from the anime to remember how the club functions. But it does sound like a fun club, I’d like to tackle both reading and writing.


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