Writing Prompt: What “unimportant” anime character did you really like?

Here’s another prompt that I thought seemed interesting to think about.
It’s also a difficult one I had to think about for a bit!

“Unimportant” can be a little subjective, but I’m going to interpret it as characters that aren’t very important to the plot of an anime, or characters that have little to no bearing on the plot at all. Like a character we see for a single arc in One Piece and never see again, or someone we meet for a single episode of an anime, characters like that. Or maybe someone who is never given a name, but we see every so often. Like an innkeeper or something.

Which brings me to the character I choose for this prompt:

The blacksmith from The Rising of Shield Hero.

I recently re-watched this anime, and so he was someone fresh in my mind who I think was a very cool character that could qualify as a “unimportant” character. His role is sort of that of a sage, as he helps Naofumi many times by giving him information about the world. And in a way that’s important – but I also think that his role could easily have been replaced with one or more other nameless characters.

I don’t know if he is ever given a name either. I know that Naofumi calls him “oyaji”, which in this context means “old man”. Maybe the blacksmith mentions his name at some point though, I actually don’t remember if he does, he’s not exactly the type of character you pay a lot of attention to. He still is a pretty minor character in the grand scheme of things.

Anyways, he was the first character I thought of for this writing prompt. He’s a cool and helpful guy who didn’t just eat up the rumours about Naofumi and instead put a little faith in him and helped him out with information, gear, and whatnot. He provided Naofumi with a safe space in the city that was hostile to him. But he still felt believable, because he wasn’t just treating Naofumi as a charity case and at the end of the day always sought compensation for his wares.

Overall, he’s just a cool dude and I definitely liked him, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t!

I could probably wrack my brains and think of another example or two, but I’m going to keep it short and just run with the one.

Can you think of any “unimportant” / very minor characters in anime that you really liked?
I’d love to hear them, although there’s a chance I won’t know them!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

12 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: What “unimportant” anime character did you really like?

      1. Being similar or a “clone,” like I put it, isn’t a bad thing. But it does make people point it out, for whatever that’s worth. I guess it’s more fun seeing the similarities than anything.

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  1. Cool topic!

    My vote goes to the two unnamed salesgirls from the Confectionary Club in Hyouka.

    They only appear in one scene for maybe about 40 seconds, but they crack me up every single time I watch it.

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  2. Dez Polycarpe

    This is a really good question that to me think for a good minute. But, I eventually came to the answer of Araragi’s mother of the Monogatari Franchise. She only has made one screen appearance in the anime. But, her little time there was one of my favorite moments in the anime.


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