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Alright, so just like my last call for questions, with my Q&A post, it seems we’ve got another huge list of questions to get through. Thanks to all of you for submitting these questions, it means so much for me.

I just searched “anime questions” on Google and used this post, thanks for the questions.

Konobi Collette has a question

Who is your favorite male anime character?

Good question.

I think Izayoi Sakamaki from Problem children are coming from another world, aren’t they? is one of my favourites, at least. I like it when an overpowered character is super arrogant.

Who is your favorite female character?

Good question.

Nozomi Kaminashi from Keijo!!!!!!!! has to be it. She’s one of the few female leads that I’ve really loved, and she makes the anime feel like so much more than just some ecchi anime. Given the premise of the anime, it’s pretty amazing how Nozomi can get you feeling fired up!

What is your favorite anime soundtrack?

I feel like my favourite soundtracks are the ones that invoke some serious nostalgia when I hear tracks later on down the road, either through a rewatch or some other source. Hard to nail down a specific anime, but the soundtracks for Fairy Tail, Kill la Kill, Monogatari Series, and Clannad come to mind. Not every anime manages it, for example, I’ve just finished rewatching Log Horizon S1 and S2 for the third time, and the soundtrack never really invoked any emotion or nostalgia from me.

What is your favorite anime opening?

In terms of openings, I hold that Baccano! has one of the best openings in anime. It’s got a great song that sets the mood, and the opening is actually useful as it teaches you the names of the anime’s diverse cast. It’s not just a bunch of random clips from the season, like most openings.

Durarara! also has great openings for the same reason, my favourite song being the second one, Complication by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D. The only video of the actual opening I could find is blocked in Japan, so there’s the full song. It’s awesome.

Finally, I love the Monogatari Series openings because there are so many of them, they are all sung by the voice actress (+ Kaiki) for the main heroine of the episode’s arc, and they use abstract imagery to describe the arc. The songs are for the most part all very catchy and melodic, which I love.

What is your favorite anime animation?

Violet Evergarden.

What is your favorite anime ending song?

Not sure why this question now is just the song, as opposed to the ending.

Favourite ending song is the one for Bakemonogatari: Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari by SUPERCELL. Here’s a vietsub version, because the official version is blocked in Japan haha.

Closely behind that though is the ED song for Re:Zero season 1 by STYX HELIX.

What is your favorite anime scene?

Asking for a lot here. A singular scene huh.

To be honest, there are too many amazing moments to pick one. Powerful moments, amazing moments, satisfying moments, emotional moments… it’d be crazy to pick just one.

If you could meet an anime character who would it be?

Ene from Mekakucity Actors. Just cause it’d be cool to talk to a cyber girl.

What anime character is most similar to you in terms of personality?

No clue, but I hope to be similar to Maes Hughes.

What is your favorite thing about anime?

I love how the sky is the limit with anime. It’s a versatile form of media that can tell any story. A lot of live action shows are forced to really budget their time between action and just people talking in a room or something, but anime isn’t as restricted. Provided it gets the budget, because obviously we know anime is also restricted, but it doesn’t feel as obvious. Plus the art style as we all know is just addictive.

What is your least favorite thing about anime?

The sky is the limit with anime, but it feels like most anime toe the line and never reach outside the box. The industry itself feels very restrained by the pressure to make money, which can result in cut content, rushed jobs, poor adaptations, et cetera. It can be frustrating to watch an anime and know that it had so much more potential. And a poorly adapted anime often means we’ll never get a sequel, and that story will never get another chance.

Who are your favorite anime couple?

Akio and Sanae Furukawa.

Who is your favorite anime animal?

Black Hanekawa.

What anime would make a good game?

Any of the “full dive” VR MMORPG ones, like Sword Art Online. Or the ones where people just enter the game, like Overlord or Log Horizon. Would certainly make for a good game, I’d think.

What game would make a good anime?

I’d like to see Final Fantasy X as an anime. I think it’s such an amazing story, start to finish. The Japanese voice acting for the game is excellent too, so I can’t see why it wouldn’t make for a good anime. Plenty to show, a great cast of characters, some great twists… basically everything you’d need for a great anime.

What was the first anime you ever watched?

The first anime I watched, knowing that it was “anime”, and not a cartoon, was Vandread. I’d seen Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon and those kinds before that, but I was just a kid and never really distinguished anime as something separate at the time, so I won’t count those.

Do you think you’ll ever stop watching anime?

Who knows, maybe. If society collapses, or I end up thrown in an internment camp or prison, then I guess I would have no choice. Or if I one day decide to live off the grid…! You never know!

What is your favorite genre of anime?


Are you open about watching anime with people you know?

Yes and no.

Most of my friends and family know I like and watch anime. But when talking to people I don’t generally bring it up. If it comes up though, I have no problem mentioning certain anime, talking about it, or saying things that I’ve heard in anime as a joke or whatnot.

Have you ever been to Japan?

I have!

What anime was the biggest let down for you?

Biggest let down? Well, aside from Evangelion, which was hyped to oblivion only to completely fail at delivering even half of the hype, I consider Mekakucity Actors as one of the biggest let downs. Because the story, characters, and style of the anime really are great – but I feel like the anime was too rushed in the end, constrained by 12 episodes when I’m certain the anime should have had more.

As I always say, they should have just released the last 3 episodes online and made it a round 15 episodes, like they did with Bakemonogatari. Guess which anime got the second season, and subsequent seasons after that? Not Mekakucity Actors.

What anime was better than expected?

Gleipnir. I went into the anime specifically because I saw some pictures of Claire looking super smug, and I love smug anime girls, but the premise is so odd, with the main character transforming into a mascot. I wasn’t really into the anime at first, but the backstory of the main characters became so interesting, there was a real strong element of intrigue in the anime that just really worked for me.

What is the best anime fight scene?

Senor Pink versus Franky in One Piece.

Hands down, the best fight in One Piece, and one of the best fights in anime.

Who is your anime waifu?

Too many to count, but for tradition’s sake, I’ll stick with one of my first official waifus, Yin from Darker than Black.

What was your favorite video game as a child?

Might be stretching the definition of “child” a little, as I played this well into high school, but Warcraft 3 was one of my favourite games in my childhood. I must have played at least a thousand hours or more on custom maps from when I was in elementary school all the way till late high school. The evolution of the custom maps scene in WC3 was an experience I’ll always look back on with nostalgia.

That wraps up the anime questions. There are 25 more questions, that are personal ones. I’m going to go ahead and answer those too, but if you’re more interested in the anime stuff, this is where it ends.

Just a heads up!

Most Embarrassing moment?

I’ve had a couple funny moments since coming to Japan, so I’ll tell you one of those. It’s more of an “after the fact” embarrassing moment.

Basically, a few days after I arrived and was staying in Tokyo, I went and got some doughnuts (correct spelling) from Mr. Donut to go. The girl asked me something, which I had no clue what she was asking at the time, as my Japanese was much worse than it is now. Even now though, sometimes fast food workers or the quick comment will throw me off, Japanese people speak much faster than what we hear in anime.

Anyways, I didn’t know what she was asking, but I figured she was asking about the bag situation, so I just told her “kaban de onegaishimasu“, thinking that I was just asking her to put them in a bag. But when I got to my friends place, I asked him if that was the right thing to say, and he told me that I had asked her to for something closer to a suitcase for my doughnuts. The correct word for a disposable bag like what I wanted is “fukuro”.

I’ve told Japanese people and students that story because it’s pretty funny to picture the situation.

Can you drive? Do you own a car?

Yes and yes. I own a car in Canada, and the one I drive here in Japan is rented through the company I work for. I actually just recently got my Japanese Driver’s License.

Are you mature?

I’d like to think so. But I’ll always be a kid at heart.

What year were you born?


Do you prefer cats or dogs?


Describe yourself physically.

I’m 183cm tall, weigh 69kg, blue green eyes, caucasian male, regular build.
I wear glasses, I shave my head, and have a blonde van dyke beard.

Hope that’s enough for the police report.

What would you name your first child?

For a male, I’ve always liked the name Maximilian.

For a female, I’ve always liked the name Alice.

What is the worst injury you have ever had?

Worst injury is pretty tame, I put a screwdriver through my hand once when trying to pry something loose while I was working at a hardware store during my university days.

Worst condition is chronic appendicitis, in which I had appendicitis on 5 separate occasions until I finally got the thing removed. In Grade 11, I actually wrote my English final exam with appendicitis, the final time I had it. That evening I went to the hospital. I didn’t want to inconvenience my mom so I waited for her to come home from work first before asking her to take me.

What is your worst habit?

I’ve got a crazy sweet tooth, and if I don’t eat enough sweets, I get a wicked rash on my sides, the exact same type of rash that is also called the “keto rash”, as people often get it when they go on the keto diet. But I just get it if I don’t eat enough sugar. I actually got it when I first arrived in Japan, because my eating habits changed pretty drastically for the first couple weeks.

I have a pretty good idea of what it is, and I know that you can take antibiotics to treat it, which I’m sure I’ll have to do eventually. But for now, I just keep feeding the beast because it’s no problem as long as I get my sugar fix.

Do you drink or smoke?

I don’t do either.

Do you have a tattoo?

No, I don’t like tattoos.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

I’m neither, I fall asleep early and hate waking up in the morning.

Have you ever slept past mid-day?

Only if I’ve been up for longer than 24 hours could it happen. Longest I ever slept was maybe 17 hours, after being up for 40 hours or so in university. Stayed up all night playing games, and ended up falling asleep the next night around 6pm while trying to study.

Longest I slept in was till 6pm in high school. I had been staying up till dawn playing Left4Dead 2 with one of my friends every night one week during the summer, and eventually I just woke up to the sound of my parents making dinner. Was such a surreal experience that I quickly fixed my sleeping schedule from there.

Do you regret anything?

Of course I have regrets, but I don’t regret anything, if that makes sense.

Given the circumstances of the past, I don’t regret my actions. I can’t blame myself for not knowing what I know now. And if you put me in the exact same situations, with the same maturity, knowledge, et cetera, I’d make the exact same decisions.

What’s done is done. Having learned from my past, I just try to live my life in a way where I can always look back and have confidence that I did the best I could knowing what I knew.

Can you count the number of friends you have on one hand?

Maybe before coming to Japan I could, but not anymore!

Do you wear glasses?

Yes! I’ve worn the same pair of glasses for almost 6 years now.

Are you a picky eater?

Yes and no. I don’t like eating things that I don’t like, and if I have any control over what I eat, I don’t eat what I don’t like. But in situations where it’d be rude to not eat something, I will eat most things. I’ve eaten a lot of foods that I don’t like for school lunch in my job, and the only thing I’ve ever not been able to eat was natto. I ate maybe half of my natto before giving up, in that situation.

Would you die for someone?


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

It’d be cool to just be inherently lucky. Dice rolls and other random things just go my way.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Yes. I am a Christian, so it comes with the territory.

Would you rather be rich or famous?

Rich, I’d rather not be famous.

Have you ever committed a crime?

Nope. At least, I’ve never been caught. Only real crime I’ve committed is speeding.

Pirates or Ninjas? Time-Traveler or Ghost?

Pirates, and time traveler.

Does someone have a crush on you?

I sure hope so.

Are you in a relationship?

Not yet, hopefully soon though.

And that does it for the AMA!
Thanks for all the questions, everyone.

Hopefully I can get some more posts out this week, we’ll see though, it’s been cold and I’ve been lazy.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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