Sakurada Reset Review (Spoiler Free)

Next on the list is A-Sketch.

Once again we’ve reached a studio / producer (producer this time) that had several good looking options to choose from. Noragami, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Sakurada Reset, and the recently aired Kakushigoto.

Well, I’d already seen the first two on that list (Yamada-kun twice). So it ended up being between Sakurada Reset and Kakushigoto. I ended up deciding on Sakurada Reset because of the mystery tag.

So, how was it?


Our protagonist is Kei Asai, and he lives in a peculiar Japanese town called Sakurada. Everyone in Sakurada possesses a seemingly random ability. Should someone leave the town, they forget their ability and can no longer use it.

Kei’s ability is simply that he has a perfect memory. He can recall anything that he’s experienced, without fail.

Our story begins when Kei crosses paths with a certain girl who has the ability to “reset” the world back to a point up to three days in the past. Only Kei is able to remember what happened in the now “future” after a reset. The two end up teaming up in order to try and help others with this useful combination of abilities.

The Mysteries of Sakurada, Abilities, and Time

While the anime doesn’t throw them all at you right away, you soon come to realize while watching Sakurada Reset that there are several unknowns to discover.

First is the town, Sakurada, itself. Sakurada is governed by a powerful organization that seeks to maintain order. It’s methods, secrets, past, and more are all initially a mystery.

Second is the abilities of the people. The fact is, you just never know what sort of individual may find themselves entering from stage left, and you never know what sort of ability they may have. With how random the abilities in the town are, it’s a real mystery as to just how impactful newly introduced abilities will be. I’ll just say that the anime gets real creative with the abilities, and there are some really cool connections / interactions between abilities.

Third is time. This sort of ties in with the past of Sakurada, but there’s so much more than just that. On a frequent basis, Kei experiences a timeline only to have it reset and start over. This always leaves an element of mystery, because you just don’t know what’ll happen in the “new” timeline. There’s much more to it than just the resets though, but I don’t want to spoil anything else. Let’s just say time plays a big role in this anime.

Satisfying Mystery Content

Sakurada Reset to me was really satisfying in terms of how the anime would create questions and then answer them. It’s like a really good game of connect the dots, so to speak.

I wouldn’t say this is a serious “mystery” anime in the traditional sense, like a Sherlock Holmes story. Instead I feel like it’s more of a situation where the anime leaves you hungry and then gives you a trail of bread crumbs to follow. Some things you’ll figure out, others you may not. I’m no mystery expert, but I enjoyed the way things played out.

As I mentioned, I thought it was just really satisfying to watch this anime go through the motions. The anime does it’s best to get a little convoluted, to make some crazy connections, and just abuse people’s abilities to make for some really interesting problems and solutions.


Sakurada Reset pulled me in and I ended up finishing the entire anime in 3 days. I really enjoyed it.

I’m going to give Sakurada Reset a 8.5 / 10.

I think this is a solid anime, and at 24 episodes, it’s a lot of fun to watch the story unfold. There are a lot of great interactions in there, between characters, abilities, the past / present / future…

Yep, I liked this one.

And that does it for A-Sketch’s Sakurada Reset.
An anime I’m glad I came across thanks to this studio challenge!

I don’t know how “hidden” it is, but it’s a gem to me regardless.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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