Anime Word Association Round X

Been a while since I’ve done one of these.
I’m in a writey mood, but don’t have any anime to review at the moment, and don’t feel like watching anything.

So I figured I’d revive this little game.

Using a random word generator, I bring up a random word and then list the first anime that comes to mind, and try to explain why I chose that anime.

And that’s it!

Word 1 – Fire

Fire Force. This one was a little too easy.

But while on the topic of Fire Force… I never wrote about it here on this blog, but I did watch the first season and go through it with my good friend Lynn Sheridan over on his blog, here.

We may not do every single episode for the next season, but we are planning on some sort of discussion for it on his blog once the season is all wrapped up, too. I’ll try to mention it whenever it is.

Word 2 – East

I know it’s not anime, but for this one I thought of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Disclosure, I’ve never seen Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Basically, I wondered if the fire nation that attacked (because I know that a fire nation attacked) came from the east. That’s basically it. I couldn’t think of anything else, in terms of anime.

Honestly, the first things that came to mind weren’t anime at all. First was LOVE EAST by Akatsuki Records, and second was the East India Company. Third I guess would be “yeast”, because in Japan they call it “eesto”
(イースト), which is also how they say “east”.

Word 3 – Cemetary

One Piece.

Specifically I thought of that part when Luffy and crew first land on Thriller Bark, and zombies emerge from the ground, only for Luffy to shove them back into the ground, like they weren’t supposed to come out. Funny scene, and good arc from a good anime!

Word 4 – Obscure

Sword Art Online.

It’s not obscure, but when I saw the word “obscure”, I quickly thought to myself “Well, what’s an obscure anime? Not Sword Art Online.” Which is why Sword Art Online was the first anime I thought of.

As you can see, I’m really good at this game.

SAO Alicization Kirito Thinking

Word 5 – Interface

Log Horizon.

When I read “interface”, I thought that it sounds really similar to “database”, which is the OP for Log Horizon. It’s a great OP, one that even I remember, and I don’t normally listen to OPs.

Also a great anime, it’s cool to see that it’s getting another season soon. Or at least, I thought I read that somewhere.

Word 6 – Professor

YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world.
(I had to look the full name up, I only ever remember the first 4 letters.)

The reason I thought of YU-NO was because of the teacher / professor in the anime who wears a labcoat. I can’t remember her name. But yeah, she’s the reason I thought of the anime.

Word 7 – Athlete

Devilman Crybaby.

At the very beginning of Devilman Crybaby, we see a scene at a running track. I remember it well, because it was at this scene that I paused the anime and had to seriously think about whether I wanted to drop the anime right there and then, because I thought the animation was so atrocious I didn’t want to continue.

I ended up continuing, but dropped it some episodes later anyways. I still have the image from that exact moment.

If you’ve never seen Devilman Crybaby, just know that the animation doesn’t get any better. At least, not in the first 5 episodes. And I doubt it gets any better after that.

Word 8 – Bedroom


Suddenly waking up in a bed in a panic is a staple of Re:Zero. Although there are actually a ton of anime where we get the line “I don’t recognize this ceiling…”, Re:Zero was the first anime to come to mind in regards to a bedroom, waking up in a bed, and all that.

And that’ll be it for this post.
I’m pretty tired. This post basically gave me something to do while I listened to some music. And now it’s time to migrate from the kotatsu to the futon.

Hope you enjoyed, and if not, well, I did.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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