Some of my favourite openings!

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but in case you didn’t know, I don’t generally give much attention to openings. I know there are all sorts, and some are really good, but sometimes I just don’t want to spend the time focusing on them, you know?

But as I said, some are really great.
Which is why I’ll cover some of my favourites here!

1. The Opening to Rasputin

Honestly, this one of my favourite openings to a song in all of music I think.
It’s such an excellent buildup to start off a classic song.
The guitar, the shouting, the introduction of the drums… it’s awesome.

2. The Opening to Blink 182’s Cover of “Another Girl Another Planet”

Another song opening, but this one isn’t quite the same as Rasputin. What I really love about this opening is the energy. Ever since I first heard it, I’ve been saying that it sounds exactly like the opening song to a 90’s sitcom, and I stand by that. I can picture the characters and names popping up on the screen everytime I listen!

3. Opening a package from Amazon

What can I say, I enjoy opening packages from Amazon. If I order something for myself, of course I’m going to be happy to open it once it arrives! Not much else to say about this one.

4. Opening my oven to pull out a cooked pizza.

This one is incredibly underrated. After putting in the time to make the dough, let it rise, shape it, top it, and finally pop it into the oven on a Friday night… there really is nothing quite like pulling that cooked pizza out to cool before I slice it up and eat half of it! The follow up, eating the rest for lunch the following day, is also excellent.

5. The opening to My Heart Beats Like a Drum (Nightcore)

I also like the original version of the song, but the nightcore version seems to have the tempo just right that I can’t help but stop what I’m doing and bob my head up and down like an idiot until the lyrics start. If I want to listen to a bunch of nightcore, this song is usually a good opener for getting me into it!

6. The Jerome Gambit

I don’t even watch very much chess content at all. I’ve seen a few of Hikaru’s videos and ended up stumbling upon this great video that details the Jerome Gambit, an amazing chess opening. In addition, the opening of this video by Chessbrah does a great job at hyping up the chess play. I don’t even play chess, but the video’s opening still made it fun to watch.

It’s a cool video with a great opening, about a “great” chess opening!

Short list, but I couldn’t really think of any other openings to feature here.
As I said, I don’t normally pay much attention to them.

Anyways, this was just some of my favourite openings, there are many more, even if I can’t think of them right at this moment. Hope you enjoyed.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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