Kabukimonogatari – Mayoi Jiangshi, Part Two

Koyomi Araragi and Shinobu Oshino’s time travel adventure begins, with the two arriving eleven years into the past. Let’s see where things go from here!


After arriving, the two head into town and visit the Araragi residence. There, they see young Koyomi. Afterwards, Koyomi decides that they arrived on this date for a reason. The next day is Mother’s Day, and the day that Mayoi Hachikuji died. Of all his friends in the present, her situation is the only one that he can fix, as it was a total accident as opposed to a deeper issue, and he’s now in a position to be able to do that.

The duo first set out to find out where Mayoi’s mother lives, as well as where Mayoi lives. They run into a young Tsubasa Hanekawa on the way, and eventually get directions from a koban. After this, they find somewhere to rest before staking out Mayoi’s father’s house in the morning, dressed as students. Mayoi’s father approaches them and mentions that his daughter had run away from home at 5AM.

They leave and find Mayoi at the park. Koyomi, unable to resist his urges, flips her skirt, causing her to run in a panic. She crosses the street when the light is still red, and Koyomi pushes her out of the way of a truck, getting hit himself. She thanks him, mentioning that she was being chased by a pervert. She also mentions that she’s lost, and so Koyomi helps her find her mother’s house.

With the job complete, the time travelling duo head back to the shrine, where they discover that despite Shinobu not having visited yet, there was still a lot of latent energy. Shinobu creates the portal, and the two step through, back to the present.

The episode ends with narrator Koyomi telling us that they arrived in the present to find the world in shambles.

A New Purpose

As Koyomi can’t actually do his summer homework anymore, the two had decided to just check things out in the past for a few days. This is after Shinobu convinces Koyomi that she can just drink more of his blood to get enough power to bring them back to the present.

After some discussion, it’s decided that they will try to save Mayoi and prevent her from becoming an oddity.

“Let’s say you prevented that lost girl
from getting in harm’s way tomorrow.
But you know, I think that’d only postpone

the accident by a day or two.
What you’re trying to do will only be a stopgap measure –
you’ll only be delaying the inevitable.”

“That’s fine by me.
As long as she doesn’t die tomorrow…
As long as she doesn’t die on Mother’s Day…
Hachikuji won’t become an oddity, right?”

If she manages to fultill her goal of meeting her mother tomorrow…
she’ll be satisfied and won’t lose her way even if she dies.

– Koyomi

To be honest, I think it’s worth a shot.”
– Shinobu

– Koyomi

“Yeah. Well, I’m not saying you’ll succeed.
I actually think this will end in failure.
However, it might be worth a shot.

Because, like me, oddities are beings that exist
outside destiny’s framework.
As such, if you prevent the cause,
you might be able to stop one from being born.”
– Shinobu

I can do it.
I can save her.
That’s why we’re here.
We did it to save Hachikuji.
– Koyomi

Suspicious Individual

While Koyomi was able to stop Shinobu from attacking his young self, he was not able to stop himself from doing the same to young Tsubasa Hanekawa. But Shinobu is able to convince him to use some restraint, causing blood to run from his eyes as he asked her for directions.

Instead of directing him where he needed to go, he ends up at a police koban, where he’s able to ask for directions anyways from the woman working there. She’s a bit of a blabber mouth and even draws a map for him showing where Mayoi’s mother lives. Just as he’s about to leave, she asks how he knows her, to which he replies that… he’s a friend of Mayoi’s. Her suspicious look then causes him to run away at full speed.

Finally, after the stake-out has failed and the duo are desperately searching for Mayoi, Shinobu spots her at Namishiro Park, looking at the map. And once again, Koyomi fails to restrain himself, flipping her skirt and causing her to run away at full speed.

Shit! So this is the force of history, huh?
You’ll definitely run into obstacles if you try to save Hachikuji!”
– Koyomi

“That was your own damn fault.”
– Shinobu

I just love how Koyomi chides Shinobu for wanting to scoop up his younger self, only to get himself into three situations that could leave him arrested as a suspicious individual.

There’s not much analysis to be done here, it’s just a funny episode.

A Job Well Done

After winning Hachikuji’s trust by saving her life, as she didn’t see face of the pedophile that was chasing her, Koyomi takes her to her mother’s house, and that’s it. Time to go home.

When the duo arrive at the shrine, they find that it’s in shambles just like in the present, which was surprising to Koyomi.

“This place clearly became a den for oddities
when I came her eleven years from now.
But it seems that this place was prone
to gather spiritual energy even before that.

It could also mean that someone like me came here, though.”
– Shinobu

That last sentence by Shinobu is an interesting one.
Is it foreshadowing, or just a passing statement?

Wrapping Up…

As I mentioned before, there really isn’t much to analyze in this episode. It’s a straightforward watch for the most part, with the only potential foreshadowing I noticed being at the end in the shrine.

That said, the cliffhangers aren’t over as the new one is a sentence told to us by narrator Koyomi:

We didn’t even try to imagine
how much I changed the future by saving Hachikuji.
Actually, well, let me get straight to the point.
When Shinobu and I returned from our time travels to the present day,
we found the world in ruins.
– Koyomi

And so we’ll have to see where things go from here in the next episode!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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