Scrapped Princess (Mostly Spoiler-free) Review

So the whole anime studio challenge has been on hold for a while now, and I swear it’s not my fault. I had a post drafted and ready to go for Elfen Lied, and was about to post it a while go, when all of the sudden I check A-Line’s page on MAL and Elfen Lied is no longer listed.

Not sure what that was about, but anyways, 24 episodes of Scrapped Princess later and we’re ready to resume! I don’t know if it’s a producer or studio, I don’t even care to look it up, really, it doesn’t matter.

There will be minor spoilers in this one.
That said, the tags for this anime on MAL also spoil what I’ll be writing about here.


Pacifica Casull is on the run with her two older siblings after it’s been discovered that she is the “Scrapped Princess”, the female twin born from the realm’s rulers who is destined to “destroy the world”. The three have no where in particular to go, so they just travel in hopes of escaping capture. Along the way they encounter many friends and foes.

A 24 Episode Journey

Not sure exactly how I’m going to build this review, but I may as well start with one of the first feelings I got from the anime – that it felt like a journey. The first half of Scrapped Princess is really good, and I found myself happy to follow along with the journey that Pacifica and her siblings were on. With no real end goal in sight, it was interesting to wonder what would happen and where they would end up.

I also love fantasy anime, so the first half, which was mainly journeying, was particularly great to me. It reminded me of many other fantasy adventure types, which is a genre I haven’t watched in a while now. So that was refreshing.

Fantasy Gone Wrong?

I don’t want to sound too harsh when I say this, but personally, I don’t like science fiction and mecha in my fantasy anime. I know that this used to be a popular combination though, and the odd anime still comes out using this combo.

Off the top of my mind I can think of a few that I’ve seen:

Is it harsh to call it fantasy gone wrong? Well, it just depends on what you like. Personally, while I don’t mind sci-fi, I’m not a big fan of mecha. And above both of those I like fantasy, so I don’t really want to see either of those genres encroaching on my fantasy.

I understand that some people may not like to see video game / RPG elements in fantasy, like what we see with a lot of modern isekai fantasy. In the end, it’s all about preference. For me, I like pure medieval + magic fantasy whenever possible, but I also don’t mind the isekai / video game types.

As I never viewed the tags prior to watching Scrapped Princess, I had no idea that there was going to be a semi-shift into mecha / sci-fi elements, with “lost technology” taking center stage about halfway through the anime. It didn’t ruin the anime for me, but it did decrease my enjoyment, I’ll admit. Which is why I wanted to mention it.

The Journey’s End

No spoilers here, because what I’m referring to isn’t the actual end of the story, but the end of the journey. The reason for that is something that I won’t spoil, but to put it vaguely, the “journey” portion of the anime ends right around the halfway mark for the anime. After which, the characters generally all stay in one area for basically the rest of the anime.

Unsurprisingly, the end of the journey, the introduction of mecha, and also Pacifica developing a certain cliche ailment all came together to kill my interest in the anime. The second half was a real slog for me as a result.

Character Development?

One other element that I’ll quickly touch upon here is character development in Scrapped Princess – there isn’t much. Of the entire cast, I can only think of one character that really underwent any change throughout the series, and it’s not Pacifica.

Pacifica herself changes a little, but not very much. She’s generally pretty clueless and reliant on everyone around her for the entire series. Her siblings, Shannon and Raquel, also never really change from how they are in the beginning.

I guess character development isn’t explicitly a requirement for a story, but in an adventure anime like this, I expected more than what there was. Especially from the main cast. If anything it was just surprising to reach the end and realize this.


Overall, I think that Scrapped Princess is a good anime. For fans of the fantasy + mecha combination, I think you may even find it to be an excellent anime. Unfortunately, I can’t see it as such and there were just several small things in the second half that took my interest and ground it down until finishing the anime felt like a chore.

I’m going to give Scrapped Princess a 7 / 10.

It’s nothing personal, just a case of my preferences not aligning with what I got. If I had looked at the tags beforehand maybe I would have picked a different anime altogether, but I generally don’t do that and I’m still glad I watched this one even if the second half didn’t work for me.

With that at least the anime studios can keep coming. I don’t have too many more drafted, but I do have 2 more drafts that are all ready to be posted. I’ll have to keep going with this, but I may want to watch some other anime in-between as well.

We’ll see. I haven’t actually been watching much anime recently.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Scrapped Princess (Mostly Spoiler-free) Review

  1. Well, this review made my eyes pop out a bit. I’m sure you felt the same as I did when the mecha part was mentioned: because for me I mentally said “Wait what???” Then again, it is anime: if you can somehow fit mecha and psychological tropes into a 26-episode show plus movie I guess anything goes, really 😅

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    1. Yeah, for me I wasn’t too surprised, just because I know that the mecha + fantasy combo is actually fairly common, although I feel like it’s much less popular now than it used to be, as I also think mecha is less popular now. For me it a moment of “Oh, it’s one of those anime…” followed by a little disappointment as I just wanted more sword fighting and magic haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol yeah same, I was expecting something akin to “Rising of the Shield Hero” levels from your review, only to be fairly surprised at the outcome. I wasn’t aware that fantasy mecha anime was a thing though – maybe I just haven’t delved too deep into anime lore myself… 🤔

        That being said I think there’s still a very good amount of mecha anime fans still sticking around especially with Gundam getting new releases and other shows of the like coming out, but I’ve found slice of life seems to be the most common type spewn out nowadays – so that might be the leader at the moment. Interesting observation nonetheless.

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  2. I like this series (actually rewatched it earlier this year for the first time in about 15 years), but I do more-or-less agree with your critique. I don’t mind fantasy/mecha at all, and I still feel like the first half is better anyway. At least the twist doesn’t come totally out of left field, though; there are some hints even in the early episodes that things aren’t quite what they seem.

    This series was also an early light novel adaptation. I have the first book (only the first three were ever published in English), and what’s unusual is that the anime skips about 90% of the first book. Book 1 is all about the events surrounding Pacifica’s birth and the Casull family taking her in, and then jumps to 15 years later and the day she’s discovered and forced to flee the village. Versus them being already on the road when the anime starts. I kind of like that the anime jumps right into the meat of the story and doesn’t waste two or three episodes getting them out of the village, but at the same time I’m glad I read the book so I have all that backstory in my head, too.

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    1. It’s crazy that even with 24 episodes it still didn’t feel like they had enough time to work with, but then adventure stories are often like that.

      That backstory does sound very interesting, but then as you say the anime does a great job at jumping right into it and telling the story along the way. I just wish the second half didn’t feel so uneventful. Things only really seemed to pick up for the last couple episodes, but by then I was already just trying to finish the anime more than anything else.


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