The Misfit of Demon King Academy Review (Spoiler-free)

With the recent anime season having wrapped up, I decided to take a quick look at anything that interested me. And this was one anime that did.

A demon lord, reincarnated, having to attend a demon lord academy checked enough boxes. Fantasy, school, and potentially an unapologetic protagonist. It all sounded good to me.

So how was it?

Basic Synopsis

Basically, the protagonist, Arnos Voldigoad, was a legendary demon lord in the past. And one that people knew would be reincarnated approximately 2000 years after his death, which explains the existence of a demon lord academy, for candidates to attend.

The only problem is, Arnos seems to have been forgotten, as people remember the WRONG name for the demon lord of 2000 years ago. As a result, he ends up attending this school and showing people up while learning more about the current state of the world.

Fantasy + School

There’s one other tag that’s almost ALWAYS tacked onto these two: harem. And if you look at the poster for this anime, it definitely looks like a harem anime. Well, it has a touch of harem to it, as many of the characters that end up following Arnos are female. But while harem elements exist, it’s certainly not the focus of the anime, and it’s easily overlooked.

Harem or not, I love this combination. Something about schools in a fantasy environment is always fun to watch for me. I remember liking the school elements of Zero no Tsukaima too, even though it’s been a while since I’ve seen that one. A different kind of fantasy, but the school in Soul Eater was also really cool.

Not even entirely sure how to describe why, I guess it’s just two genres I enjoy, so when you combine them, I like the result.

Arrogant Protagonist

I love arrogant protagonists. Honestly, I like arrogant characters in general, provided that they can back up their talk. Arnos is that kind of character. He has the magic ability, the strength, and the knowledge to take on any opponent. He’s just straight up overpowered. And while he’s arrogant in the face of those who doubt his abilities, he’s not an evil character, instead he’s very logical.

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned it, but yeah, I love arrogant, overpowered characters. So Arnos fit the bill perfectly, and it led to many very satisfying situations where people were blown away, figuratively and literally, by his power and knowledge.

A Good Story

You may be thinking that the story must be a tad bland, with the protagonist being overpowered and all. Where’s the tension?

Well, I’ll admit there is a lack of tension, as Arnos is overpowered. But I still enjoyed the story quite a bit. In essence, the overarching story is the fact that Arnos’ name has been forgotten by the world, and instead, a different name is remembered. Several of Arnos’ ancient servants still exist, and so when he encounters them he learns more about what had happened since he had died two millennia ago.

Basically, the story is a mystery that unfolds as we progress. There are also factions in the demon kingdom that oppose Arnos, as he lacks “royal blood”. So there’s a bit of intrigue in there as well.

In the end, the story takes some interesting turns and actually wraps up, which had surprised me. A story like this typically I’d expect to be left open-ended for the sequel, that’d probably never happen, to finish off. But instead, the story actually finishes in this season. I was actually pleased to see that, as it makes this anime a complete package.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and how it played out.


I really enjoyed The Misfit of Demon King Academy. It’s the kind of anime that’s right up my alley, with all the right genres and the right protagonist. In addition, the story, which I hadn’t expected to really amount to much, actually played out fully which was a pleasant surprise.

I’m going to rate The Misfit of Demon King Academy a 8.5 / 10.

It’s not a masterpiece or something that’ll remain etched in my memory forever, but it was a really enjoyable watch and the sort of anime that I could see myself rewatching 2+ years.

Similar Anime

As this sort of genre, fantasy school, isn’t the most popular, several other anime come to mind that I figured I’d list here that sort of give off the same feel in terms of setting and/or protagonist:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen basically everything in this type of genre, it’s a really guilty pleasure for me I guess. There are many more, but those four are pretty solid.

And that’s it for this review.

Feel free to let me know what you thought of this one in the comments.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “The Misfit of Demon King Academy Review (Spoiler-free)

  1. “Something about schools in a fantasy environment is always fun to watch for me.”
    I love that too!

    Also, another similar-ish anime would probably be “The Irregular at Magic High School” – I mean, they even sound similar. And when I read the summary description for Maou Gakuin, I immediately thought of Mahouka.

    (Also I liked Maou Gakuin as well. I read a bit of the web novel and well, you ever wondered about Avos? The fake name? Hmm turns out there’s a lot more to it. But it does wrap up the story in the season. Was a little rushed but hey it was cool.)


    1. Yeah I loved The Irregular at Magic High School, although that one is a little more futuristic, with fantasy elements. There’s a whole other bunch of anime in the “sci-fi + school” category, and that anime sort of fits in there as well.

      I figured that there was more to the story, it was a little rushed for sure. I was just surprised that it ended at all, considering the pace of the first half.


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