Nekomonogatari: Shiro – Tsubasa Tiger, Part Three

Tsubasa Hanekawa saw a Tiger.
And so her story continues.


Hitagi Senjougahara wraps up her thoughts on Tsubasa based on the breakfast Tsubasa had made. Tsubasa then goes to school while Hitagi stays home.

At school, Suruga Kanbaru approaches Tsubasa while looking for Hitagi. She ends up showing Tsubasa a text message she had received from Koyomi Araragi, asking to meet her at the abandoned cram school at 9pm. The two chat for a bit and then Suruga leaves.

During this time, Hitagi had visited the Araragi household and planted the seed in Karen’s head that Tsubasa needed a place to stay.

And so that night, after dinner, the Fire Sisters appear at Senjougahara’s place to take Tsubasa with them. They get their parents to agree, and so Tsubasa is now spending the night sleeping in Koyomi’s room, as Koyomi is out.

Black Hanekawa awakens, and tries to figure out why she’s been coming back as she doesn’t believe that Tsubasa’s home burning down is the issue anymore. Shinobu Oshino then appears and converses with Black Hanekawa. It seems Shinobu had been separated from Koyomi, and so she was checking if he was at home. Black Hanekawa takes Shinobu to the abandoned cram school, where they discover it had burned down!

White Tsubasa

I won’t spend too much time on this because I feel like we’ve already got a good grasp on Tsubasa’s character. The episode begins with Hitagi telling Tsubasa that she’s “too pure”, someone who is too willing to do what she believes is right without considering the consequences.

Considering what Black Hanekawa had said about when Tsubasa buried that dead cat, how it was an automatic and emotionless response, it’s no surprise to hear these things about Tsubasa. As Hitagi ends up putting it, Tsubasa would be a “failure in the wild”.

Fire Sisters

Nothing really deep here either, but it’s comical how Hitagi took advantage of Karen’s pride as a “hero of justice”, by basically insinuating that “there is no justice in this world if a nice girl like Tsubasa can’t find a place to stay”.

And so Karen tells Tsubasa that she wanted to ask her to stay over, but that she was waiting for Tsubasa to ask first. In the end though, Karen “figured it was probably too difficult to ask, so she decided to make the offer herself”. After that Tsukihi chimes in saying “Yeah, Karen made the offer herself” which I’m thinking is actually her poking fun at her sister.

Once again Tsubasa ends up being helped by people without having asked for help herself. Only when it’s offered or given does she accept it.

We also learn that Koyomi’s parents are police officers, and that a healthy sense of justice runs in the family.

A Chat Between Oddities

Black Hanekawa awakens that night and can’t figure out why, because she assumed that the shock from the fire was the reason why she was appearing, and Tsubasa’s stress should have died down since then. Especially now that she has somewhere else to stay after staying at Hitagi’s place.

What could the cause be though?
Well, there is only one possible option here.

After all, Tsubasa Cat ended with Shinobu once again draining Black Hanekawa’s energy and temporarily fixing the problem. And now that band-aid has come off.

Shinobu actually offers to once again drain Black Hanekawa, but the two end up agreeing that the best solution would be for Black Hanekawa to figure out the root cause of Tsubasa’s stress and deal with it directly, instead of relying on the temporary fix again. Black Hanekawa also mentions that she feels like she has an important role to play here.

Black Hanekawa also runs the Tiger by Shinobu, and while Shinobu mentions that the fact that it can talk is bizarre, she doesn’t know what oddity it is. She also mentions that she would have noticed such a thing, and poses that maybe only Tsubasa and Black Hanekawa can see it.

Wrapping Up…

Shinobu and Black Hanekawa arrive at the abandoned cram school too late apparently, as it’d already burned down.

While this episode adds to the mystery surrounding what’s happening with Koyomi and Shinobu, which is interesting, we also more importantly are given the task that Tsubasa and Black Hanekawa have to achieve: find the source of her stress, and solve it.

Tsubasa herself is still quite unaware of what’s going on, lacking self-awareness. Something that’s been an issue of hers from the beginning.

And Black Hanekawa is aware, but unsure.

They can’t rely on Koyomi, and Meme Oshino is already gone. Meaning they have to solve it themselves, no more relying on others.

We’ll have to see how that plays out.

Final point – I was actually looking in Koyomi’s room for Mayoi’s backpack that she allegedly left there, but didn’t see it. Which means that either Koyomi has returned to his room at some point since Tsubasa ran into Mayoi, or it’s just somewhere else in the house I guess.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

Monogatari Series: Second Season

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