Nekomonogatari: Kuro Episode 2 – Tsubasa Family, Part Two

We continue through the motions of the story that was already covered in Bakemonogatari, with more detail this time. Tsubasa Hanekawa has revealed that her parents are not really her parents, and that her dad had hit her. And now it gets worse…


Koyomi Araragi brings some doughnuts to the abandoned cram school for Meme Oshino, only for the presently nameless vampire to eat them all. Oshino then tells Koyomi about how he has an influence on her, before the topic shifts to Tsubasa. Koyomi tells Oshino that they had buried a cat earlier that day, which causes Oshino to be alarmed.

He and Koyomi split up, with Koyomi heading over to Tsubasa’s house to check in on her. On his way though, he runs into her, only as a cat. She drops Tsubasa’s parents in front of him, before taking his arm off. Koyomi calls an ambulance for Tsubasa’s parents, and passes out. He awakes in the abandoned cram school next to the former vampire. Oshino walks in and tells him about the cat he had met, and ends it by telling Koyomi to leave it to him.

Exerting Influence

This same topic was actually brushed upon in Bakemonogatari, in the future from now, by none other than Black Hanekawa when she was searching for Shinobu with Koyomi. She brought up how his perception of her could have an affect on her, and he came to realize that he was viewing her as a human child.

Well, this is in the past, but Oshino gives us this same lesson.

The reason for this topic is because Koyomi brought doughnuts, which the vampire happens to love, and so she begins tearing the box apart and devouring all of the doughnuts within in front of Koyomi and Oshino.

“Hasn’t she become a lot more childish lately as well?”
– Koyomi

“Yeah. That was bound to happen, Araragi.
And not just because she’s a vampire, either.
Oddities are creatures built from the ground up by human beliefs.”
– Oshino

“Human beliefs?”
– Koyomi

“Right. They exist because humans believe they do.
That’s what an oddity is.
They’re shaped by their environment’s awareness of them,
and their behaviour matches it’s expectations.
That’s how it works.

As for Ms. Vampire here…
At the moment you’re the only entity aware of her existence.
Strictly speaking, I suppose both Ms. Class Rep and I are also aware.
Nevertheless, the one that exerts the most influence on her…
is you, Araragi.”
– Oshino

“I have to admit that there’s a part of me that sees her as an eight year-old. Still, you can’t possibly tell me that this scene mirrors my expectations.”
– Koyomi

“It’s not like every kid grows up the way their parents would like them to. However, the hopes of their parents affect them at least a little.
This is somewhat similar to that.”
– Oshino

We’ve already touched upon this topic a little, how Koyomi’s perception of Shinobu, from here and onwards, had some sort of affect on her. How much it’s hard to say, because I don’t think Koyomi made her into a doughnut enthusiast, for example. And she manages to figure out enough on her own anyways, in time.

If anything it’s just another interesting look into how apparitions / oddities work in the Monogatari universe.

I’ll try to pay attention to these things, but I can’t really remember seeing anything that I feel like happened to an apparition as a result of human influence being exerted. First character that comes to mind though that could be influenced is Mayoi, because her situation is a lot like Shinobu’s, in that Koyomi is basically the only one that knows her.

Hard to think of an example of how Koyomi influences her though, because there’s simply no proof or indication that Mayoi acts the way she does due to Koyomi’s influence. Same with Shinobu for the most part, although this episode is pushing the idea that the former vampire is a little more childish at the moment because of Koyomi.

And Shinobu at this point in time is basically moping around and refusing to speak. So I can see that, doughnut enthusiast aside.

The Household Effect

After Oshino tells Koyomi about his influences, and uses the example of parents and their kid, Koyomi thinks of the “household effect”. What a coincidence that this talk about Koyomi and the vampire would transition perfectly into Tsubasa’s situation!

After all, even if they aren’t her parents by blood, they still legally are her parents. There must be some sort of effect. And while Tsubasa had kept things under wraps for the most part, there definitely was an effect, which Koyomi experiences firsthand…

Oshino also mentions that Tsubasa is a dangerous person, and he immediately realizes that she is the perfect target for a meddlecat. In his words, Tsubasa is “anything but normal… she’s seriously dangerous”.

I thought it was interesting for him to say that.

As for why he said it, I can only guess. And my guess is that he said that because of how involved Tsubasa got with Koyomi and put herself into dangerous situations. Why? Because she wanted to escape her regular life. And if she wanted to escape her life then, she may still have those desires. Which I imagine are the perfect desires for a certain apparition.

Putting it altogether, it all makes sense that she would feel that way, given her household situation!

Oshino Steps Up

“You’ve done more than enough, Araragi.
Araragi Koyomi, there isn’t a single thing you can do from here on out.
You can’t help Ms. Class Rep in any way whatsoever.
You might want to, but you can’t.

It’s not a matter of how you feel about it, but one of skill and ability.
Let me make it absolutely clear.
It’s your responsibility, and your job,

to make sure you don’t get in my way.”
– Oshino

Oshino normally isn’t this brazen, but he’s dealing with Koyomi, so he really has to nail the point home. Because otherwise, Koyomi will try and get involved anyways, and Oshino doesn’t want Koyomi to get hurt.

I glossed over it but earlier Oshino explained how Koyomi almost died because the meddlecat can use energy drain and overpower his immortality. Which is very weak, because he’s mostly human.

Wrapping Up…

There’s one other little moment where Koyomi mentions that Shinobu must have helped him to heal up because he was her nutrition source, to which Oshino remarks that Koyomi doesn’t get it.

The point of this being that Shinobu doesn’t just see Koyomi as nutrition, and that she has her own reasons for not wanting him to die before she does. Anyways, this topic was already brought up in the future, in Nisemonogatari, when Shinobu begins speaking to Koyomi again. Which we’ve already covered.

We’ve seen Black Hanekawa, although I didn’t catch that name being used in this episode, so I think we’ll be hearing that soon enough.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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