Nekomonogatari: Kuro Episode 1 – Tsubasa Family, Part One

With Nisemonogatari completed, we once again go back in time to Golden Week, back to that time when Tsubasa Hanekawa was taken over by a meddling cat.


The episode opens up with Koyomi Araragi surviving a murder-attempt by his sister Tsukihi Araragi. After which, he asks her about love, because he isn’t sure how to sort out his feelings towards Tsubasa. At first they conclude that he is feeling love, but then later it’s decided that Koyomi is just sexually frustrated.

Koyomi then goes out and runs into Tsubasa. The two chat for a bit, until Koyomi asks her where she got the bruise on her face, which was covered by a bandage. She tells him about her family, how her “parents” aren’t actually her parents, but detached relatives. And that her “father” had hit her.

Koyomi begins to get worked up, causing Tsubasa to try and justify what had happened and put a lid on it. In desperation she tells Koyomi that she’ll do anything for him if he just forgets about it….

Love? Frustration? What’s that?

I actually forgot about this part, and how Koyomi had some sort of feelings towards Tsubasa. I mean, after what happened in Kizumonogatari, how could he not?! The way he describes it, he definitely is interested in her. Love? Maybe, but I wouldn’t really know myself, as someone who has never felt romantic love towards anyone. Definitely interest.

I know it’s sort of a joke how the topic changes to Koyomi being simply frustrated. The reason being because he mentions that he wants to fondle Tsubasa’s large breasts, and then Tsukihi offers up her own as a joke, and then he takes her up on it… Koyomi is a total pervert, no doubt. But obviously he wasn’t just frustrated, he had feelings for Tsubasa, to some degree.

Oshiete, Karen-sensei!

I did want to bring up one funny contrast that we see in the episode. While Tsukihi spends a good amount of time with Koyomi discussing things and going through the motions, Karen Araragi does not.

“How do you figure out if you’re in love…
if you love someone?”
– Koyomi

“Huh? It’s love advice you’re looking for?
If looking at their face makes you want to have their babies,
you’re in love with them.
It’s that simple.”
– Karen

I guess it really is that simple?

Tsubasa Family

I’ve mentioned this quote before, but I figure I may as well throw it in here for a quick refresher because it’s been a while since Bakemonogatari.

“Basically, my biological mother’s husband’s second wife is my current mother, and her second husband is my current father.”
– Tsubasa

“So they’re not your biological parents?”
– Koyomi

“Right. The dad and mom I’m living with right now aren’t related to me by blood at all. They’re complete strangers.”
– Tsubasa

I couldn’t even imagine the sequence of events that had to take place for Tsubasa to end up in that situation. Well, I guess I could…

  • Tsubasa has her two blood-related parents.
  • Then her father passed away (or disappeared).
  • Then her mother remarried.
  • Then her mother passed away (or disappeared).
  • Then her mother’s second husband remarried.
  • Then her mother’s second husband passed away (or disappeared).
  • Then her mother’s second husband’s wife remarried.

Something like that. Imaginable, but unbelievable!

And even then, even if they aren’t blood related, they could still be good parents. But clearly, they have no interest in being such. Tsubasa doesn’t mention it here, but back in Bakemonogatari she mentioned that they didn’t actually want her, but took her in to save face or something like this. Meaning that they basically are strangers that are simply fulfilling their obligation until she becomes a legal adult.

Tsubasa goes on to mention her “father” hit her. And then when Koyomi reacts, she begins to try and justify it.

Why does it sound like she’s trying to justify what happened?
She’s sticking up for someone who’s not her real parent..
A parent who’d hit his daughter.
She’s my friend, but with the way she’s acting right now…
I find her revolting.
– Koyomi

Koyomi goes on to tell Tsubasa that he won’t be able to keep his promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone. He’s gotten quite angry about what he’d just heard, and with the way that he sees Tsubasa acting. Which is why she becomes desperate, and offers to do anything for him if he doesn’t tell anyone.

He takes her up on her offer, by healing her bruise with a drop of his blood. But not before getting really excited and making Tsubasa almost regret her offer, spending a lot of time trying to think of what he’d like to request.

Wrapping Up…

I think it’s interesting how we start the episode learning about Koyomi’s feelings for Tsubasa (remember this is in the past, prior to Hitagi Crab), and we end with him learning that Tsubasa has been abused by her own parents, with her trying to justify it.

Not saying this necessarily has an affect on his feelings for her, but it likely is a bit of a reality check. Tsubasa isn’t just a smart and pretty girl, she has her own issues. And this is probably the first time that Koyomi believes she’s wrong, by trying to justify the abuse she took. Tsubasa is supposed to be the girl who knows everything, but as she says herself, it’s not true.

We’ve seen her uncertainties before in regards to her feelings for Koyomi, and this is another case where she doesn’t really have herself figured out. Tsubasa seems to know everything, except when it comes to herself.

Anyways, that’s it for this first episode.
It’s a short “season”, so only 3 episodes to go in Nekomonogatari: Kuro.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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