Nisemonogatari Episode 10 – Tsukihi Phoenix, Part Three

Tsukihi Phoenix Part Three, featuring Shinobu, doughnuts, Tsukihi, and a pair of mysterious individuals!


Shinobu Oshino tells Koyomi Araragi about an ongoing sale at Mister Donut, and so after he finishes studying he heads out to get some doughnuts with her. On his way out, he runs into Tsukihi, who tells him that she’s thinking of breaking up the Fire Sisters because she doesn’t really have a passion for justice like Karen Araragi does, and Karen will be entering high school soon enough.

Koyomi then goes to Mister Donut where Shinobu gushes at the selection. They get some doughnuts and begin chatting. Koyomi asks her about the two individuals that he had run into previously – Yozuru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononoki. Koyomi then asks Kaiki Deishuu, who happens to be present, about the two – for a price, and learns they are exorcists that specialize in immortal creatures.

Koyomi then heads home only to find the two women at his house. Tsukihi then opens the door, and is blasted by Yotsugi. Koyomi flies into a rage and is pinned by Yozuru, who then explains that Tsukihi was an immortal creature that had infiltrated his family. The two then leave after Shinobu confronts them, saying they will return in a day.

Retiring the Fire Sisters?

Tsukihi mentions how she’s not into justice like Karen is, and that she personally doesn’t really have a clear idea of what justice even is. She just believes in the justice that Karen and Koyomi believe in, without fully understanding it herself. She calls her own justice “fake”.

Tsukihi is also one year younger than Karen, meaning that in a year Karen will be in high school and she will still be in middle school. This is probably what prompted these thoughts by Tsukihi in the first place.

“What? So you might split up?”
– Koyomi

“It’s possible…
We have creative differences!
If she wants to go it alone, I won’t stop her.
I shall swallow my tears and watch her go!

Come to our farewell party, okay?
I’ll invite lots of middle school girls and stuff.”
– Tsukihi

“I guess it can’t be helped… I’ll make the time to come.”
– Koyomi

Joke about middle school girls aside, this is probably the most convicted we’ve seen Tsukihi about something. Which makes it interesting that she’s thought this up on her own. As she even said herself, she’s the type to act based on the influence of others. So for her to decide something on her own is pretty neat.

As Koyomi is about to leave, he notices something about Tsukihi that prompts him to tear her clothes off and hold her down. He notes that a scar she once had, that apparently doctors believed would never heal, was no longer there. Tsukihi begins to get angry and mentions that she’s human, and scars heal.

She then brings up the fact that she and Karen have boyfriends, something that Koyomi isn’t a fan of.

Mister Donut

After Shinobu marvels at the selection, and manages to bargain with Koyomi over the amount of doughnuts she can get, the two sit down to eat. Koyomi asks about Yozuru and Yotsugi.

Shinobu mentions that Yotsugi is in fact, not human. She poses that Yotsugi is probably Yozuru’s familiar, because of the similar name, which Yozuru likely uses to bind Yotsugi. Just like Meme Oshino used his name to bind Shinobu Oshino. After revealing this, Shinobu tightens up her lips, saying that doughnuts alone won’t get her to talk.

I feel like she probably would cave to more doughnuts though, had Koyomi tried to go that route…

Instead, Shinobu points out the solitary man sitting behind Koyomi who can probably answer some questions: Kaiki. He reveals that the pair are exorcists. More specifically, Yozuru is the exorcist and Yotsugi is her shikigami. Apparently the two are very well known in the business, especially because they specialize in immortal creatures.

The Phoenix

At first, Koyomi is under the belief that Yozuru and Yotsugi are in town for him and Shinobu. But Yozuru quickly sets the record straight outside his house. She also mentions Oshino-kun, which shocks Koyomi, as referring to Oshino as -kun would indicate that she is his senior.

After Yotsugi’s incessant doorbell ringing, Tsukihi opens the door and begins yelling at them for ringing the doorbell so much. She then gets blasted by Yotsugi, and her upper body is vaporized. Upon seeing this, Koyomi is enraged, but not strong enough to do anything about what he has just seen.

The pair explain that Tsukihi is actually the immortal phoenix, and had infiltrated his family pretending to be a human. Something they deem to be evil.

“Devil boy,
you appear to have a thing for immortal creatures.

Your sister is possessed by an immortal bird.
That was never truly your sister.
It is human, yet not human.
What you see there is the rare firebird, the evil phoenix.
I said with a posed look.”
– Yotsugi

At this point, Tsukihi’s body had already regenerated.
Shinobu then steps in, which angers Yozuru, who mocks Shinobu for being a former vampire. However, Shinobu mentions that while she couldn’t do anything about Yozuru, she could do something about Yotsugi – drain her powers. Afterwards, dealing with Yozuru wouldn’t be nearly as troublesome.

Shinobu then convinces the two to withdraw for the moment, with that threat in mind. Yozuru accepts, but says that it’s because she didn’t want to kill a little sister in front of her brother’s eyes.

“I’m sure the devil boy needs time to get this straight in his head.
We’ll give you time out of respect for the legendary vampire.
We’ll pretend to fall for your bluff,

so prepare yourselves however you like.
We’ll return tomorrow.

Be sure everything has been handled by then.
Running won’t help.
To be clear, neither of us is as easy to deal with as Oshino-kun.
We won’t let any prey escape.

And if you try to stop us, we’ll ignore the rule deciding you were harmless and we’ll eliminate you too.
– Yozuru

Whether Yozuru and Yotsugi truly are strong enough to deal with Koyomi and Shinobu or not, we don’t yet know. From what we’ve seen, it does indeed look like Yozuru was just being nice to Koyomi by backing off, and that Shinobu’s threat really was just a bluff.

But then again, Shinobu can be pretty quick, and she just needs to close the distance between her and Yotsugi, so who knows.

At this moment I think it would have been a long shot.
Those two, especially Yozuru, seem strong.

Wrapping Up…

Finally we get to the Phoenix in Tsukihi Phoenix.
With a one-day reprieve, Koyomi will have to learn what he can about Tsukihi and figure out a plan regarding how to deal with Yozuru and Yotsugi.

It’s interesting that they decided to fit in Koyomi noticing Tsukihi’s missing scar, if only because it’s really short-term foreshadowing. Obviously we knew something would be up regarding Tsukihi from the beginning of the arc, based on the arc’s name. Maybe it was just an excuse for some fan service while also foreshadowing, a two birds one stone deal.

Regardless, we’ll learn more and see how everything plays out soon enough, in the final episode of Nisemonogatari!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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