The Plague of WordPress: AI Generated Posts

There’s something that’s been happening on WordPress for a while now.
A real plague.

One that you may not realize exists, because you don’t know where to look.
But just you wait, because it’s only a matter of time until you see it too…

As the title of the post suggests, it’s these damn AI generated posts on WordPress. If you’re unsure as to what I’m talking about, don’t worry, I’ll fill you in shortly.

If you only browse your followers list, naturally, you won’t find any of this.
In addition, at the moment, if you only browse tags, you also won’t see any of this. For the longest time, when I had some free time and good music on I’d browse the anime tag and try to keep up to date with it.

But then eventually I realized that so many anime blogs fall through the cracks because they either don’t use the anime tag, or they use different tags like “otaku” or “animation” or whatever.

Which means that my solution was to go to the Search Bar and type in “anime”, sorted by date. This will show me all posts containing the word “anime”, even those that don’t explicitly use the tag.

Unfortunately, this also reveals a dark side of WordPress.

AI generated posts.

I’m absolutely certain they are generated by AI, there’s no other explanation. I’d say maybe every week or two, a new random topic is found, and all of the sudden, there are thousands of posts from different seemingly randomly generated blogs, all saying essentially the exact same thing, using the same feature images, and talking about the same product.

And these posts are filled to the brim with keywords so that pretty much whatever you search, they will show up. Which is how I come across countless posts household signs, despite searching “anime”.

And household signs is just the latest example.
I took some screencaps of the household signs posts to show you what I mean, and believe me when I say there are hundreds more than what I show here.

Also, note the ridiculous names the AI came up with for the “authors”, as well as how each blog name has a 3 digit number attached to it.

Here’s just a very limited sample I picked out in a matter of seconds, and these are posts that I found side-by-side so I could get two in a single screencap. There are so many of these it’s insane.

And every single one is a different blog, so you can’t just block one and hide them all. It’s a real pain if only because I want to see “anime” posts, and instead I have to scroll past all these garbage posts.

The good news though is that you’ll only see these if you use the search function of WordPress. But what really worries me?

How long till these AI generated posts start adding tags? I have to imagine it’s only a matter of time. If they have bots / scripts that are generating countless separate free WordPress blogs and countless posts like this, you have to imagine they’ll be tagging those posts soon enough.

Konobi Collette and Subaru shock

It seems that these posts in particular are both trying to push views onto YouTube videos, which I think are guaranteed to be stolen content, but they also try to drive you to random websites that basically have a similar nonsense article, and maybe those ones also have ads or affiliate links or something. The goal is to direct you elsewhere, because they can’t actually monetize a free WordPress blog.

But I guess the goal is just to create so many free WordPress blogs with these AI generated articles that they manage to score some SEO ranking on Google or something. Seems they have nothing to lose. Every second, a new household signs post is born.

Anyways, I was just scrolling through so much of this nonsense I figured I’d just write about it and inform you all about it, if you weren’t aware already. As I mentioned, it seems the topic changes every few weeks. So now it’s household signs, but in a few weeks it might change to something else.

I vaguely remember that it was something to do with games a few weeks ago. Honestly the only fun part of all this is seeing what topic they’ll all pick up next, haha.

Konobi Collette shocked

And that’s it for this post.
Hopefully these bots don’t adapt anymore than they already have.

Until next time,
Have you heard about why it is necessary to have a family member’s wall signs?


24 thoughts on “The Plague of WordPress: AI Generated Posts

  1. 🙂 At the moment, artificial intelligence is not capable of producing a blog post that is of high quality.

    Blog posts written by actual human beings will always be enjoyed more by viewers.

    For quite some time, unscrupulous people have been using article-spinning software to generate a larger number of blog posts (Which is more prevalent among monetized blogs).

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    1. These posts are far from high quality haha.

      I don’t think any of these are monetized, and instead take advantage of the free domain. But the blogs they do link to probably are monetized.

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  2. This reminds me of “sponsored content”, where you’ll be happily reading through someone’s blog that you thought was about games or anime or whatever, and then there’ll be this sudden, weird, out of place article about Bitcoin or online casinos or something.

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  3. When I was working as a copywriter I’d always hear about this article-spinning. I wonder how it’s meant to draw readers in, since anyone can see the contents of the articles are complete garbage. There are also some trash posts like this using the video games tag, mostly talking about online slot machines in the same broken English. Bad stuff.

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    1. “There are also some trash posts like this using the video games tag, mostly talking about online slot machines in the same broken English. Bad stuff.”

      It’s bad for now. But at internet scale, there’s a good chance that soon (a few years?), they’ll be better.

      It was like the phishing e-mails. For years, they were easy to spot. Not so easy anymore…

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    1. I think I also remember a while back they were posting something to do with anime or video games like crazy. I guess these posts have probably always been around, but now they’re putting more and more keywords into their articles to cast a wider net, hence why we can find household signs posts when searching “anime”.

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  4. When you jump on to the Reader, you can see a few trending words at the top of the page. I’d assume the bots (or what/whoever is trying to use those blogs) are picking those trending words, since “anime” shows up there occasionally…I wonder if “Elasticsearch” (another trending term I see occasionally) gets posts about household signs…?

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    1. Good question. I do wonder if these posts have some sort of influence on those.

      The only one I remember for certain was that “homesteading” was a trending suggestion for me for the longest time. I wonder if they are individually tailored or not.


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  8. Stefan Keys

    Automattic (the company which runs no longer cares. Remember when there was a freshly pressed section of good articles promoted by wordpress? Pepperidge farm remembers. In general things have gotten worse, with more ads on free sites than there used to be(that header ad is particularly ugly). Probably because of these ads I don’t see blogs on google search results as much as I used to. Also when you create a new wordpress site you are forced to use themes which use the awful gutenburg editor which was totally forced into wordpress(the opensource self-hosted too) because automattic felt that was losing views (down to 400 millon views from 600 million views) to social media on one side and website builders like squarespace on the other so they shovelled in a poorly tested (if you don’t believe me look at the rating of the gutenburg plugin which was prematurely pushed into wordpress) website builder undermining the credibility of wordpress as software for developers. By trying to make into a social media/website builder rather than just a blogging platform of interconnected blogs I fear that has become nothing for no one by trying to be everything for everyone. There are a few old sites I follow from here but not many new ones. When new free users see all those ads on their sites they don’t feel like putting in the work into their blogs leaving only bad actors to use the free sites to make bad AI content further leading sites down in the search engines.

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    1. Ive used adblock for so long that I never even notice the ads on my own free site. That and the Reader.. and I don’t know if ads appear on the Reader or not, now that I think about it. But I have noticed ads a couple times when using my phone.

      And yeah, I agree gutenberg was pushed out way too soon. What annoys me now is how they keep making stupid changes to it after I manage to get used to the damn thing. Gotta love how tech companies always seem to get excited about making changes seemingly only to annoy their userbase.

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