Nisemonogatari Episode 9 – Tsukihi Phoenix, Part Two

Tsukihi Phoenix continues, although it would probably be more accurate to say that it’s only just beginning!


Koyomi Araragi decides to get on with fulfilling his promise to introduce his sister Karen Araragi to Suruga Kanbaru, so he calls her up and then the two siblings proceed to Suruga’s place. On the way, the two play a game of rock-paper-scissors that ends with Karen losing, resulting in Koyomi getting a piggyback for the rest of the way.

Also on the way, the two run into a woman named Yozuru Kagenui. She asks Koyomi if he knows where Eikou Cram School is, and eventually he gives her the answer (it’s the abandoned cram school Meme Oshino used to hang out in) and she heads off.

After dropping Karen off at Suruga’s, Koyomi comes across Mayoi Hachikuji. The two chat for a bit, before running into another mysterious figure, this one a girl named Yotsugi Ononoki. She too asks where the cram school is located.


Things are slowly coming together for Tsukihi Phoenix, with an introduction to two key figures. But aside from that, once again this episode is mostly fluff. Which as I’ve mentioned, I also love.

Karen tells Koyomi she has a sure-fire way to win at rock-paper-scissors, and the way she words it, she’s itching for Koyomi to challenge her so she can show it off.

“Since you’re that insistent, I’ll tell you.
Let’s try it.
But you know, you won’t be motivated just learning it normally…
We should bet something.”
– Karen

“Don’t bother.
It’s a pain.”
– Koyomi

“No no, we have to…
Or later you might say “I lost deliberately!””
– Karen

“I think deliberately losing at rock-paper-scissors is just as hard as winning!”
– Koyomi

Just some banter prior to the game that I thought was funny. In the end, Karen’s trick ends up being a cheat, as she purposely throws her hand down early, and declares Koyomi the loser because he took to long. He then declares that she’s an idiot, and a cheater, and that he wins by default.

Unfortunately, that means that Koyomi has to ride on Karen’s back, because she insists. She even cuts her hair using her keys so that her ponytail doesn’t get in the way, something that shocks Koyomi.

Yozuru Kagenui & Yotsugi Ononoki

We meet Yozuru this episode, but we don’t really learn anything about her other than that she’s a very up-front woman. She also has amazing hair. I never hesitate to mention that I’m a big fan of the hime cut, but I really like Yozuru’s hairstyle too. It’s not long enough to be a hime cut, but it still sports some amazing flat-leveled bangs.

Anyways, Yozuru calls Koyomi “devil boy”, something that Koyomi doesn’t pay much attention to right away. However, later on she also calls Karen “hornet girl”. Koyomi sort of takes a step back after hearing that, but doesn’t draw any conclusions from it.

Later on though, Yotsugi also calls Koyomi “devil boy”. And in addition, she calls Mayoi “snail girl”.

And then it clicks for Koyomi – these two know about apparitions. Which is why they used the names they used. And they seem to be using the abandoned cram school as their base of operations, just as Oshino had. The fact that another pair of specialists don’t know where it is, but plan on using it as a base of operations, tells me that they know about Oshino to some degree.

The episode ends right after Koyomi’s realization, and after Mayoi makes a joke that Yotsugi seemed stronger than her master – a joke playing off the fact that Karen had said that Yozuru seemed stronger than her master.

So we’ll see where he goes next, after the realization.

Fun With Mayoi

Finally for the episode I’ll share my favourite moment.

Now, Koyomi has been through some ups and downs regarding how he should approach Mayoi. He used to sexually assault her, but then after being sexually assaulted by Suruga, he vowed to never do it again. So he approached Mayoi normally, which caused Mayoi to react with utter disgust towards him. Reason being that if he was greeting her like a normal person, he has become boring.

So he was a little conflicted here. Or at least, he pretended to be, all while working himself up to attack Mayoi.

But then, as he was running towards her at full speed yelling her name, a hand appears out of nowhere and trips him, causing him to faceplant and sail right by her. The hand then appears out of his shadow again to taunt him, causing him to get angry and stomp the ground.

Overall, it was just a funny scene.

In addition, there was one other fun moment with Mayoi. While the two were going about the usual “sorry I stuttered” routine, instead of saying she bit her tongue, this time Mayoi says she bit Koyomi and bites his finger and says “I bit you”. This causes Koyomi to call it a love bite, and fist pump to himself in satisfaction.

Wrapping Up…

And that’s all for now. As I said before, Tsukihi Phoenix has really only just begun this episode with the introduction of Yozuru and Yotsugi. If anything, this is just the prologue, and the real beginning will be next episode.

And we’ll have to see how things end up, because there’s no way we’d meet these two mysterious characters and not see them again, right?

That’d be pretty funny if that was the case though, to be honest. How would something like that hold up in a story? Just introducing some really interesting and mysterious characters, only to not see them again ever. Or to see them way, way down the road.

Anyways, that’s not the case for Tsukihi Phoenix, sorry to burst your bubble (and my own). So we’ll see more of those two soon enough.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.


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