Nisemonogatari Episode 8 – Tsukihi Phoenix, Part One

Also known as the toothbrush episode.
That’s basically what this is, it’s the toothbrush episode!


It’s now August 14th, and still summer break. As Koyomi Araragi is working on his studies, his sister Karen Araragi pops in and begins to suck up to him. First, to fish for a compliment for her outfit, as she normally never wears skirts. And second, to ask Koyomi to introduce her to Suruga Kanbaru.

Koyomi agrees to introduce her to Suruga, but only if she can beat him in a challenge – one that involves him brushing her teeth for 5 minutes. After a seemingly long 5 minutes, and a lot of tender noises from Karen, Tsukihi Araragi pops in and asks what’s going on. She then gets angry and asks them to hold tight while she goes to the store to get an awl.

Sibling Relations + Toothbrushing

Yep, and that’s about it in this episode. Tsukihi Phoenix really begins with a bang, featuring a whopping 30 seconds of Tsukihi!

Still, it’s an infamous episode. I actually find it interesting to think about how this episode is used as an example for how the Monogatari Series is this very lewd and ecchi anime series. Make no mistake, there is ecchi. But I feel like the toothbrushing scene is similar to the judges reactions in Food Wars – it feels less like ecchi, and more like lewding up something that isn’t normally lewd.

The explanation in the episode by Koyomi is that there is psychological resistance precisely because it’s someone else brushing your teeth and gums, something that’s inside your body technically. I guess it would be a bit odd for Karen to have her brother brushing her teeth.

Personally, I’ve never felt anything like that from when I’ve gone to get dental cleanings. Usually they use automated tools, but I have had a dental hygienist brush my teeth with a regular toothbrush before. Damn, if only I had known about the pleasures of having someone else brush your teeth back then! I didn’t think anything of it at the time!

What else can I write about brushing teeth? Well, I guess on the topic of deriving pleasure from dental related activities… I will admit that I actually really enjoy the feeling of having sore gums after getting a dental cleaning. I’m no savage, I do a great job at keeping my teeth clean, but I feel like I’d have to use a steel-wire toothbrush to compete with the metallic tools they use to tear my gums apart at a dental cleaning. I guess that’s about as masochistic as I get, enjoying sore gums.

So there you have it, not only was this an uncomfortable episode of Nisemonogatari (for some), but I also provided you with a story of my own that you also may find uncomfortable.

Here’s another funny note, that you may have missed from this episode.

– Karen

– Koyomi

“I-If you really insist, and only because you insist,
we can go best two out of three.
You know, Tsukihi-chan interrupted us midway.
That normally means it’s a tie.
A-And there’s still time before Tsukihi-chan will get back…
We can go into extra innings if you’d like.”
– Karen

“O-Okay, maybe I will…”
– Koyomi

Now that you’ve said that, I can’t turn you down.
I accept… I accept your challenge!”
– Karen

“Th-This time, you want to do me?”
– Koyomi

“Yeah, th-that will be fair.”
– Karen

Ok, I take it all back.
This episode is reprehensible.
They did it, they made brushing teeth ecchi.

Wrapping Up…

Well, this episode did accomplish a few things. First, it showed us how Karen and Koyomi’s relationship was patched up. Remember, last episode Koyomi had told Karen that he hates her, but that he is proud of her. And I’m sure Karen had some animosity towards her older brother and his condescending attitude.

So they managed to get along a little better…

And, this episode enshrined the Monogatari Series as a degenerate ecchi anime, all because people saw a gif or short video of the toothbrushing scene. They actually did it, those absolute madlads, they made toothbrushing ecchi!

Thanks to this one episode, I’ve seen countless mentions from people saying something along the lines of “I liked the Monogatari Series, but Nisemonogatari was too ecchi”. It makes me laugh to think that they managed to make brushing teeth such a sticking point for so many people!

I, for one, enjoyed the toothbrushing, which makes me a total degenerate.
Now, it’s time for me to book an appointment for a dental cleaning….

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari Episode 8 – Tsukihi Phoenix, Part One

  1. I thought the beginning of Nisemonogatari would have set people up for this scene, considering Kanbaru messing around with him and Sengoku’s Twister seduction scheme and all that. Of course I saw all the toothbrushing gifs years before watching the show, so I had the wrong idea of it for a while.


    1. Well there’s no question Nisemonogatari is the most ecchi of the series, but I’m pretty sure the toothbrushing scene takes the cake when it comes to what people remember the most.

      Liked by 1 person

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