Yomu in Japan: Summer Break (Matsumoto City Edition)

After the Chuo Alps, we went straight to Matsumoto City.
It’s one of the bigger cities in the prefecture.

I believe Matsumoto City also has the liveliest night life scene in the prefecture, with quite the downtown / red light district. Plenty of host / hostess clubs, snack bars, massage parlors, regular bars, hotels, and all that. Even on a Wednesday night though there were quite a few people out, drinking and staggering around.

Culturally the highlight is Matsumoto Castle, which is basically right in the downtown area.

Post theme:

We stayed in a business hotel in the downtown area, so we were within walking distance of Matsumoto Castle. Which is pretty much all we wanted to see here from a tourist perspective. We also walked by a nice shrine on the way.

That picture of Matsumoto Castle is probably my favourite from the trip. I’m not much of a photographer, but I thought I did good with that one.

There were a ton of fat black koi in the moat surrounding the castle. The water was fairly shallow, and it was clear the koi know what they’re doing as they will swim alongside you hoping you’ll feed them. Some girls were actually feeding them, too. Like a pack of hungry sharks the koi were swarming the area, disturbing the water when I was trying to get a good picture with the reflection!

Also the business hotel we stayed at was the only place we stayed at that actually rotated the onsen between men’s time and women’s time. We didn’t check it out, because it’s just a business hotel and there was no open air onsen anyways.

After Matsumoto, we headed to one final area before wrapping up the trip.
Which you’ll see next time.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Yomu in Japan: Summer Break (Matsumoto City Edition)

  1. I didn’t know any fish were smart enough to recognize humans being around and connect that with getting fed. I have to reconsider my views on fish, or maybe koi are smarter than the others?

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    1. Pretty much all fish can become spoiled and expect food like that. I used to work in an aquarium store and it’s pretty normal. We even had a big tilapia that would nibble on your finger and let you pet it in hopes of getting food.

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