Yomu in Japan: Summer Break (Magome Edition)

After Iida City, we traveled towards Kiso City.
On the way, we stopped at this beautiful small post town, Magome.

Post theme:

It was clear that this town is geared for tourism, but hasn’t been getting very much of it lately which is unfortunate for the people trying to make a living here. A lot of shops were closed despite it being the afternoon during summer break. Sad to see.

It was also extremely hot, and to walk through the tourist part of the town we had to walk down and then back up an incline. Luckily, pretty much every restaurant along the way serves shaved ice, which is amazing. After having some I understood why all my students were saying that eating shaved ice is one of the things they looked forward to over summer break.

This was a nice stop on the way to our next ryokan in Kiso City.
Which will be the next post in this series!

Until then,
Thanks for reading.

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