Nisemonogatari Episode 7 – Karen Bee, Part Seven (Pt. 3)

Final part this time for sure.

If anything this all just shows how much information was packed into this single episode! While it lacked action, it most certainly was a great conclusion to Karen Bee.

Looking at Kaiki Deishuu

Kaiki Deishuu, the man, the legend.
Only he isn’t really much, he’s a small-time con man that likes making money. Is he dangerous, or isn’t he? What’s his deal?

We can learn a lot about him in this episode, aside from what we’ve already looked at regarding his relationship with Hitagi Senjougahara.

After Kaiki backs down and offers to pack up and leave, we get this interaction:

“So why is a con man like you doing what I want?
It would be easy to talk me into doing whatever you wished.
Like before.”
– Hitagi

“Senjougahara, you have the wrong idea about me.
No, you have the right idea. You merely overestimate me.
The person you view as your enemy is just a pathetic,

middle-aged man.
Even as a con man, he’s a minor and shabby one.
Or did I seem like some sort of monster to you?”
– Kaiki

Hitagi has Kaiki built up as this mega-villain. A man who is so dangerous, that she felt it was prudent to chain her boyfriend up in order to protect him. Despite her attitude in this interaction, where she downplays this feeling, there’s no doubt that Hitagi indeed does have Kaiki built up as this very dangerous man.

Certainly Kaiki is very sinister, but dangerous?

The topic shifts a little, with Kaiki turning to Koyomi. This is the interaction that tells us a great deal about Kaiki, who he is, and why he is indeed a fake.

“I feel an unpleasant presence from your shadow.
And it appears you’ve taken half of your sister’s pain upon yourself.
To do something so risky for no money.”
– Kaiki

“Do you know about the supernatural?”
– Koyomi

“That’s a less interesting question than I expected…
You’re ruining my fun, Araragi.

For example, do you believe in ghosts?
You understand the mind of someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts but is still scared of them, right?
I’m something similar.

So let me answer your question this way…
I know nothing about the supernatural.
But I know those who do.

Ever heard of the fire-wreathe bee?”
– Kaiki

Koyomi goes on to explain what Shinobu had told him about the bee. Kaiki then proceeds to tell him that he is correct, but incorrect. The story is real, but it was a fabrication. The bee never existed to begin with. Falsified history.

“My sister who was stung with the fire-wreathe bee…
Is it true she’ll recover even if we do nothing?”
– Koyomi

“Of course. There are no monsters.
And thus, no victims.
You think that they exist, so you feel like they’re there.
Let me be clear…
Don’t involve me in your delusions.”
– Kaiki

Koyomi then marvels at how Kaiki is indeed a fake. And that’s what these words reveal to us. Kaiki doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but he knows those that do. Instead, he refers to the supernatural as mere delusion.

Weird, right?
There’s a little more here.

“And you’ve taken half of it upon yourself.
It may not even take three days.
I don’t know how you did it, but that’s impressive.

But that means, Araragi, that you and I will never accept one another.”
– Kaiki

I also forgot to mention this, something Kaiki tells Koyomi about what he did to Karen.

“It’s called instant hypnosis.
She’ll recover health within the next three days.”
– Kaiki

When we add this all up, what do we get?

We get a fake. Kaiki never used anything supernatural on Karen, he only convinced her that he had. That’s why he told her she had an active imagination at the time. After all, the fire-wreathe bee never existed.

Or did it?

Honestly, Kaiki’s deal is very interesting, and it almost seems contradictory. But somehow it all makes sense. He doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but a small part of him does. Just like someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts, but still fears them.

Which is why he laughs at the idea of Koyomi taking half of Karen’s sickness upon himself – because it was a delusion to begin with. And somehow, Koyomi still took part of it.

It brings up the question, did the fire-wreathe bee exist? Was the sickness a delusion, product of instant hypnosis, or did Kaiki actually inflict Karen with it’s sting, without even realizing that he was doing it?

That question is the reason why Kaiki says that he and Koyomi could never get along. Because their worldview is contradictory. Technically, from our perspective, both possibilities can be true. It’s very possible that Kaiki did in fact unknowingly sting Karen with something supernatural. But it’s also possible he didn’t.

Only one side is actually true though, and Kaiki / Koyomi will always hold opposing views on that truth.

What impresses me is how Kaiki is able to hold this worldview, but still interact with people like Koyomi. For example, does Kaiki know about Shinobu? Or perhaps he just picked up on something based on Koyomi’s body language, like his eyes drifting towards his shadow or something? He probably could tell that Koyomi had taken part of the sickness too, based on Koyomi’s skin tone.

To further reinforce the fact that the sting could both be real, but not real – Meme Oshino spoke to Shinobu of it. And Oshino is no pushover, he knows his stuff. If he educated Shinobu on the fire-wreathe bee, chances are it can be an apparition of some kind.

So perhaps Kaiki did somehow summon the fire-wreathe bee in order to sting Karen. Either way, he himself doesn’t believe he did, and that it was only hypnosis, tricking her to believe she was stung. Which is also very possible.

After all, people most certainly can suffer placebo and mentally induced conditions.

In the end, what this all tells us for certain, is that Kaiki is without a doubt, a fake when it comes to the supernatural. A bone fide fake that can still be as real as the real thing. Or perhaps, even more dangerous than the real thing as he himself doesn’t realize what he’s doing. That was an idea Shinobu brought up earlier, during the bath scene.

Wrapping Up…

And that just about does it for Kaiki Deishuu, for now.
There will be much more of him to come, but not for a little while.

His past with Hitagi is a little more complicated than what we know so far. Not only this, but his very character is more complicated. Naturally I look forward to pointing out more details pertaining to Kaiki when the time comes.

First though, it’s about time we moved onto the next arc of Nisemonogatari.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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