Nisemonogatari Episode 7 – Karen Bee, Part Seven (Pt. 2)

With the Karen part of Karen Bee all wrapped up, all that’s left is to look at Kaiki’s contributions to the conclusion of Karen Bee!

Which once again, ended up being too much for a single post…

Hitagi & Kaiki

I will be bouncing around a little in order to keep everything together. First up on the topic list is Hitagi Senjougahara and Kaiki Deishuu. Their past relationship, and Kaiki’s preception of Hitagi.

Naturally, some dialogue to start us off:

“Your charm is gone, Senjougahara.
You’ve become a normal girl.”
– Kaiki

I never wanted to see you again.
Actually, that’s a lie. I never wanted to see you in the first place.
But I can say this now… I’ve been wanting to see you, Kaiki-san.”
– Hitagi

“I didn’t want to see you now that you’re just a normal girl.
The last time we met, you shone like darkness.
No, better to say you’d attained a level of enlightenment.
Someone well worth deceiving…”
– Kaiki

Interesting words, that Hitagi “shone like darkness”. What is Kaiki meaning by this, when he calls Hitagi a normal girl? What we know is that Hitagi didn’t bear the weight of her emotions back then. Meaning that she perhaps was a more cold and calculating person.

When you think back to when Koyomi Araragi first met her, this makes sense. In fact, whenever Kaiki mentions the old Hitagi, that’s probably the best image to think of – the Hitagi that put a staple in Koyomi’s mouth and threatened to kill him for learning her secret.

The topic shifts a little, with Kaiki caving and offering to leave town, explaining Karen Araragi’s sickness to Koyomi, and apologizing for what happened with Hitagi’s family. Then Hitagi insists that he do a better job of repenting.

“I’d prefer if you didn’t upset me.
I’m doing everything I can to hold myself back now.
Refraining from killing you is very difficult.”
– Hitagi

“So it seems.
And it’s in that respect that you’ve become normal.
The old you would have never held back.”
– Kaiki

Once again, this is in line with the Hitagi that Koyomi had first met, when she still had the crab.

Things once again switch topic, but eventually it comes back to Hitagi:

“You can’t do anything for the victims anyway.
Even if you tried, you’d just end up stealing more from them.”
– Hitagi

“I’m sure I would.
I’m a con man.
The whole atonement thing was a lie too.

You probably don’t want to understand this,

but for me,
making money isn’t a matter of profit and loss.”
– Kaiki

“That’s the part of you…”
– Hitagi

“The “part of me” you what? No answer?
You really have grown up to be boring…
Dramatic or not, you used to be wonderful.
And now you’re just boring.”
– Kaiki

Kaiki doesn’t mince words, and he takes pride in what he is. Which is why he has no problems calling himself evil, a con man, in it for the money. But then he says that it’s not a matter of profit and loss.

What does he mean by this?

I think the best reasoning for these words is simply that Kaiki likes making money. It’s not about maximizing his efficiency, or hoarding money, or minimizing losses, it’s just about making money. In other words, he doesn’t really care if he loses money. He just likes making it.

Which also means that Kaiki isn’t afraid to lose money, or act in ways that may result in him losing money. I believe that this is why Kaiki words this as something that is hard to understand, or that someone wouldn’t want to understand. It reveals a lot about his character. It also means that Kaiki is prone to acting in an unpredictable manner.

As he is about to depart, Kaiki tells Hitagi that the man who once attempted to rape her had died in a car accident. In a place that had nothing to do with her, in a way that had nothing to do with her. She gets angry at him, not understanding why he’d know such a thing, not sure what is a lie and what isn’t.

“The man who’d forgotten about me until this morning wouldn’t know a thing about the man who tried to rape me.”
– Hitagi

“Senjougahara, try to see past the surface of things.
It’s possible that the fact that I’d forgotten about you was a lie, right?”
– Kaiki

“A lie?
That’s a lie…”
– Hitagi

“Does it matter if it’s a lie?
There’s no such thing as truth in this world.

Don’t worry.
The fact that you were once in love with me doesn’t count as cheating.
It isn’t fair to me if you hate me in an attempt at loyalty to your current lover.

I’ll say it again.
The past is merely the past.
There’s no value in overcoming it or catching up to it.
A woman like you shouldn’t be bound by such stupid emotions.
Just be happy with the man you have.

– Kaiki

A couple points here.

First off is the fact that Kaiki brought up the man who tried to rape Hitagi. She is shocked that he would remember that man, or keep tabs on him. Because Hitagi believed that Kaiki just discarded her after he deceived her. Why would Kaiki keep tabs on that man?

All I’ll say on this detail is that Kaiki must think of Hitagi as something more than just a nameless face, or a faceless name to discard and forget about. She left some sort of impression on him, enough of one for him to actually follow up on what happened to that man that attempted to rape her.

Second is that Hitagi once loved Kaiki. She explains this to Koyomi by saying that she was desperate, and probably would have fallen for anyone who could save her.

I think there’s a little more to it than that.

Kaiki said that Hitagi once “shone like darkness”, after all.

Perhaps at the time she was a much more cynical person. In fact, I’d be willing to bet she was, with the loss of her emotions. I think that Hitagi’s cynicism is what impressed Kaiki at the time. Would this be enough for her to fall in love with him though?

Well, there’s actually much more to this story, but you’ll have to wait till we get to Monogatari Second Season to find out, because this is as far as we go in this episode!

Wrapping Up…

Yeah, I did it again. What can I say, these are some great topics to dive into. Kaiki is one of my favourite characters in the Monogatari Series.

So naturally the topics pertaining to him, such as Hitagi, are of great interest to me. Plus, I’ve already written at length about Kaiki before, so I do know a thing or two!

Anyways, we’ll wrap this one up in one more post, I promise.
Next up, everything we learn about Kaiki Deishuu himself!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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