Nisemonogatari Episode 6 – Karen Bee, Part Six

Karen Bee sure has a lot of parts! But that’s because it’s filled with so many amazing off-topic scenes and fun banter between Koyomi and other characters!

Part six it is.


After taking half of Karen Araragi’s illness upon himself, Koyomi Araragi heads out to see Hitagi Senjougahara. On his way, he runs into Mayoi Hachikuji. The two chat for a bit, and then part ways as they get closer to Hitagi’s place.

Koyomi then chats with Hitagi about Kaiki Deishuu, as she had arranged to meet him (she had one of his old business cards from when he scammed her). The two end up reaching an agreement in that Koyomi will accompany her, on one condition, that she has yet to state. Hitagi plans on using this meeting to put the past behind her. The two of them will meet up at 5pm before going to see Kaiki.

Afterwards, Koyomi heads home to a panicked Tsukihi Araragi who mentions that Karen had left. Koyomi runs out to search for her when Shinobu appears out of his shadow and offers to help.

What’s an Adult Anyways?

During his chat with Mayoi, Koyomi brings up the topic of adulthood. Once again, this is off-topic, but I thought it was a cool scene that touches upon Koyomi’s sisters.

“Hachikuji, when do you think you become an adult?”
– Koyomi

“Not when you’re still saying things like that.
In Japan, you officially become an adult at twenty,

but it changes, depending on the era.
Some people consider you an adult once you’re working.
But you can be an adult without a job.”
– Mayoi

“You can become an adult just by aging, huh.
I guess telling two girls in their second and third year of middle school to grow up is asking too much.
Age-wise, they’re kids.”
– Koyomi

“That’s the point!
It’s natural for a middle schooler to be a kid.
But the fact that they don’t realize they’re kids is the problem.
They may still be better than adults who don’t think they’re adults.”
– Mayoi

And before you wonder how Mayoi, this elementary school aged girl could possess such wisdom, it’s because she’s much older than that. She died many years ago and has been a lost / wandering spirit since. Although I’m sure you all remember that still.

She’s an adult in a child’s body, which is how she regards herself!

Foreshadowing.. Just Kidding?

When Koyomi and Mayoi part ways, we get this little quip from Koyomi’s inner monologue:

But at the time, I didn’t know what would happen to the cheerful young girl named Hachikuji Mayoi. Just kidding.

Possible foreshadowing?
I think so, even though he sort of retracts it. Remember Koyomi is the narrator of the Monogatari Series, although it doesn’t seem like it most of the time.

Reason I wanted to point this out was because we already had some foreshadowing with Mayoi previously, where she asked Koyomi if he would come to her rescue again in the future.

Hitagi Senjougahara

We get some more funny moments featuring Hitagi and her fear of Tsubasa Hanekawa.

“By the way, I talked to Hanekawa-san afterwards…”
– Koyomi

Did Hanekawa-sama…
I mean, Hanekawa-san say anything about me?”
– Hitagi

“Did you just say “Hanekawa-sama””?
– Koyomi

“I-I did not.
There is no bullying occurring at my school.”
– Hitagi

“You’re being bullied? You?
I mean, given the way you act, I can see why you might attract Hanekawa’s attention. But don’t say you’re being bullied…
That’s mean.”
– Koyomi

“I’m not saying that.
I’m polishing her shoes every morning because I enjoy doing so.”
– Hitagi

The conversation shifts to Kaiki for a bit after that. Koyomi explains how Karen had gotten involved with him, which now makes this Koyomi’s business also. Hitagi once again brings up her past with Kaiki, and how he tore her family apart. She admits it would have happened anyways, but she still thinks Kaiki can bear part of the blame because he sped up the process.

Koyomi then realizes that Hitagi feels so strongly about this because she no longer has the crab. When Hitagi had the crab, it fed on her emotions, and kept them at bay. She wasn’t able to feel outraged, angry, sad, anything really about what had happened. The crab prevented that.

But now that it’s gone, Hitagi is feeling all of these things that she should have felt back then.

After some back and forth, Koyomi goes on a spiel about his love for Hitagi, and how even if she went to jail for murder he’d visit her every day and love her. This gets Hitagi a little worked up, and she allows him to accompany her to see Kaiki, on one condition, that we don’t know yet.

And then we get a combination of more Tsubasa bullying and Hitagi’s intentions with this meeting all in one:

“By meeting with Kaiki, I intend to resolve things with myself.
Just like my master cut…
I mean, Hanekawa-san cut her hair.”
– Hitagi

“That’s a remarkable mistake to make!
And not something I can pretend I didn’t hear!”
– Koyomi

“I’m not being threatened.”
– Hitagi

“You’re being threatened? By Hanekawa?”
– Koyomi

“No matter where I am,
it’s natural that I should kneel before Hanekawa-san.”
– Hitagi

“No matter where you are?”
– Koyomi

“Just as Hanekawa-san… as Hanekawa-san cut her hair.
Just as doing that let her move forward, by confronting Kaiki,
I can finally leave my past behind.
I’m going to move forward.”
– Hitagi

And there you have it. Hitagi intends to move forward with this meeting, and put her own past behind her. Seems straightforward enough, right? The only thing we don’t know is her condition for letting Koyomi accompany her.

Wrapping Up…

Koyomi arrives home to Tsukihi in a panic. She doesn’t know where Karen has gone, only that she’s gone. Koyomi proclaims that he is angry once again, and heads out to look for her. And that’s when Shinobu appears, offering her services in her usual prideful way.

“I’ve told you several times that the bonds of a vampire
are bonds of the soul, right?

Thus, for any order you give me,
no matter how much I may want to refuse,
I cannot.”
– Shinobu

“It isn’t an order.
I’m not in a position to order you.”
– Koyomi

“Then I won’t do it, idiot.
What you just saw was me saying I’d help you,

but I’d rather not say so.”
– Shinobu

I just loved how Shinobu tried to offer her help in a prideful way, and Koyomi just refuses. Only for her to cave, call him an idiot, and explain herself. Just a funny little scene.

Shinobu is apparently able to sense Karen’s blood, because it’s similar to Koyomi’s. I actually don’t remember where she is, so I’m a little interested to find out once again.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.


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