It’s Time for… The Bee Love Tag!

What are the rules for this tag? I don’t know.
I was tagged a while back by Average Joe Reviews (hope you’re doing alright!), and he wrote about To-Love-Ru.

I’m not quite sure what I should write about for my tag!
I guess this is just a regular post with a tag attached to it for some reason!

Well, speaking of bees, I’ve had the slight misfortune of being visited in my apartment by black wasps. I actually just managed to catch one in-between my glass and screen doors as I was writing the title for this post! Someway or another they are managing to sneak in via my patio doors, open or closed. Then they sit on the paper doors and just chill there.

For reference, I’ve got three sets of doors: screen doors, glass doors, and then paper doors.

I’m pretty sure bees are attracted to bright colours, for obvious reasons. And while I know wasps don’t pollinate as much as bees, it’s possible these wasps are drawn to the white paper doors thinking they are flowers. When one got inside one morning I watched it for a little bit and it looked like it was rubbing it’s…dirty little paws… on the paper.

I don’t want to use bug spray and stain my nice paper doors, and I don’t want to slap (kill) the wasp on the paper. So I have to try and get em into a container so I can release them outside. It’s tough business, I tell ya.

I need to get some tape and just do my best around the doors, but so far it’s only been like one wasp per week or two so I’ve been lazy about going to the home improvement store. Tomorrow maybe I’ll go. (Future Yomu here – I didn’t go).

But these black wasps, while certainly large by Canadian standards, aren’t the worst thing I’ve seen here.

Just the other day, while at my desk in the faculty office, a teacher a few desks down from mine noticed something on the floor. He said “dekai kumo” to himself a few times. Then another teacher walked by and agreed “sou na. dekai kumo.” before walking away. After hearing that I realized they weren’t talking about clouds, so I looked over and there on the ground was a spider the size of my hand. No exaggeration, the size of my hand. Pretty sure it was a huntsman spider, or at least it looked like one.

The teacher who was basically sitting right above the spider got up and grabbed a sheet of paper and went to step on the spider, using the paper, but the spider ran underneath the desks. We both looked and couldn’t see it. He then turns to me and in Japanese basically tells me “Well, it probably won’t hurt anyone anyways” and goes back to work. Not wanting to look like I was afraid of this spider lurking under the desks, now the biggest I’ve ever seen in real life, I just sort of agreed “Tashikani…..“.

After that I was just counting the minutes until my next class so I could get out of there, all while keeping a close eye on my feet for this dekai kumo.

I didn’t hear anything else of it after that until lunch time, where the vice principal was talking about a kumo to one of the other teachers. So I figure they must have found it while I was in class, thankfully!

Well, I don’t really have any love for wasps or spiders, but that’s just what this post has turned into. I think my apartment is relatively safe from spiders like that simply because I’m on the second floor. That big spider probably just walked right into the faculty office, because the doors (to the outside) are basically open all day.

If I ever see a huntsman spider like that just perched in one of the corners of my apartment, well I hope the building owner has fire insurance. It’s either that, or I’ll be in the hospital shortly after due to excessive gas inhalation. I’ll do what I gotta do to survive.

I guess I’ll tag some people because there’s no rules anyways, so it can’t be that hard to deliver right?

And that’s all I’ve got for The Bee Love Tag.
Kind of a random one, but hey I sort of talked about bees in here and it just turned into an insect post.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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