Nisemonogatari Episode 3 – Karen Bee, Part Three

It’s time for more Karen Bee, although we actually only get two words from Karen Araragi all episode! It’s also one of my favourite episodes from this season, as we get to meet my favourite Monogatari Series character for the first time!


Koyomi Araragi finishes up cleaning Suruga Kanbaru’s room, and so the two sit down to play some cards, before Koyomi leaves. Outside her house, he encounters an ominous man who says some words to him before leaving. He gives his name: Kaiki.

On his way home, Koyomi runs into Hitagi Senjougahara. After grilling him for not studying with Tsubasa, and hanging out with other women, Koyomi mentions how he ran into a sinister man, named Kaiki. The moment she hears the name, Hitagi knocks Koyomi out and chains him up at the abandoned cram school.

We then jump to the next morning, where we left off a few episodes ago, on the 30th. Hitagi explains that she is keeping Koyomi there until Kaiki leaves, because he is a dangerous man. However, Koyomi then gets a message from his sister, Karen, of two words: “help me”. Koyomi immediately breaks the chains and tells Hitagi he is leaving. As he is about to leave, Tsubasa Hanekawa calls and speaks to Hitagi, whose demeanor changes. Hitagi then apologizes to Koyomi.

Cards with Suruga

I’ve got a lot to write this post, so I’ll try and keep this brief. There was one interesting moment that happened between Suruga and Koyomi while they were chatting / playing cards. The topic of marriage comes up, and this it ends up at this:

“Actually, if I married Hanekawa, wouldn’t Senjougahara kill her too?
I wouldn’t want that. Didn’t I tell you?
I’m more grateful to Hanekawa than to anyone else.”
– Koyomi

Hanekawa-senpai and Senjougahara-senpai…
Well, you don’t need to worry about that relationship.”
– Suruga

– Koyomi

“They have their own little world, you know?
I’m not terribly pleased about the situation.
But since those two are happy with it,

it isn’t my place to say anything.”
– Suruga

Interesting piece of dialogue, right? What could Suruga be referring to when she speaks like this? Last episode, Suruga even admitted that Hitagi would kill her if she seriously made any moves on Koyomi. What’s so special about Tsubasa…?

Kaiki, the Sinister Man

Koyomi exits the Kanbaru household, only to find a sinister man standing outside. The man asks Koyomi if he lives there, and a short conversation ensues. Here’s an interesting piece from it:

“And I have no particular business with this household.
However… I’ve heard that the Gaen child lives here.
I don’t have anything to do here, but I thought I might take a look.
That’s all.”
– Kaiki

Isn’t that the maiden name of Kanbaru’s mother?
Then her child would be Kanbaru Suruga?

– Koyomi

“But I’ve wasted my time. I hardly feel any aura at all.
One-third, I’d say… It won’t cause problems if I ignore it.
No, I have no choice but to ignore it.
Unfortunately, there’s no money to be made.
The lesson for me here is that even if the truth is as one suspects,

it may still be worthless.”
– Kaiki

What could this mean? Truthfully, it’s not something we need to pay much attention to right this moment. If anything, it’s a little hint into why Kaiki is in town. I believe that what’s important to take away here is simply that Kaiki had some reason for scoping out Suruga’s house, and then decided to leave.

In addition to this though, we learn a little bit about Kaiki based on what Koyomi senses from him – he has an aura like that of Oshino… but Koyomi then concludes that Kaiki was more like Guillotine Cutter. Koyomi then decides to follow Kaiki, but his intuition stops him, as he realizes getting involved with Kaiki seems like a bad idea.

Hitagi & Kaiki

While chained up, Koyomi presses Hitagi about Kaiki. As she normally wouldn’t go to the lengths she has, unless she had a real good reason for it.

“Kaiki Deishuu.
That’s his name. Kaiki is an uncommon name.
If you saw him and “sinister” sprang to mind, that’s him.
I know no other man who suits that term so well.

Yes, just as you know nothing at all,
I never imagined he’d return to this town…
Surprising, inexplicable…
Honestly, I didn’t expect it in the slightest.”
– Hitagi

“What’s he like?
It’s unusual for you to have such animosity for someone.”
– Koyomi

“Kaiki is a fraud.
You and Oshino-san solved my problem, as I’m sure you recall.
And did I not tell you?
How, before you introduced me to Oshino-san, I met with five con men.
Kaiki was one of them. The first.”
– Hitagi

“Regardless of whether or not he is real or a fake…”
– Koyomi

“He’s a fake, but he’s a master con man.
My entire family and I have suffered greatly at his hands.
He did a few tricks, took our money,

and vanished without helping at all.”
– Hitagi

After this, Hitagi goes on to tell Koyomi that she wants him to have nothing to do with Kaiki, and that she will keep Koyomi chained up in the cram school until she figures out why Kaiki is in town, and when he is leaving.

Playtime is Over

Koyomi receives a text message, and so Hitagi pulls his phone out of his pocket and shows it to him. Immediately, he breaks the chains that were binding him, in a very dramatic fashion. It’s an awesome scene, and I love how within mere seconds of seeing the message Koyomi is completely convicted to helping his sister, no hesitation whatsoever.

“I have somewhere I need to be.
That’s enough playing around.”
– Koyomi

Add to this that this is Hitagi he is talking to! She’s not exactly the type to respond well to assertivenes like this. And she pushes back at first, but eventually Koyomi wins her over – because if he didn’t go now, he wouldn’t be the man she fell in love with.

I think this is one of the more memorable moments in this season, and it’s certainly one of my favourite. Just the way Koyomi’s attitude completely changes when he sees that message. It’s amazing.

Tsubasa & Hitagi

Last bit to mention here.

Earlier, we learned from Suruga that Hitagi and Tsubasa have some sort of arrangement going on. And now, Hitagi speaks to Tsubasa on the phone with the timidness of a shy child. Hitagi stutters, she caves to whatever it is that Tsubasa was telling her, she apologizes, and.. well, I’ll just show you the dialogue.

“That’s a misunderstanding…
I never said a word about that.
Wait a second… You don’t have to do that..
That wasn’t the deal. Stop, please…
Give me some time.

All right.
I’ll do everything you say.”
– Hitagi

What could Tsubasa possibly have over Hitagi to cause her to act in this way? While I know the answer, I won’t give it away just yet. And I’m not sure exactly how obvious it is, although I feel like if you really think about it you should be able to figure it out!

Wrapping Up…

I’ll keep this conclusion short. I really love this episode – from meeting Kaiki, to seeing Koyomi break out of those handcuffs the instant he sees his sister asking for help, to Hitagi’s phone call with Tsubasa… There were a lot of great and interesting moments this episode.

There was also some great banter with Suruga as well as Hitagi, but this post has gone on long enough as it is!

So we’ll leave it at that.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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