Nisemonogatari Episode 2 – Karen Bee, Part Two

Where we had last left off, Koyomi Araragi was on his way to Nadeko Sengoku’s house when he ran into Mayoi Hachikuji, who he proceeded to spend some time with.


Koyomi arrives at Nadeko’s house to find Nadeko dressed up in a very revealing outfit. They end up playing The Game of Life and Nadeko tells Koyomi about what she’d heard regarding the fire sisters (Karen and Tsukihi) going after the source of the curses that had spread throughout middle schools in the area. Nadeko’s mom then comes home earlier than expected, and Koyomi ends up leaving.

With his day still free, Koyomi calls up Suruga Kanbaru to ask her if he can go to her place to help clean her room, something he was already going to do on the 30th. On his way he runs into Karen. The two have a short conversation and Karen announces that she’ll have a heroic story to share with him that night.

Koyomi then goes to Suruga’s and helps her clean her room, all while chatting about various things. Koyomi ends up teasing Suruga about her identity as a pervert and she sexually assaults him.

A Pair of Fakes

At the beginning of the episode we get to hear Koyomi’s thoughts on his two sisters.

We learn about how Karen, 15 years old, is very tomboyish, athletic, good at fighting, and doesn’t care much for her appearance.

And we learn about Tsukihi, 14 years old, and how she is very feminine, pretty, and not very physical – but very aggressive, moreso than Karen. Tsukihi also has a short temper, and is prone to loud outbursts.

Together, they form the “Fire Sisters”, and fight for justice. What exactly they do we don’t find out, but it’s likely they go after bullies and things like this. The sort of things that a hero of justice would do in middle school. Which is also why we find out that Karen is going after whoever was responsible for spreading the curses around.

As for what Koyomi thinks of these two?

“Araragi Karen and Araragi Tsukihi,
the actions of the Fire Sisters,
are nothing but a game.

Because, my dear little sisters,
you are irredeemable fakes.”
– Koyomi

They’re just a couple of middle school girls running around and helping people, exacting justice, for fun. He recognizes that this is exactly what it is, and nothing more. The idea that they are doing these things out of selfless concern for their peers is a lie. They do it for fun. Even if they do help people, which we don’t even know if this is the case, it’s all just a game to them.

It’s the harsh truth. And while Koyomi is another side of the same coin when compared to his sisters, he also understands just how serious things can get when you commit to helping others. He does it too, but naturally, he looks down on his sisters who haven’t realized how serious their game can become. And of course he also is concerned for them, because they’re still innocent and haven’t been caught up in anything serious yet.

A Pair of Perverts

But in different ways.

Aside from the information about Karen, nothing too important happens at Nadeko’s place.

A few other points of note would be that Nadeko obviously dressed sleazy and wanted to play games like the King’s Game and Twister to seduce Koyomi. We already knew she liked him, so I guess it’s not that surprising. She is quite forward though, which is something we only see when she is with Koyomi.

Aside from that, we also discover that Nadeko has a closet that she doesn’t want anyone to enter. She tells Koyomi that she would hate even him if he looked inside – not that he could, because there is a fancy digital lock on it!

Then there’s Suruga, the girl who has made being a pervert a part of her persona. She intentionally strips down and acts perverted around Koyomi, teasing him in a very bold way, as she seems to have no inhibition whatsoever.

I didn’t catch anything important from these interactions between her and Koyomi, from a plot standpoint.

It was still entertaining though. Koyomi is cleaning her room, and he discovers some BL books. He then begins to tease her after looking at one of the books.

“I was just thinking you like’em handsome…
Maybe you aren’t really a big pervert.
Don’t all girls like handsome guys?
So it’s natural to enjoy seeing handsome guys together.
It’s basically like an idol group, right?”
– Koyomi

“P-Please don’t use simplified examples!”
– Suruga

“It’s not as if you only like guys who weigh more than 100kg,
or are turned on by the smell of old men.”
– Koyomi

“Um.. well.. about that…
If you say that to me, there’s nothing else I can do…
I’ll strip! I’ll strip right now!”
– Suruga

“No, no, no, no.
When you think about it, being undressed at home is actually pretty normal…”
– Koyomi

After a bit more teasing…

“That’s.. no!
I just happen to have a lot of books like that around here!
There’s harder BL on a lower stratum!
I know that BL is more than just handsome guys!
Come on, keep looking!”
– Suruga

“Come on, Kanbaru.
If you actually have to look for it, it isn’t really..”
– Koyomi

After that, Suruga tackles Koyomi to the ground and sexually assaults him, causing him to act just like Mayoi when he sexually assaults her. He vows to never do such a thing again.

Wrapping Up…

Once again, because there are 7 episodes in the Karen Bee arc, we’re going to have a much slower pace. Personally, as a huge fan of the fluff interactions we get between characters, I love it. But I’ll admit it doesn’t give me too much to point out, from a foreshadowing / plot perspective.

Which is why I’ve instead been highlighting some fun dialogue that isn’t really important, but was still enjoyable to experience. Hopefully you all enjoy these parts too, when I add them in.

This episode, we learned more about the Fire Sisters, that Karen is up to something “heroic”, and that Nadeko still loves Koyomi. Also, Suruga is still a pervert.

Remember, it’s still July 29th.
And that Koyomi will soon be kidnapped by Hitagi.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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