Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen (Pt. 1)

And now for the final Kizumonogatari movie, and the conclusion to the story of where everything began, and why things ended up the way they did.


With Guillotine Cutter defeated, Koyomi Araragi now has Kiss-Shot’s remaining limbs. In addition, Meme Oshino produces her heart – something that he himself had snatched from her, and the reason why the three vampire hunters were able to defeat Kiss-Shot in the first place.

Kiss-Shot, overjoyed that she is back to her regular self, asks Koyomi to spend some time with her. After some conversation, Koyomi goes to get some snacks. But when he returns, he finds Kiss-Shot feeding on the corpse of Guillotine Cutter. Koyomi becomes alarmed and flees, and begins questioning everything that he had done to save this human-eating monster.

Koyomi calls Tsubasa Hanekawa and she visits him. They have an intimate moment, and Tsubasa convinces Koyomi to live. But to do so, this means he would have to kill Kiss-Shot, and atone for his sins.

Koyomi and Kiss-Shot meet at a track-and-field stadium, and after exchanging some words, begin to fight each other. After some time, Tsubasa, who was watching, runs out to tell Koyomi something. Kiss-Shot becomes irritated at Tsubasa, and Koyomi jumps on her and begins sucking her blood in order to protect Tsubasa. He drains enough of her blood that she no longer has the strength to stand. Then it is revealed that Kiss-Shot had intended on dying in order to restore Koyomi’s humanity.

Koyomi, refusing to accept killing Kiss-Shot after finding out that she wanted to die for him, summons Oshino who he knew was watching. He then gives Oshino a job – tell him how to satisfy everyone. Oshino explains that it is impossible, but that there is a way to leave everyone dissatisfied.

And Koyomi does it. He drains Kiss-Shot’s blood until she is bordering death, but without killing her. This leaves her in an extremely weak state below that of even a vampire, a pseudo vampire human. And it almost cures Koyomi’s vampirism, but not quite, leaving him as a pseudo human vampire. The only way to keep Kiss-Shot alive onwards is for Koyomi to feed her his blood, tying the two together for the rest of their lives.

Tsubasa Hanekawa

That’s right, this post is going to be the Tsubasa post, and the next one will be the Kiss-Shot post. Main reason for this is just because I feel like I have more to say (which basically means there’s more dialogue I want to share) pertaining to Kiss-Shot, so I’ll do that on the post that doesn’t have a synopsis.

Tsubasa isn’t quite the main character this time around, as she really was the focus of Kizumonogatari II. But she’s still here, and her relationship with Koyomi is a central theme of the movies. So I feel like it only makes sense to once again write about her here.

So here is the situation: Koyomi has just saved Tsubasa after she was kidnapped by Guillotine Cutter. He then parted ways with Tsubasa, met with Oshino, obtained Kiss-Shot’s heart and remaining limbs, and restored Kiss-Shot to her full power. He then spent the night with Kiss-Shot, went to get food, returned to find her eating a human, and spent the remainder of his night in the cram school’s gym storage room.

Koyomi’s entire world was flipped upside down with what he saw of Kiss-Shot. And after much thought, he decided that to atone for his sins, he had to die. In desperation he pulls out his phone, even though he had deleted Tsubasa’s contact information from it. He’s grasping at straws here, he needs someone to talk to.

Tears well up in his eyes when he sees that Tsubasa had re-added her contact info to his phone without him noticing.

By the time Tsubasa arrives it’s already morning.

Tsubasa begins by teasing Koyomi about having brought her to an abandoned gym storage room, and about trying to sneak a view at her panties. Koyomi responds that Tsubasa just doesn’t understand how much of a gentleman he is.

“Well, if you are speaking the truth,
I’m looking forward to seeing it.”
– Tsubasa

“Looking forward… to what?”
– Koyomi

“Well, when the new school term starts,
I’ll be able to see lots and lots of your gentle side, won’t I?”
– Tsubasa

And then, Tsubasa, in all her genius, says something that shows she had Koyomi completely figured out, before he could even say anything.

“That’s why.. you can’t die!
You’re not allowed to die.
If you’re thinking about things like that,
it just proves that you’re running away from your feelings.”
– Tsubasa

“You’re amazing.
You’re.. incredible.
When I’m here with you,
I finally realize what an insignificant human I am.
If I hadn’t met you, I probably would have died a lot earlier.”
– Koyomi

She really is amazing, isn’t she?

It’s mind boggling that after all they went through, Koyomi ended up with Hitagi. Someone that he met and saved in a single day.

All of spring break Koyomi was with Tsubasa, through the good and the bad. Things were tense, things were relaxed. Tsubasa nearly gave her life for Koyomi, and Koyomi incurred a debt that in his mind he could never repay.

And then when Koyomi has all but given up and is ready to die, Tsubasa arrives, like his guardian angel, to pick him up, and save him once again.

In addition, Tsubasa offers her body to Koyomi after he asks to fondle her breasts, before his big fight with Kiss-Shot. She offers him everything, but Koyomi gets cold feet. However, he does say this line:

“Then how about, we pick this up in the new semester?”
– Koyomi

So once again the idea of Koyomi being with Tsubasa in the next school year is brought up. It was brought up last movie, it was brought up by Tsubasa earlier, and now it was brought up by Koyomi. Even though this particular line could be seen as Koyomi asking to pick up the physical intimacy in the school year, I think what he meant here was their friendship. And judging by Tsubasa’s reaction, she feels similar, although I think she assumed it would be a little more than just friendship.

And so going back to Hitagi, I’m not throwing any shade at Hitagi or anything with this comparison. It’s just amazing that things happen the way they do. One thing that is for sure, is that Koyomi really should not have been as surprised as he was when he learned of Tsubasa’s love for him.

Wrapping Up…

Tsubasa plays a role in the fight between Koyomi and Kiss-Shot, by trying to tell Koyomi that she thought Kiss-Shot was trying to die on purpose. Kiss-Shot became angry at Tsubasa for trying to interfere with her plan, for trying to spoil it. Kiss-Shot had a good reason for keeping Koyomi in the dark, for making him think that he had no choice but to kill her.

Tsubasa foiled those plans. Had she not been there, Koyomi probably would have killed Kiss-Shot, believing that there was no other way. But because Tsubasa was there, that didn’t happen. Instead, after Kiss-Shot had her blood drained, and Tsubasa brought up Kiss-Shot’s plans, rendering Koyomi unable to kill her.

Thus forcing Koyomi to search for another solution.

You may have realized this by now, but I really love Tsubasa. And the Kizumonogatari movies are so amazing for showing us so much of her, and how amazing she is. Even if she has her own motivations, her kindness still transcends even those.

We’ll be seeing more of Tsubasa, but these movies in my opinion are some of the best moments featuring Tsubasa, so I may as well throw this out there now.

Anyways, next part we’ll take a look at Kiss-Shot and the meat of this third movie.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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