Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen (Pt. 2)

Part 2 time, also the Tsubasa Hanekawa & Koyomi Araragi part.

Pushing Tsubasa Away

Tsubasa runs into Koyomi reading a book about baseball while on one of her evening walks. She opens up by telling Koyomi that she won’t show him her panties this time.

Koyomi responds by literally sounding like a broken record while telling her he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He then pivots to telling her that he was only looking at the lining of her skirt. It’s a really funny scene, the broken record part in particular is hilarious.

Anyways, after that, Tsubasa wants to chat some more, and Koyomi tries to leave. He intentionally tries to bring up subjects to deter her, but Tsubasa is game to talk about anything, because she knows a lot. Finally, Koyomi cuts their chat short and tells her off, saying he was just after her inheritence. Then after the shock from that (not really), he deletes her number from his phone and tells her to leave him alone. Tsubasa runs off.

Honestly, there’s not much analysis to be done about this one. Koyomi was purposely trying to distance himself from Tsubasa, because of the whole vampire situation he has found himself in.

Sarcastically, Koyomi thinks this to himself:

“This way, my strength as a human should’ve gone up a little now.”
– Koyomi

After the Dramaturgy fight, Tsubasa confronts Koyomi. This time, she’s realized that Koyomi didn’t mean the things she said, but that he was just trying to keep her away.

“Araragi, you’re not the type to say such things.
I feel bad making you say things like that.
But you’re forcing yourself because of your current situation, right?
I’m sorry I didn’t notice sooner. I’m sorry!
If you’re in trouble, I want to be of help!”
– Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa is such a sweetheart. Koyomi then tries to push her away again, eventually saying that he was only interested in her body. His final straw is when he tells her that he’ll make up with her if she shows him her panties. She does, and even asks if she should take her shirt off too.

Koyomi completely caves from this, and makes up with her. Later after the fight, he takes her to the cram school. There, Tsubasa gets to see his body that has become quite muscular since becoming a vampire. While he is changing his shirt, Tsubasa approaches Koyomi and touches him.

She gets a little distracted by his body, and then snaps out of it completely embarrassed after Koyomi asks her if she’d touched another guy’s body before, based on the way she was talking about his body.

Tsubasa Intervenes

In the fight with Episode, to be specific. I’m going to spare you all the gore this time, of Tsubasa’s intestines hanging out after a large section of her stomach is removed by Episode’s attack. Even on her deathbed, Tsubasa says the following to Koyomi:

“Pull yourself together.
You’re facing the mist, right?”
– Tsubasa

This information helps Koyomi win the fight, even though he nearly became a monster himself due to his rage. Later, Koyomi describes this experience in more detail. All I wanted to draw attention to here was the fact that Tsubasa, while not entirely intentionally, as she wasn’t expecting to be attacked, indirectly gave her life for Koyomi. Had he not been able to save her, she would have died trying to help him in his fight.


I’m going to just get the dialogue out of the way here.

“I don’t get it.
For instance, if I were you, I couldn’t do what you did for me.
Like being in front of such a dangerous guy when you’re not even immortal. I wouldn’t have the confidence to expose my body like that.
But you do it like it’s no big deal!
You’re really scary.
Honestly, it’s too much.

Don’t be hurt! I don’t mean it that way…
But I have no idea why you go so far for my sake.
I’m just one of your classmates you recently got to know.
I don’t understand how you can be so devoted to me like that!
You’re like a saint.

But your self-sacrifice is too much of a burden for me.
I’m not capable of carrying it.”
– Koyomi

“It’s not self-sacrifice!”
– Tsubasa

“Then, what is it?”
– Koyomi

Araragi-kun, you’ve got the wrong idea about me!
I’m not that good of a person, or that strong of a person!
I just do what I want to do.

And I don’t think there’s a human out there who’s as selfish as I am!
I think I’m sly and try to be wily.
So much so that it really would be too much.

However, if it makes it harder for you to get things done because I’m around, then my help isn’t really helping, is it?
I guess it’s time I was dismissed from the role of errand girl?
It’s true that I don’t really have anything I can do anymore.”
– Tsubasa

“No, there is something you can do.
Wait for me.
In the new term, at that school.
Please wait for me there.

To be able to chat with you again…
I look forward to that with all my heart.”
– Koyomi

Tsubasa’s heart jumps after those words.

“That was close!
I was about to fall in love there.”
– Tsubasa

Is there really any wonder at all as to how Tsubasa fell in love with Koyomi over spring break? After all that these two had gone through already, and then this scene, in a field, during a sunset… how could she not have fallen in love with him?

Koyomi could have asked her to be his girlfriend right then and there, and I guarantee she would have accepted. In fact, she probably could have asked Koyomi and he may have even accepted. Although of the two, I think that Koyomi is the one whose feelings are less sorted out.

I don’t really have to analyze anything here, but I wanted to show that dialogue because of how Bakemonogatari ended, with the reveal that Tsubasa was in love with Koyomi. Because from this scene, it’s fairly obvious why. Koyomi was that catalyst that helped Tsubasa escape her life and the way it was going. She had wanted to meet a vampire, and what she ended up getting was so much more.

Wrapping Up…

And to add insult to injury, as if the sunset field wasn’t enough, Koyomi then saves Tsubasa after she is kidnapped by Guillotine Cutter. To her, Koyomi must be nothing short of Prince Charming himself.

While this movie is filled with action, and Koyomi flexing his vampire muscles, and Kiss-Shot regaining her immortality one limb at a time, I believe that the crux of this movie is Tsubasa. It shows us absolutely everything we needed to see to realize just how obvious it should have been that she was in love with Koyomi.

Bakemonogatari frames the two as friends, but Kizumonogatari reveals they were something more than that for a while, over spring break. At least, I would say that this is something more than friendship, what we witness in this movie.

Immediately after the field scene, we see Koyomi sitting on his own, clearly in the afterglow of what had just happened. It’s only natural to assume that Tsubasa would have felt the same, and that both of them would have been thinking about the other afterwards.

If anything this all just shows how amazing it was that Koyomi didn’t ask Tsubasa out, after all that. It’s almost unbelievable.

But wait, there’s more…!
Or, there will be, once we get to the next movie.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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