Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen (Pt. 1)

Movie 2 time.
Which means we get to see Koyomi Araragi fight some vampire hunters!
Also, more Tsubasa Hanekawa!


Koyomi studies up a bit for his upcoming fight against Dramaturgy, a vampire that hunts vampires, and the first vampire hunter. Tsubasa runs into Koyomi while he is doing this. The two chat for a bit, before Koyomi decides to push Tsubasa away, trying to protect her from the dangers he is going to be involved in.

Koyomi then fights Dramaturgy at his school, and manages to win. Tsubasa reveals herself, having witnessed the fight. Koyomi apologizes to her after she shows him her panties. Tsubasa gets some fresh clothes for Koyomi and they spend some time at the abandoned cram school.

Up next is Episode, a half-human, half-vampire. Episode fights using a giant cross that he throws at his opponent, and uses his vampire abilities to maintain a mist-like appearance. In the action, Tsubasa tries to give Koyomi some advice, causing Episode to throw his cross at her, tearing her stomach open. Koyomi flies into a rage, and ends up defeating Episode at a nearby baseball stadium. For 3 million yen, Oshino agrees to protect Tsubasa going forward, and tells Koyomi how to save her (using his blood).

Later, Koyomi and Tsubasa have a nice moment in some fields near the cram school.

Finally, Koyomi is forced to fight the final vampire hunter, Guillotine Cutter, because Tsubasa was kidnapped by him. Koyomi unleashes his vampire powers, and in a split second, defeats Guillotine Cutter, also causing a giant tree to sprout from the ground.

The Promise Cont’d

We don’t actually get too much in terms of Kiss-Shot this movie, with most of the focus being on Tsubasa and on the vampire hunter fights. But, we still get a little in regards to the promise that Kiss-Shot made to make Koyomi a human again.

“Can I… really return to being a human again?”
– Koyomi

“Of course. You should be able to if you retrieve all of Heart-Under-Blade’s limbs. Didn’t she say so?”
– Oshino

“Yeah, but what I mean…
Isn’t it possible she’s lying?
It’s possible she’s lying in order to regain her limbs.”
– Koyomi

Don’t doubt her like that.
Don’t you feel sorry for her?
To say something like that about the one who saved your life…
You really are ungrateful.”
– Oshino

To be honest, I’m not really sure why Koyomi is questioning this again now. Or why he would distrust Kiss-Shot now. I guess it’s just because he’s returned one of Kiss-Shot’s legs, he’s wondering if she could return him to being a human sooner or something. Due to the fight he was wondering why Kiss-Shot’s limbs didn’t regrow like his did during his fight with Dramaturgy. So I guess there’s some overlap there that created the doubt.

Oshino mentions that Kiss-Shot saved Koyomi’s life, referring to the time that she jumped into the sunlight to save him from burning. The thing is, if Kiss-Shot wanted Koyomi to get her limbs back, it only makes sense she’d save him there. Plus, Koyomi also saved her life, expecting to die. So it’s an odd thing to bring up here.

This whole scene felt a little odd to me. I guess the fight with Dramaturgy helped Koyomi to realize that “this is real”, or something like this, and that caused him to have doubts. Anyways, it was the closest we’re going to get to the promise being brought up in the second movie, as it isn’t brought up again afterwards.

Koyomi Vampire

Won’t spend a lot of time on this, but it’s nice to see Koyomi at his peak, as a vampire. In Bakemonogatari, Oshino tells him before his fight with Suruga that he was less than 1/10th the vampire that he was during spring break. Well, we get to see him at 100%. His arms regrow within minutes, he’s extremely fast, and absurdly strong. The Rainy Devil wouldn’t have stood a chance against vampire Koyomi.

How far he’s fallen! Just kidding. It’s just very enjoyable to watch Koyomi at his peak, because of how it is referred to in Bakemonogatari, and also because the Koyomi we know from Bakemonogatari is a far cry from full vampire Koyomi. But, as Koyomi himself realizes after defeating Guillotine Cutter… it’s not human.

Three Stages of Kiss-Shot

This last part isn’t really anything important, it’s just me wanting to display the three stages of Kiss-Shot that we see in this movie. Because she has several forms as she regains her immortality.

First is child Kiss-Shot, who we know from last movie.

Next is… middle school Kiss-Shot? I’m not certain exactly what age this would be but I’m guessing it’s around there.

And then finally, the best Kiss-Shot, teenage / young adult Kiss-Shot. She does this super cute curtsy to Koyomi when he sees her in this form. Now, I like her full-power form too, but she’s just too perfect in this form! Such a cutie!

Oh, and there’s also a fun little scene when Koyomi brings back Kiss-Shot’s first limb, one of her legs. Oshino opens the bag containing the leg, and Kiss-Shot’s eyes are wide open like it’s Christmas morning. She then tries to jump up and reach her leg, but it’s out of reach.

Wrapping Up…

There will be one more post for this movie, and it will be entirely focused on Tsubasa and Koyomi, because this is the movie that tells all, so to speak. While Tsubasa is still in the third movie, this movie is the one that develops their relationship the most. Too much to go through in this post, with the synopsis and all.

Until then,
Thanks for reading.


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