Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen (Pt. 3)

Ok. Now with Tsubasa’s interactions with Koyomi, and then one of my favourite all-time Monogatari scenes – when Koyomi first meets Kiss-Shot out of the way… we can get to the rest of Kizumonogatari.

The second half of the movie.

The Koyomi vampire part of the movie.

A Proper Introduction

After what could only be described as a very traumatic experience for both parties involved in the subway, Koyomi wakes up several days later in the abandoned cram school next to a little girl. Realizing that it’s been two days, Koyomi begins to leave without really thinking about anything else.

And then the sun breaks through the clouds.
And Koyomi combusts.

In total agony, Koyomi begins to flail and throw his body around, desperately trying to quench the flames. Kiss-Shot, probably from his screaming, wakes up and hops into the sun, also catching fire, to grab Koyomi and bring him to shelter. An ordinary vampire would have disappeared in an instant, but Kiss-Shot and her new kin, Koyomi, are special.

With that, we finally get proper introductions between Koyomi and Kiss-Shot.

There’s a bit of a Q&A between the two, as Koyomi learns a thing or two about what happened and why he is a vampire. We learn about Kiss-Shot as well, why she’s taken on the form of a child, and that her missing limbs need to be recovered.

The Promise

“Can I return to being human?”
– Koyomi

“As I thought, that’s how it is…
I thought you’d ask that.”
– Kiss-Shot

“So.. How about it?
Can I-“
– Koyomi

“You can return.
I guarantee it.
I swear on my name.”
– Kiss-Shot

And then skipping ahead a little…

“In order to return you to a human,
I need to return to my fully powered state.
In other words, my complete form.
Those limbs of mine are absolutely necessary to do that.”
– Kiss-Shot

The reason I’m bringing up this promise, is because it’s central to the Kizumonogatari movies. Very important. And so, it only makes sense that we’d look into all of the interactions involving the promise.

Kiss-Shot sounds a little off when Koyomi first asks the question, if he can return to being human. There are two reasons for that.

One of which being disappointment. After 400 years Kiss-Shot has made only her second minion ever, out of someone who saved her life, and he immediately wants to leave her to go back to being human. From her perspective, I’d have to imagine that him asking that question was a bit sad for her to hear, even if she expected it.

The way Kiss-Shot interacts with Koyomi, and asks for him to pat her head, as well as this reaction to him wanting to become human again, reveals a bit of her lonliness. She hasn’t had a minion for 400 years, meaning she’s been alone for a long time. Finally, someone rolls around who was worthy of becoming her minion, an immortal companion, and he wants out.

The second reason is one that we’ll learn soon enough.

I’m going to fast forward now, to after Koyomi is ambushed by the vampire hunters, and saved by Oshino (what a badass).

Meme Oshino introduces himself to Koyomi and Kiss-Shot, although both have already been acquainted with him. He mentions that he would like to keep the balance, and that it was in his interests to help Kiss-Shot survive because she was a special type of vampire that can perform energy drain on aberrations. So while she is the queen of aberrations herself, she also helps keep them all in check.

There is one line in particular that Oshino mentions though.

“Besides, I quite like it, Heart-Under-Blade.
I’m talking about your disposition to properly return Araragi-kun, whom you turned into a minion, back into a human.”
– Meme Oshino

A couple of things happen here. First, Kiss-Shot huffs and pouts when Oshino says those words, looking away from him. And then… well… Oshino glares at her.

We don’t know what exactly returning Koyomi to a human entails, but it won’t be as easy as Kiss-Shot makes it sound. If it was that easy, Oshino wouldn’t have said those words like that, and then given Kiss-Shot the death stare. What this scene says to me is that Oshino is personally going to hold Kiss-Shot accountable for her promise.

Wrapping Up…

I believe that’s about all I wanted to cover.
There are several cute interactions between Kiss-Shot and Koyomi, they really continue the feeling that Kiss-Shot feels like a regular girl, even though she isn’t.

Oshino is also introduced as someone who is very powerful here, as he singlehandedly holds off the attacks from three vampire hunters at once in order to protect Koyomi. His mere presence is enough to force them all to back off as well. It was obvious from the start of Bakemonogatari even that Oshino is not a regular guy, and this movie further enforces that.

Anyways, we’ve still got two more movies to go!
Let’s see what interesting interactions we get moving forward.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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