Throwing 8 Overrated Anime Under the Bus

Ok, not really “throwing them under the bus” but it makes for a good post title, no? I’ve got a list here of 8 titles that I consider overrated. Entirely my opinion, no shots fired or anything like that here.

A reminder, this is my opinion.

My opinion.

This doesn’t mean I think the anime are BAD per se, although some of them I do think this, but mainly that I feel like they get more hype than they merit. In some cases, the hype kills the anime when you watch it only to find out it’s… not actually that good.

Anyways, here we go…

8. The Fate Series

Disclaimer, I’ve only watched Fate:Zero and Fate:StayNight Unlimited Bladeworks. And that was enough for me to realize that this series is basically the same story over and over. And the conclusion in both cases I saw was just disappointing. The climax of the holy grail war is disappointment, nothing more.

It almost seems like the only appealing factor for this series is the whole “wow look at this historical figure re-imagined as an anime character!” aspect it has going for itself. Which is fun at first I guess.

In addition, I think it’s pretty clear that the only reason this series gets new anime adaptations is because the mobile game is a literal cash cow. So it’s fairly obvious what the purpose of this series really is now.

Anyways, I did enjoy Fate:Zero quite a bit, and again I’m not calling the series bad. Just overrated marketing material for the mobile game. It’s clear the series still has some amazing fights, visuals, et cetera, which was always one of it’s strengths. Plus Kirei Kotomine is one of my favourite antagonists in anime.

7. Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

Ok before you all get mad at me for bringing everyone’s beloved Akatsuki no Yona into this post…

I’ve got a few reasons. The first and most obvious, and I think this is fair territory, is that it’s an unfinished anime. You may say “yeah but what we DO get is great” but at the end of the day, if an anime is hyped up or mentioned a lot, and this anime is frequently mentioned, then you’ll be disappointed to find out it’s only half an anime.

And secondly, it just isn’t all that special of an anime. I mean, I haven’t seen ANY other reverse harem anime to my knowledge, but this anime seems fairly average. Even the premise is very cliche and overused, the whole “ousted royal gathers up loyal supporters to take back the kingdom” idea. Unless reverse harem anime are just so awful that this one truly is a diamond in the rough, I don’t see it.

Not a bad anime, but not really anything special. It’s a good reverse harem with a cliche premise. Notice I said it’s good, because I did enjoy it. It’s just overrated. And only half an anime at the moment.

6. Death Note

You know I put this on the list, but people don’t really talk too much about Death Note these days. At least I haven’t seen much talk of it.

Sort of like how Akatsuki no Yona is half an anime, Death Note also is half an anime. Only it’s a complete anime, the second half is just awful. It’s good until it isn’t. The good is great, but because of how the second half is no good, the anime leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Again, not saying that the anime is bad, just that it’s a tad overrated because in the end, there’s a serious mood killer in there. It’s not a complete package, despite getting all the attention of one.

5. Neon Genesis Evangelion

I’m pretty sure I’m legally obligated to include Neon Genesis Evangelion on this list. It’s super hyped, has a huge reputation, is constantly called one of those anime that “everyone has to see at least once”, “you’ll either love it or hate it!!!”, and all that.

I’ll be honest, if I could unwatch this anime, get my time back, and watch something else, I would. It’s just an incredibly overrated anime. It’s not exciting, it’s not that thought provoking (unless you REALLY dig into it and spend tons of effort overthinking everything about it), it’s just not really anything that special. Obviously it did well when it released, and managed to hold onto that fame, but man, it’s overrated.

My advice regarding this anime for anyone who hasn’t seen it is this: just keep in mind that this anime is way overhyped for what it is. It will not deliver. Temper your expectations, and maybe you’ll get more out of it than I did.

4. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss is one of those anime that I feel like shows just how much we appreciate new things in anime. Personally, I don’t think we get enough anime that use the environment as an antatonist. The abyss in this anime is awesome, and really fun to experience.

But the problem is just that the characters and everything else seem like an afterthought. I remember when I watched this anime, all I wanted was to see more of the abyss. I didn’t care one lick about the various characters.

Talk has definitely died down for this one, but it still has a real strong reputation, one that I personally think is just a little overrated. It has some good aspects, some bad aspects, and in the end balances out to be a fairly average anime with some interesting concepts.

3. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Now here’s an anime that without a doubt in my mind is overrated. I don’t even need to mention the sequel here. What we basically have is a comedy anime that uses the same joke over and over. It’s This Art Club Has A Problem! level of repetition. Just the same joke, over and over. Sometimes they really drag on, too.

There are some other jokes in there that are funny, but overall, this anime just didn’t deliver in my mind. And even if you are fine with the repetition, I still can’t see how this anime is justified in being one of the most hyped anime of 2019 and now 2020 with the sequel.

This anime just can’t compete with far better comedies like Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, Saiki K, or even a clsssic like Full Metal Panic!. Plus there are various other comedies that I would still say are better or at least on par with this one. It’s just not that special, and it’s really nothing new. Awkward teen romance has always been a thing in anime.

Which means to me, this anime is incredibly overrated.

2. Your Name

Talk of Your Name has definitely died down, but I’m pretty sure this is still a hot topic when it comes to good anime feel good movies. And I’ll say right now, I enjoyed this movie. I don’t normally watch anime movies, but I went out of my way to watch this one a little after it released because of all the hype.

It’s a good movie, but did it live up to the hype? No way. It’s a feel good movie, but it’s not anything really that out of the ordinary. The anime community would lead me to believe this is one of the greatest anime works out there, but I just don’t think it reaches that point. Good but not amazing.

I can think of so many better anime out there that deserve the hype over Your Name, like Violet Evergarden. People seem to have stopped talking about that one, but I think it’s a much better “feel good work” than Your Name. Not to mention Clannad, Angel Beats, anohana, et cetera…

Fact is, Your Name is a good movie, but feels alone aren’t enough to merit the hype that this movie gets. It’s just overrated is all.

1. Ishuzoku Reviewiers

And here we’ll get to the top of my list, with Ishuzoku Reviewiers.

Naturally, I think a large part of the hype and attention this show got was due to the fact that it seriously pushed boundaries, and got people whipped up into a frenzy. Personally, I actually think this anime went too far, in that we don’t need sex in ecchi anime. There’s hentai for that. Ecchi has existed for how long without issue? These boundaries exist for a reason, it’s not like this is a new genre.

Secondly, this anime just had no story to speak of. Guys go and have sex with prostitutes of different species every episode, and that’s it. It actually got really boring about halfway through, with the only pull being “what species will they show next?”. Not a really strong pull, because the opening basically spoils all that anyways.

Plus there’s just no value in the girls we see in this show. It’s just nudity of random girls. I can go on the internet for that, why waste my time watching this show? It’s fun for a few episodes, and after that, it’s just the same old thing every episode until it’s over.

The hype and attention has definitely died down for this one, and rightfully so, but I’m still going to call this one of the most overrated anime I’ve ever seen. It just doesn’t deliver anything of value, because there’s no story and I can hop on the internet if I just want to see naked anime girls with no real context or character development.

I’d take a proper ecchi over this one anyday.

I know I don’t normally write posts that can potentially ruffle feathers like this, but felt like writing something a little more controversial here.

Again, this is all my opinion.
I respect your opinions, but this is mine.

I also have another post covering some underrated anime for next week, and I wanted to sort of pair these together in short succession.

This post has been long enough, so I’ll call it here.
Agree or disagree with me on any of these? Feel free to let me know.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

21 thoughts on “Throwing 8 Overrated Anime Under the Bus

  1. Shoots fired… prepare for retaliation…

    Haha! I’ve only seen a couple of those and am inclined to agree. I loved Fate/Zero but Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks had some issues and the other works in the series were just infuriating.

    I remember commenting on a episode 1 post of Ishuzoku with my concerns about how it will “keep it up” for twelve episodes and it really didn’t, did it. There was no story or hook to make me want to watch the next episode.

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    1. Ishuzoku definitely would have worked better as a couple OVA episodes or a.. miniseries? Shorter episodes at least. 5 minutes per episode and I think the novelty would have stuck around.

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  2. darkdaemonpk2

    I haven’t watched Fate Zero properly since I would just go and see the action scene because I got bored on all the long conversations from the characters, but I couldn’t agree if this anime is overrated. Perhaps the anime adaptation of the mobile games are overrated, but not the original timeline where the Fate series happened. I guess you just got burned out with seeing a lot of heroic spirits given a different persona thingy.

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    1. Well when I call the Fate series overrated, I mean as the series stands right now. Which definitely is largely due to the newer content. Prior to FGO, when it was basically just Zero and Fate/Stay Night I wouldn’t have called it overrated at all. But now the series is, not necessarily the older individual titles.


  3. I’m with you on the Fate series. ALL of my friends are fans of this series, play Fate: Grand Order, and have been asking me to watch Fate: Stay/Night (or whatever else is in that list) for years now. But for some reason, having seen Fate:Zero, I thought the story was… ok. Nothing special, nothing too unique, just a bunch of guys politicking and squaring off to get a magical wish-granting Jesus chalice.

    Same for Ishizoku Reviewers. I don’t understand too why this show is popular. It’s literally fanservice trash that shouldn’t have seen the light of day IMHO

    Evangelion on the other hand… 😂

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    1. Yeah I think the only pull from Fate is “lets watch historical figures turned into anime characters”. That and good visuals, which I can’t deny the shows I saw had. But I find it hard to see how the series ever got so big… with FGO now we can expect them to just keep on churning out more Fate anime though.

      Haha well I like fan service, but Ishuzoku goes even beyond the standard swimsuits or whatever. It’s basically just censored hentai parading as an ecchi anime, which I think does a disservice to the genre.

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  4. Your Name is really good at grabbing your attention and your emotions. While you’re in the movie you’re in the movie and totally caught up in it. It’s only afterwards when you’ve come down from the emotional high that you realize half the plot makes no sense. I still enjoy the hell out of it every time I watch it, though. If that makes it overrated, then I could stand to have a few more overrated anime in my life.

    Saying Evangelion is overrated in 2020 is like saying the Beatles or Nirvana are overrated in 2020. As a piece of entertainment, Eva might not be the most jaw-dropping thing to watch anymore, especially if you’ve watched enough anime that you’ve already seen a bunch of the countless shows that have referenced and rehashed its tropes in the 25 years since then, but it is impossible to overrate how massively influential and game-changing that series was on its debut, especially for those of us who cut our anime teeth in that era.

    Fate is…complicated. I feel like you’re sort of right and sort of wrong. If you want to call Zero or UBW or both overrated, that’s fair. I didn’t like UBW and I’m not the biggest Zero fan either (maybe because I’m not a big Urobuchi fan – my own list of overrated anime would start with Madoka). But Fate as a whole is much bigger and more varied than just the Emiya family saga. One blogger I’ve known a long time who’s not a Fate fan and strongly dislikes Zero still enjoyed Apocrypha and Last Encore, for instance. And some other projects like Prisma Illya have successfully cultivated their own fanbases, only partially overlapping with the main Fate fandom.

    Also, for the record, the mobage came out in 2015, 11 years after the original VN, and most of the Fate anime out there either predate the mobage entirely (Zero came out in 2011 and UBW, which covers one of the original VN routes, has two different adaptations from 2010 and 2014) or their source material predates the mobage (Apocrypha was adapting a novel published in 2012, Last Encore a PSP game from 2008, the Heaven’s Feel movies cover another route from the 2004 VN). No doubt the newer projects were able to get funded in part because the mobage has been so profitable, but fans had been dreaming about seeing some of them animated (especially Heaven’s Feel) long before the mobile game ever started development.

    That said, if you’d like to know a dirty little secret, even most Fate fans don’t like most of the Fate anime out there (either that or they like complaining about them as much as they like watching them). Usually if you tell a Fate fan you like this or that Fate anime, the first thing they’ll tell you (once they’re done ranting about everything it did wrong) is to go get the source material instead. Excluding a few side projects like Prillya or Today’s Menu, Zero seems to be the only anime that doesn’t get that treatment, maybe because it’s the only one that was entirely anime-original to begin with.

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    1. Of course Your Name is good. It’s just a tad overrated in that it was paraded around as a masterpiece or the greatest thing ever, which I would disagree on. It’s good, but not top 10 anime of all time good.

      “Eva might not be the most jaw-dropping thing to watch anymore” and that’s my point in calling it overrated. And of course I mean overrated by today’s standards – because of it’s reputation people go into it expecting something jaw-dropping. That’s my biggest caution to anyone when it comes to EVA, temper your expectations!

      (Madoka is a good choice, I really liked it but could definitely see an argument there)

      From what I’ve heard about various Fate anime over the years I knew it was a mixed bag. I guess I just fail to see how this series ever took off, or maybe I do see it, which I see as “lets make historical people into anime characters”. Maybe that’s why fans can be so divided on the series, because the only real link between the various anime seems pretty weak. Unless I’m missing something else here.

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      1. We’re probably looking at “overrated” from slightly different perspectives. As a historian by nature, I’m less interested in how a show’s “entertainment experience” has held up and more in how its relevance has held up. Plenty of media that feels important in the moment later fades away (case in point: the #2 TV anime of 1995 after Eva was Gundam Wing, which even Gundam fans tend to agree hasn’t aged well; that’s a series that was clearly overrated in hindsight), or a new show gets lauded as “revolutionary” when it’s actually not. But a show like Eva or Sailor Moon that really was revolutionary and is still getting watched, analyzed, and debated decades later, that to me is an anime that’s earned its reputation. But like I said, I tend to look at these things more from an academic perspective than a consumer’s perspective. (And before you bring up my comment about Your Name, I was being kind of tongue-in-cheek with that. It is fun to watch, but there’s also a good chance its reputation will diminish over the next 20 years – “crowd-pleasers” tend to have a history of aging poorly).

        There’s definitely a waifu/husbando factor when it comes to the popularity of the Fate mobile game specifically, but as far as the larger Fate franchise itself goes, I see three main avenues of appeal in it.

        The first is just the fun of seeing famous historical and mythical figures fighting celebrity deathmatches. It’s like when you’d argue with your friends as a kid about who’d win a fight between Ryu and Sub-Zero, or Superman and The Hulk. Alexander the Great never fought Julius Caesar in real life, but in Fate we can make it happen! I’ll admit this is what first got me interested in it.

        The second is the writing. This gets overshadowed in all the hype about the servants, but I’ve noticed that people’s opinions of various Fate stories often correlate strongly with their opinions of the protagonists and how the story develops them. That includes FGO, where the real protagonist of the story is Mash, not your faceless player cipher, and she’s both extremely popular and widely praised for being well-written. FGO also has a reputation for quality writing in general, especially by mobile game standards. Apocrypha, to give a counter-example, is polarizing in part because a lot of people don’t like Sieg and think some of the other characters would have made better protagonists.

        The third, and don’t underestimate the appeal of this to otaku, is the world-building. You asked what the connection is between all these various Fate universes, and that’s it. All of Nasu’s works, even his non-Fate stuff like Garden of Sinners and Tsukihime, are built on the same lore foundations. They all use the same rules of magic, the same mythology concepts, and the same social structures (even some of the prominent mage families tend to keep popping up). And while that’s probably not a big deal to you or me, and wouldn’t even be on the radar of someone who’s new to the franchise, the real hardcore Fate fans are even worse than Star Wars fans when it comes to obsessing over the smallest minutiae of Nasu’s world-building. Some of the lore discussions on reddit even make my eyes glaze over, and I’m the one who’s been keeping up with this franchise for ten years now.

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      2. Definitely one way of looking at it, one that I wouldn’t be able to pull off. Fact is I don’t know what kind of the cultural impact / relevance of 99% of anime had on release. Eva is probably one of the only anime I could point at and say “pretty sure this one was a big deal when it came out”.

        Didn’t know that about the world building. But at the end of the day if the only connection the different Fate anime have is “historical characters turned into anime characters fighting each other”, and some shared world details, each individual anime aside from that is hit or miss depending on the individual characaters / stories, to me personally that would make the series over hyped and overrated. The series, or “Fate” brand, but not necessarily individual titles within the series.

        Maybe it’s early for me to call this, but then we’ll see, as they’ll probably keep churning out Fate anime for the next decade like clockwork because of FGO now. Maybe I’m just ahead of the curve on this one.

        I didn’t realize how deep the Fate fandom goes, but I guess there’s a group of people like that for pretty much everything.

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  5. I was a bit sad seeing from the preview of the reader images of Keijo and Wixoss with a title like that but ends up you are talking about other animes.

    I’m totally with you about Your Name; I enjoyed it but totally didn’t feel as the masterpiece a lot of people described it to me

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    1. Haha often when I don’t have pictures from all the anime I’m writing about I just opt to throw anime girls up from whatever images I have available.

      I think maybe Your Name is a case of something that got so popular that even people who don’t really watch a lot of anime actually went out of their way to watch it, and ended up loving it so much that they figured it was one of the best anime ever made.

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  6. Fascinating list even though I haven’t seen everything. I agree with Death Note and EVA being overrated. Shoot, I even agree that Your Name does have overrated elements even though I still like it. It’s not the best Shinkai movie in my opinion.

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    1. Haha well either way these are just my personal opinions. Plus a lot of these are still good I think, even if I think they get hyped up too much.


  7. I agree with all these, except for the Fate/stay night. To come up with all of the magic mechanics and expand the mage’s associations and relations… to that degree, takes a lot of talent. I admire Nasu for creating such an expansive world and coming up with reasons for every law. Verily, I think the hype is somewhat deserved, because all of the effort put into the world-building.

    Secondly, Neon Genesis Evangelion is my second favorite anime of all time, but I still think it’s overrated. Here’s why: I’m an author. I recently published my first novel and from a literary perspective, leaving THAT many open ends is bad writing. As much I love Evengelion, the series that was one of the stepping stones of me becoming an otaku, you can’t just leave THAT much up for interpretation. Good writing is having most of the answers in plain sight; though, it’s okay to leave a little up to the imagination. I think Evangelion is good for teenagers who constantly want to speculate about something, because they’re in their formative years of thinking. But, it honestly gets really annoying to see angry nerds on the internet fight to death over breadcrumbs that may or may not lead somewhere. I hope that the newest movie has definitive answers.

    I apologize for the rant.

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    1. Oh don’t be sorry!

      I guess Fate is one of those series that you don’t really think about as deep unless you really dive into it. Other people have mentioned the same thing regarding the world building and similar details, but from the anime at least I never really got any of that. To me it just seems like a modern world with some historical figures thrown in. Not that there’s anything wrong with that though, or that it’s even entirely correct – just my own impression.

      And I agree with you on Evangelion. Only difference being that all of that speculation and extrapolation of ideas from breadcrumbs is part of the reason behind my disdain for the series – that and the fact that it’s really not the anime I thought it was going in. Given the hype I had expected something more exciting, and instead I got this very interpretive anime that can either be very shallow or very deep depending on how much effort you really want to put into examining it.. and I don’t typically like putting in that sort of effort.

      I prefer internal analysis – learning details about the story / characters from details within the anime. For example, when I was able to fairly accurately predict what was going to happen in the Rascal Does Not Dream of Dreaming Girl movie before it aired based on hints that were dropped in the Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai anime.

      More external / interpretive analysis, where a part of the anime is symbolic of some external idea, like “The story is an allegory for puberty” or something like that, I’m not really a fan of. Partly because it’s simply too interpretive, even if it can be fairly obvious what the author is trying to convey. People still manage to find arguments one way or another, and it’s never clear in the end unless the author actually comes out and says what their intention was. And even then, people may still disagree with that.

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      1. I don’t like the reliance on allegory either, I choose to take Evangelion at face value and the main enjoyment I glean from it is watching emotionally crippled characters try to get along with each other in an apocalyptic world. Though, I personally don’t like Shinji Ikari.

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