ShinRa-Bansho – ははうさぎ (Mother Right Heron)

The other day I was looking for a feel-good song to use as a post theme for my Nagano mountains post and came upon this one, ははうさぎ, or Mother Right Heron by ShinRa-Bansho. And since, I’ve been hooked!

The song:

The original Touhou song is called The Wheel of Fortune Turning Over, and while you can hear the similarities in melody, the tone and feel of the song is way different! Unlike the last ShinRa-Bansho song I covered, Pure-Hearted Armeria, which felt very in-line with the original track, here we have the opposite situation!

Mother Right Heron took this original track and turned it on it’s head, at least in terms of tone, transforming it into a very warm and emotional song. Mother Rabbit is giving me some serious Ichiban no Takaramono vibes with how much emotion is in here, and doesn’t even have an anime story to back it up, although it does have a story that takes place in the song and PV.

My favourite part is the.. interlude? that starts at 3:27 and goes till about 4:05. Some powerful sound in there, and I love the vocals in the background throughout.

Speaking of, vocalist this time is Ayo. She’s got a great voice, I love how it sounds when she puts some power and emotion into it.

Overall, this song is excellent.
I love the emotion and feelings attached to it, it’s really well done.

That does it for this one.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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